What Do Women REALLY want?

Today I’m over at the The Insane Asylum where Mike asked three lady-bloggers some very provocative questions in his quest to learn What Women Want. Personal questions. And we answered HONESTLY.


To see what Kristi, Joy, and yours truly told him, press HERE. Harder. Oh yeah, baby, Do. Not. Stop.

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  1. I read Michael’s post word for word and it’s absolutely brilliant! Yourself , Joy and Kristi were amazing. I’ve been around the block several times. The only thing I would add is that women don’t want men to just listen…women want you to HEAR what the eff they are truly saying. It goes a long way in their hearts. IMO. Great post, Beth 🙂


  2. Beth you, Joy and Kristi all kick donkey, and really hit this one out of the park. Thanks again so much for doing this with me and for actually bringing people to my blog.


    1. hahaha Jill! You’re so funny. You’re right though, it’s like when you have a puppy. When they’re all grown up and not peeing on the floor anymore, you sort of forget about that “breaking in” period.

      Thank you for reading. xo


    1. The feeling is mutual, MWA!!! You’re awesome, Kristi.

      And I have no idea what the dealio is with Phil and his sex sammies. It’s an intriguing idea, especially coupled with a massage. I do like a good pb&j.

      Sent from my iPhone



  3. