I took a bit of a blog hiatus, two weeks to be exact. I made it about eight days before I started blog stalking everyone else, but I’ve been gone from my mine far too long. A special shout-out to Mandi, Don, Lizzi, and Mike V. for making sure I got my butt back to writing. Thanks guys, it’s nice to feel missed and loved.


1. Awesome activities, like naps. A lot of naps. I read a book, finally (Unteachable, by Leah Raeder. It. Was. Amazing) I finally got my own ereader and don’t have to compete with the kids for the iPad, so many more books will follow – yippee! And I spent time with my family – watching movies, throwing footballs, playing board games…all of it. Heavenly.

2. I decided to go off my migraine meds. My memory loss was actually starting to get a little scary. Ten years from now, I want to remember my kids. I’ve been on such a low dose the past few years, I decided to see if I could exist without them now. I’ve been 100% meds-free for nearly a week now. So far so good.

3. Completely change my diet and go VEGAN. I know, it sounds extreme, but for me it’s really not. I used to be vegetarian, back before the kids were born. After my second child, though, I caved under the stress of having to prepare four separate meals (hubs was never vegetarian). The crazy thing is, this was all his idea! HE wanted to go vegan! It’s been over two weeks now. Love. It. Feel. Great.

4. I played a butt-load of Plants vs. Zombies. Why? Because I could, and damn I love that game. I also accidently discovered Candy Crush. I blame Karen of Baking In A Tornado. She’s always talking about it on Facebook. I was searching for a new game for my 6yo on the iPad and came across . Poor kids hasn’t even seen it yet. But I’m kicking butt, so there’s that.

5. Dung out and organize every drawer, closet, and cabinet in the entire house.


6. Construct an awards post. WHAT. That’s right. Surprise!

The tantalizingly talented Lanthie Ransom of Life Cherries was sweet enough to give me a Sunshine Award. A few weeks later, another came my way from the wise-beyond-her-years, incredible Gwen of Little Growing Pains. I adore both their blogs and am honored they thought of me for this award! Love ya, ladies! XOXO

The rules: Display the award on your blog. And that concludes the rules I’m going to follow so I’ll just stop there.


Arbitrary Beth Facts that are getting really boring because I’ve already told you all the surprising stuff:

1. My eyes are green.

2. I  love the smell of pipe smoke.

3. I have a mule named Festus.

4. I have a weakness for Junior Mints.

5. Hockey is my favorite sport.

6. I don’t have a middle name. I have an initial – D. I used to think of names that started with D to say were actually my middle, other than my brother’s suggestion: douche. The D is in honor of my grandmother’s name, Doris. I guess I’m glad my middle name isn’t Doris. BUT STILL.

7. When I was in third grade, I got in trouble for bringing one of my dad’s Playboy magazines to school. I had told my buddies, Stan and Freddy, that I found the magazines in my parent’s closet. They didn’t believe me, so I proved it to them. The takeaway: don’t ever accuse me of lying. I will go to enormous lengths to validate myself.

My Questions:

1. If you could go back in time ten years and tell yourself one thing, what would it be? Exactly 10 years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I would tell myself: The sonogram was wrong, it’s not a girl! Don’t buy all that girlie stuff!

2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? That’s a tough one. I really love Marzipan by Ben & Jerry’s. I also love Birthday Cake flavor ice cream. Who thought of that? Geniuses, that’s who.

3. Gwen asked: If you were to take me on a date, where would we go and why? Gwen, I would take you to France in my private jet. You seem like a really smart, savvy, fun girl and I think we would have a blast going to the Louvre and then chowing down on some pasta and acting all French at a sidewalk café. Maybe the Tour de France would be going on at that time and we could cheer them on wearing funny outfits and we’d be on TV. Then we’d go shopping and I’d buy you new shoes and an amazing purse.

4. Above all else, what are you afraid of? Being a disappointment

5. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Try out for a movie role that costars Meryl Streep, who plays my mother, and Jennifer Lawrence who plays my sister. It would be a drama about a woman (me) torn between two lovers. My love interests are played by Charlie Hunnam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It would be rated R due to the explicit sex scenes.

6. What has been your favorite age to be and why? So far my forties have been amazing and far better than any other age. I just like where I am in life. I’m a very lucky girl.

7. Coffee or tea? COFFEE!


This is the Sunshine Award so I’m nominating bloggers who bring sunshine into my life with their fabulous writing. If you haven’t already been to their blogs, DEFINITELY check them out! I have so many I could choose from since my blogroll is longer than any human could possibly keep up with, so I limited it to ones I haven’t given an award to before.

Nominees: do with this what you want. No obligations. If you choose to do an awards post, answer the questions I had to answer, and give 7 facts about yourself. Then nominate any amount of bloggers you choose up to eleven. (I broke that rule, but I’m doing this for two awards so screw it.)

1. Cellulitelooksbettertan

2.  Considerings

4. InionNMathair

5. UniversalMusings

6. TheMomCafe

7. donofalltrades

8. Babygatesdown

9. TheRegularGuyNYC

10. CurvyRoads

11. MyInnerChick


15. amycakeandthedude

16. Samaraspeaks (I realize you just received one, but I could NOT leave you off this list!)

17. confessionsofapartimeworkingmom

Congrats everybody! You deserve it!

blog award- sunshine photo: Erin from PhillipsFam sunshineblogaward.png


  1. Frickin’ finally, right??? Thanks for all the “nagging”, seriously. It’s awesome that anyone gives a shit what I write. And congrats on the sunshine. You shed enough foro 10 blogs!


  2. No, wait. Right. I can be sensible. (yeahright!)

    I’m actually really impressed that you took a bona fide two week break, because when I did that in Summer. For one week. It was SO HARD! And I even had nice stuff going on (we were on holiday with Niece and Neff in a beautiful place with beaches and fun and really, hideously sketchy WiFi) and I just missed this world a ridiculous amount.

    That said, extenuating circumstances. On reflection perhaps it’s not that outrageous that you were happier with your break than I was with mine.

    I’m so glad you had chance to reconnect and immerse yourself in the immediacy of your day to day life (in spite of the occasional foray onto Twitter) and enjoy spending such wonderful times with your family. Sounds gorgeous 🙂

    Thank you so much for the Sunshine award – that’s really sweet of you and I love it. I shall definitely accept. And try to think of some interesting answers…I assume I have to answer to taking YOU on a date, rather than your friend Gwen…?

    That whole ‘being a disappointment’ sounds like a powerful fear motivator. I won’t say more here, except to suggest that the person it’s most important you never disappoint is yourself.

    Glad you’re happy being vegan.



    1. yes, answer as if you were taking ME on a date. *snickers* this should be interesting.

      *sigh* you’re so right. I suppose more than anything it’s me I shouldn’t disappoint. *shudder* That might be hard.


      1. Nope. Dull and proper(ish). You forget I have parental types looking over my shoulder – at least you have the joy of blogging completely unfettered. But hey, I can always tweet you the post-date moments 😉

        And yeah. I don’t know lots of things (well, I don’t know too many important ones) but that is one of them. And yes it’s hard. But I think it’s meant to be, because it’s so important to get right, and it’s worth doing well. And once you’ve got it (I don’t speak from experience here) and find your ‘centred’ place, everything glows and falls into its right place. You’ve got to find a way to be happy with yourself first.

        Because if you aren’t, no-one else ever can be (conversely; because anyone who cares will be upset that you’re hard on yourself (leaving you disappointed in yourself, creating a beautiful Catch 22) and anyone who doesn’t care will tend to believe your low expectations and then you’ll be left, panicking, wondering if they’re right and their opinion (no matter how ill-informed) is worth listening to).


        1. You are right, you are SO right. Thank you. Once again your sage-like wisdom points me in the right direction. *hugs*

          And you had better tweet me the post-date details *shiver*



            1. Sorry you’re *off* today. Hope you’re feeling better now. If you wouldn’t stay up ’till 6AM…..*raises brows at you*

              Yipppeee to sexting, I mean…twexting…tweeting. Whatever. yay!


  3. Jackpot! Finally after stabbing my needy veins with an empty syringe for two weeks my supplier brought the dope I was jonesing for. Write B is Me is back! Btw…I smoke a pipe…the legal kind with real pipe tobacco. Congrats on the Sunshine Award! 10 years ago I would remind myself to cherish every second I have with Phoenix. Pralines and Cream all day. The Date – a week long Tahiti cruise…I’m still looking for a gal for that. Fears – you know the answer to that as he is mentioned above. A magic wand with no failure? Go on that cruise with Kate Beckinsale. My favorite age? Now, because of all that I’ve learned in almost 50 years. Though my body doesn’t always cooperate as it did in my 20’s. My ex was Vegan and thrived. Sending you positive thoughts always for everything in life and specifically being off of your meds, Beth! Great Poltergeist shout out. You are our rock star, my dear …xoxo’s 🙂


    1. Thank you SO much, Mike! I appreciate your encouragement, you’re the sweetest.

      A week long cruise in Tahiti!?! I’m there! Woop! I had better get my bod in bikini shape…ruh roh. If I could get you Ms. Beckinsale, I would, but I guess I’ll have to do. Lol.

      YOU are a rock star. xoxo


  4. Welcome back! Have to say I”ve missed my Writer is you updates B!
    My daughter has introduced me to two vegan restaurants in the past two weeks. Absolutely loved both of them. I may join you on that front.


    1. Cool! I’ve never been to vegan restaurant. We found a couple not far from us on (great site btw! Will find you any vegetarian/vegan restaurants where you are. Great for travelling!) but haven’t tried them yet. Been doing the cooking myself, or picking up pre-made stuff from Whole Foods.


  5. Beth, welcome back!!! And Thank you so much for the Sunshine award! ❤

    I will absolutely respond in kind…I too took a mini break, and got so far behind on my blogroll I am drowning, but trying now to catch up on all the good stuff out there!

    Big love to you and Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year, Lynne! And you’re SO welcome. xoxo

      Yes, I’m well aware of being behind on the blogroll….GAH. I’ve been online the majority of the day trying to catch up!


  6. OMG Now I know a Vegan……So just why am I not a co star in the movie…LOL.
    So this Vegan thing means no thick juicy steaks when I come down….Pout….Oh wait I ain’t no vegan….God I was shaking there for a moment.


    1. Oh, didn’t I say costarring Nick….must have slipped my mind. Lol. You’re my grip. As in camera man. How’s that?

      You can eat anything you want when you’re in Texas! I’ll sit right along side you while you chow your steak. Can’t wait to see ya. 🙂


  7. yay yay yay! You’re back! by the way, there is a strange ghost on wordpress that is making weird things happen; i was already following you and I just had to follow you again. Happened with me and Aussa, true story. We thought it was elves.

    loved reading your answers! you are the embodiment of sunshine, sometimes sexy snarky sunshine, but sunshine all the same. and going rogue is the only way. thanks for the sunshine; it’s a different ray, so i’ll take it!

    love you bethie girl. does going off the migraine meds help with the “I can’t think of the right word” thing? that’s my biggest issue with them.


    1. You’re on migraine meds? I took Topamax. What about you?

      I swear my memory is already better (the husband might disagree). I’ll let you know on the “can’t think of that word”. That was a HUGE problem. I haven’t noticed it much this week, but the jury is still out.

      ALSO, love that you call me Bethie girl. Very endearing for some reason. 🙂

      As for the elves/ghosts – I’ve had to do that with two blogs recently, too! I thought is was me (thought I had followed but hadn’t) but when it happened again I realized it was probably some sort of glitch. Effing elves.

      I a-d-o-r-e you, Samara. xoxo


      1. Yep, Topamax. Really fucks with me.

        My migraines get so bad, my doc gave me botox in my head and back of the neck. Never again. My neck was horribly stiff for weeks. So I’m afraid to go off the Topamax. Are you worried about getting migraines?

        You are NOT in your 40’s. You are NOT.

        When are you visiting NY? Because if you ever did, we would tear. it. up.

        I a-d-o-r-e- you right back. I got really lucky when we met. let’s keep getting to know each other.


        1. BOTOX IN YOUR HEAD AND NECK??? Holy Shit. That’s awful.

          Yes, I’m worried about getting migraines, BUT, like I said, I’ve been able to get away with a reeeeally low does for two years and have only had maybe 5 or 6 over that span of time (when I get them I zap ’em with Maxalt. Have your ever tried it? works miracles for me) when I used to get 2 – 4 a month (pre-medication, 5 years ago) and each would last up to 3 days. Talk about a Maybe Life! Suuuucked.
          Anyway, I feel sort of confident I’ll be okay. If I start getting them regularly again, I guess I’ll go back on the big T. Bleh. Hope that doesn’t happen.

          Yep. I just turned 43 in December. Swear. And yes, that avatar photo is recent. Took it in August (saying that cuz I’ve been asked that several times!) There are days I look 50, though. At least I think so!

          I don’t know when I’m visiting NY again. I was there in 2006 visiting one of my best friends. She and I grew up together until she went back to live with her mom in Brooklyn when we were like 13yo. We’ve always kept in touch. I’ve been there to visit her about 5 times over the decades. But when I do, I will let you know fer sher! We would have soooo much fun. OMG. That would be amazing.


  8. So glad to see you again, Beth! It sounds like you did all the right things during your blogvacay:). I love your answers to Gwen. #3 and #5 are my favorites! They both made me dream a bit. Looking forward to more posts from you and visiting some of the awesome blogs you listed here.


    1. Green eyes ROCK. And omg….Junior Mints! I die for Junior Mints! I like peppermint patties too. Especially the commercials…like the latest one with that hottie eating one so seductively I almost slide off the couch. *drool*


  9. Thank you so much, my dear! What a great company to be in, I am thoroughly flattered 😀 Migraines suck. I’ve had them since childhood, but never noticed any memory loss, that’s scary stuff. Glad you’re managing to cope without them! Also zombies rock. My 4 year old started referring to them as Walking Deads. #oops #parentingfail


    1. Hahaha #parentfail so funny. The Walking Dead ROCKS. YAY ZOMBIES.

      I’m sorry you suffer with migraines, too….yuck! I was taking Topamax. I would forget words (that happened from the get-go) but also my memory got increasingly awful. So far no meds and no migraines. I’ll give it a month or so to really feel confident I can live without them.

      And congrats on the award! Love ya!


  10. Ah, my blog vacay was so refreshing. I too read a book- a whole novel! Wheee! I loved how you had a nice balance of mundane/entertaining activities and sort of major life-changing shifts- go you! Also- the middle name thing- super cool and unusual! And I had to laugh at the sonogram being wrong thing… OK, incoherent rambly comment over. 🙂


    1. You know, I didn’t even think of it that way, but it was a nice mixture of mundane/relaxing and major. Kinda cool.

      Oh yeah, the sono. We didn’t find out they were wrong about it being a girl until 8 months along! Like a week before my baby shower….just in the nick of time! But I had already bought those letters that spell the baby name that you hang on the wall! And some dresses. Fortunately the nursery was very gender neutral, so no major changes had to take place. wow. I still remember the shock!


  11. I like naps. But welcome back! We missed you! And thanks so much for the award. Funny thing? I started an award post a few days ago – so, with every aim of accepting, I will weave this one in and aim to get something live to the WWW …. sometime soon(ish). How’s that for New Year’s Resolution!

    Thanks again! And glad you had a nice holiday!


    1. Omgosh how funny you just started an awards post! I think that’s perfect to weave this one in. That way it’s done and out of the way. I’ve let mine stack up over the past two months or so and now I have a lot of catching up to do. I am SO honored to receive them, but I’ve been giving less and less facts and answering less questions cuz people must be bored of my drivel by now, and for me, it’s all about the blog nominating anyway. It’s such a great way to connect with new bloggers and network while showing those you admire some love. Awards are kinda genius.


  12. Your vacation sounds so refreshing! My blog vacation was taken simply so I could Christmas shop, wrap, and then plan my husband’s surprise 30th birthday party, so it was not restful. Maybe I’ll take ANOTHER vacation…


    1. That’s so cool you did a surprise b-day for your hubby! Did he catch on, or was it true surprise to him? I did one for my husband for his 40th. He was genuinely surprised and that night was a partay! People still talk about that night….which is awesome cuz I know he’ll never forget it.


      1. He had an idea I was doing something, but not what. He was VERY surprised, and thrilled that we did something so big for him. 🙂


  13. First and foremost: Seven – you clever clever lady. Don’t think for a second that flew by me. I love holding knowledge nobody else has. It’s like I’m in a secret club. I was such a nerd that nobody ever asked me to join secret clubs. I love this stuff.

    Glad you’re off meds and meat. I hope it helps. Not to be selfish, but does this mean Big Truck Taco Tuesdays are a thing of the past? I’m ok with that. Maybe we can find a tiny roller skate care salad place. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. But I’ll support you…this you know.

    Ok – really? You’re the most sunshiniest lady I know, and Oh My Golly? I get an award? From You? Seriously? I am honored you even read my little baby blog. I love you Writer B, Beth…again, this you know. Like a lot. I love you a lot. Sigh.

    And thank you thank you thank you for coming off of your freakin vacay. I mean, I know you have kids and all, but geez….can’t they watch T.V. or something so that you can write? Seriously. I’ve missed my B…glad to have a little of MY sunshine back.

    P.S. I’m not quite sure how to display an award. See? I NEED you, too. Back off, kids!


    1. I am here for all your questions, M! Happy to help you get the award image on your blog. I’m at your disposal. And you are so so SO welcome. Love you and your blog BIG.

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about Mexican food! Those are my favorite restaurants, and while I can still have chips, salsa, and gauc….I’m not sure what else I can have. Hmmm. Well, if big truck taco Tuesday is out, I’m sure we’ll find another place just as entertaining. And thanks for the support. You’re too cool.

      **I KNEW you’d catch the sevens. hehehe. You are in a secret club, but you’re not just a member. You’re the VP. xoxo


  14. OMG – I read this post originally in the car and completely forgot a couple of comments, so here goes….*clears throat*

    #1 – How did I miss Festus. Do you keep him in your imaginary barn next to your chicken named Clyde?

    #2 – Junior Mints – I knew I liked you.

    #3 – Run, don’t walk, to your nearest grocery store and get (before they run out) some Blue Bell Christmas Cookie flavored ice cream. It’s like birthday cake ice cream but on crack. It’s temporary and not one that I would eat all of the time, but man…it’s good. I ate almost the entire tub – not mad about it.

    #4 – Can I be in your movie?

    Ok – I think that’s it. With all of the sunshine excitement, I forgot about these very important questions/observations.


    1. I wondered when someone was going to ask about Festus! He lives at my aunt’s ranch. I’ve had him since I was twelve. He’s super sweet and cute!! I taught him to scratch his hoof on the ground for treats/carrots. He still does it 20 years later!

      I will have to hope a genius made that flavor ice cream with almond milk cuz I can’t have it. BUT, I’ve had some incredible non dairy ice creams lately! They are just as good, you just can’t find quite as many flavors.

      OF COURSE YOU CAN BE IN MY MOVIE!!! I could always have another sister(?) Wait, no. You can be “the other woman” to one of my love interests. See? I just scored you a sex scene. WOOP.


      1. Wow. I just read this, and I think it’s kinda funny how we give each other sex. Hmmmm….thanks for festus. He’s cute. I saw him on your twitter, which prompted me to come here to find your response. Still can’t figure out why I don’t get notifications. If you feel like giving me more sex, let’s try to make it with Adrian. He teases a tweet that he’s coming to Dallas. I WILL be there.


        1. I have NO doubt you’ll be there if he shows up in Big D!

          I don’t know why you don’t get notifications. You subscribe to comments, yes? Makes no sense. You probably won’t even know I’m replying with this!

          I hope we always give each other sex.


      1. Front row? Free popcorn?? You really know how to look after your fans Beth! And as a big one I’m looking forward to what you churn out next, even as I seem to be taking wee break myself for some unknown reason. All the best this year, Darl.


        1. I noticed your lil break. I had to check your blog to make sure I wasn’t missing any posts! That’s alright. Everyone needs to recharge blogging batteries now and again. You take your time. Until then, thank you tons for your support over here. Happy new year, my friend. xo

          Sent from my iPhone



            1. ok, through the Hook, I discovered Indie Chicks (ok, so I may be the only one who JUST discovered them…) but they are doing a series on tattoos and their associated stories. So far, it has just been women, but I believe that REDDog and his bitchin tattoo would be welcomed. The invite is here: and I am seriously considering submitting mine. Although I have only one, and it is not as bitchin, it did represent a turning point in my life…


  15. Oooh…you may inspire me to go vegan again. I have been a vegetarian since age 17 and was a vegan for about 2 years. I felt great when I was a vegan…but it also means I can’t put real cream in my coffee or eat birthday cake ice cream! Which I’d really like to have a bowl of while I”m watching you in that movie with Charlie Hunnam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. And naps. I’m glad you got in a while bunch while on vacation. I love sleep almost as much as I love Charlie Hunnam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.


    1. I figure if I put it in my head that I can *never* have such ‘n such food again this won’t work. If there is something I just can’t live without one day, I’m having it. That goes for ice cream, steak, whatever. The hubs and I figure 98% vegan would work for us. Not day to day 98%, but overall, throughout the year. ALSO, I found this coconut water creamer made by Silk. They have it in vanilla flavor so it’s all I need (I don’t have to add sugar, too). It’s really good!

      I’m going to yoga more, btw! You inspired me to get back into it. You’re awesomesauce, Ilene. xoxo


  16. This was INTERESTING.

    You mean to say you have a mule named Festus!? I love that SO damn much. I adore mules. I don’t know why; I just looooove ‘um. I must see a photo, please.

    I dig Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence …
    & Charlie Hunnam (Jax) rocks my world! Yessssssssssss.

    I don’t do awards, but appreciate this! So sweet.

    Love! xxx


    1. I totally understand not doing awards! Just wanted you to know I think the world of you, and wanted my readers to know of you, too.

      Photo of Festus? Hmmm. I think I can handle that. I’ll get back to you when I dig it up. I may have to have my aunt send one (he lives on my aunt’s ranch) cuz I don’t have any on this computer, and I have NO idea where my last printed one would be. He’s sooooo sweet! Mules are the best – they’re so freakin’ cute!

      heart you big, girlie. xoxo


  17. Welcome back, Beth – glad the vacay was a good one for you. That movie sounds fabulous – I would totally watch it. Er, not to watch you, although I’m sure you’d be great, but I’d be a little more interested in your leading men…just leave the mule out, please.


    1. Don’t worry, I’d make sure room objects and my men conveniently covered up my body. Well, maybe a little sideboob or something for my male viewers. You know. Gotta offer up some candy. I’d have a rockin body double for the full nudity shots. Cuz it’s gonna be THAT kinda sex scene if I’m in it with Charlie and Aaron, capeesh? And yeah, no Festus cameos in the flick!


  18. Your break sounds awesome! I’m so impressed that you cleaned out all of your drawers. Seriously impressed. Big huge. Congrats on your well-deserved award, going off your meds, and on going vegan! Whoot! I love cheese too much to be completely vegan, but I’m always a little jealous when other people do. Which is a bit weird, I think. Huh. I love the smell of pipe smoke too!!


    1. What is it about pipe smoke? I thought it was because my dad and some uncles smoked pipes when I was little, but several people have commented they like it, too. Hmmm. Wild.

      There are some decent fake cheese out there. I made one today out of ground cashews, BUT, nothing really takes the place of real cheese, does it?


  19. WOWZA!!!!! First off- GOOD FOR YOU FOR TAKING A BREAK!!! We all need to do that once in a while…. decompress and detox from the world of web we all live in!!
    You are SO FREAKING sweet to honor me with this lovely award!!! Thank you sooooooSOOOOO MUCH!!!

    I have yet to do an award post for a few I have received, and I feel just AWFUL about that!!! I will have to conjure up something- surely won’t go by the rules or anything, cause I don’t do rules. Nope. NosireeBOB.

    Is love you to pieces and PIECES Beth!!! I feel all sunshiny and sugary everywhere!!! *Tingling* 😉


    1. Glad I made you feel sunshiny and sugary. That was the point! And to get other readers to your beautiful blog who perhaps haven’t been over there yet.

      Don’t worry, I STILL have several awards I haven’t honored yet! When it rains it pours as far as those go, and they end up piling up. I’m always SO excited and honored when I receive one, but it takes me a while to do a post about it. I just feel like my answers and trivial facts get boring for people, so I try to minimize how often I do ’em. And I break lots of rules. That’s helps keep it minimal and entertaining for readers, I think.

      Have a gorgeous weekend! Stay warm! xoxo


    1. Oh, another Aaron T. Johnson fan!! Cool. Isn’t he the yummiest? Do you want to be in my movie? I could always fit another sex scene in there….I’m a sharer, Darcy. If you haven’t yet, you should check out my pinterest board. He’s on there, among many other drool worthy hotties. Just ask Lizzi, my most frequent pinterest guest. And it’s not for recipes….


  20. Hey Beth! Welcome back and Happy New Year!

    So, you’re a hockey gal? Wanna play with my stick? 😉

    Thanks so much for the award nomination! You rock!


  21. Although I missed you, I’m terribly glad you got yourself a little break! It sounds pretty productive. I’ve always hear that vegan is fantastic and so healthy. I may look into it though my fam would NEVER go along! I’ve seen Plants and Zombies and have avoided the temptation up to now but Candy Crush and I….we have a love/hate relationship…right now there’s a little more hate. A mule? Really? But how cute. Because I was naive, I made a list in 7th grade called “The 7th Grade Prostitutes” and listed all my friends on it. I don’t know what I thought a prostitute was, thought it was a cool girl. I got in a little trouble and I’ve learned a few things since then. I no longer list my friends as prostitutes 🙂 I have always wanted green eyes but am stuck with poop brown. So I’m a little jealous of you right now. But still glad you’re back….and I want a supporting role in that movie….maybe I could play the prostitute that Charlie Hunnam cheats on you with??


    1. I have a lot of requests for supporting roles in my movie! My poor men are awful cheaters it turns out. Or we have a lot of threeways….maybe? Hmmm. This movie might be rated X by the time we’re done. AWESOME.

      Yep, my mule lives on my aunt’s ranch. I’ve had him since I was 12. He’s the sweetest. But I’m very glad I’m not in charge of his care. Farm animals are WAY too hard to take care of….geez.

      My brother has brown eyes, too, and has always referred to them as, “fecal brown” LOL. I think brown eyes are beautiful. Very Doe-y.


  22. My sister was vegan for a couple of years (she’s been a committed vegetarian since she was a teenager) but ended up giving up as she found it too hard to cook everything from total scratch/be limited in restaurants while working full time.

    Oh but I am impressed at you organising drawers and cabinets! I had every intention of doing that on my domestic day on Friday… and ended up barely unpacking. But at least I did unpack within a week of returning from a trip, which was something!

    Welcome back from your break!


    1. Thanks, Claire! It’s good to be back!

      It IS so HARD if you don’t have the time, energy, and/or support in the house! That’s why I started eating meat again after my youngest was born. Too much! But now is a great time and it’s all falling into place – yippee!


      1. I’m just not sleeping at all B!

        Combine the heat with everything else and I feel like I’ve been teleported to an alternative hell hole!


            1. Oh no wonder it’s hot there! Ha! I guess I didn’t remember where you lived. I recalled it was not the States, but somehow imagined you In England. ?!?! I have old friends that lived in Perth for at least 6 years. They are back in Texas now. They LOVED Australia.

              Sent from my iPhone



  23. Well, it’s ’bout damn time! LOL. J/K, Bethie, although it’s so great to hear from you again and read your beautifully unbridled, heartfelt and hilarious blog. We are completely honored by your nomination and can’t wait to get it up on our blog as well. We should have it up by Monday/Tuesday. We took a hiatus as well. Though we spent our time reading some wonderful novels by our friends. Love that you’ve gone vegan. I’m a borderline vegetarian. (Don’t know if fish and poultry qualify as meats? If so, then…) It’s simply Mathair and Chobani keeping me from going full on vegan, but I’d love to give it a try. I also suffer from migraines, terrible black-out ones that leave me wasted, so I definitely feel your pain. Practically didn’t make it through my high school graduation because of one whopper. Love all your answers for the award, especially the Charlie Hunman and Aaron Taylor-Johnson love affair. As you know we’ve always pictured Aaron for our Kevin Yager. Hope all is well with you and yours and sending our love from the Smokey Mountains.


    1. “beautifully unbridled, heartfelt and hilarious blog” Wow, thank you for that incredible description! So sweet!

      Yes, veganism is way easier now that my boys are older and the hubs is on board. It’s hard to do in a house of meat-eaters, especially when *one of them* (the hubs) brings awful food home ALL the time. But not anymore – yippppee! Makes my life much easier.

      AW my Inion! I’m so sorry you suffer from migraines too. NO GOOD. I know that meds saved my ass five years ago. I hope you find something (medical or natural) to ease your suffering as well. As for me being off drugs…I got a friggin migraine LAST NIGHT. BOO. The jury is still out though. I’m not convinced I need to go back on my daily meds.

      Yes, Aaron as Kevin!!! *drool*

      love right back to you….from flat-ass boring N. Texas. LOL.


  24. Congrats on getting off meds! We are kind of a separate meal household – me mostly being the separate. It’s a pain in the butt. After I finally got over an Angry Birds obsession, I said I would never get addicted to a mobile game again. Eh ’em, currently I am playing with an app called QuizUp. I am saying it sharpens my brain.


    1. Whaaaa? QuizUp eh? I love those kind of brain games. And lord knows I need a little brain tune-up….hmmmm Oh yes, I played angry birds a lot the beginning of the year. Why do you eat separate? Are you vegetarian? Or just the only healthy eater? Sent from my iPhone



    1. OMG Kate, it’s SO GOOD. Mandi (cellulite looks better tan) recommended it and I literally ingested the whole book in a blink. Her writing is just….luxurious. Delectable. You feel everything she writes. *sigh*

      Sent from my iPhone



  25. Welcome back, and Happy New Year! Congrats on your award! Hope you had a good break from your blog! Looking forward to reading more of your posts this year! 🙂

    And Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best games ever! 😀


    1. Thanks so much J.C.! I’ve missed you. I know you have a few new posts up that I’ve been meaning to get to! Playing catch up is hard….

      I’m so excited you like that game, too, haha! It ROCKS.


  26. Good grief, I need to take notes before coming down to leave a comment. There are way too many to keep going back and forth to remind myself of what I want to say.
    1. Sounds a lot like what’s been going on around here.
    2. I’m glad you have been able to go off the migraine meds and be migraine free for a whole week. That’s great. My memory sucks, so I’m glad someone can get some of hers back.
    3. Vegan?? Um, there’s no way that would happen in my house. More power to you, though.
    4. You cleaned out every cupboard and closet?!?!?! In two weeks? That is the most impressive thing I’ve heard.
    Congrats on the award!


    1. Thanks so much, Christine! Yes, every single drawer, closet, cupboard…it’s like a whole new world over here! I found kitchen appliances I didn’t even know I had, and we have bags upon bags for Goodwill.


    1. Why thank you for the ball compliment! Haha. Yeah I remember the little furry ones you could stick to stuff too. Weren’t they called warm fuzzies?

      Sent from my iPhone



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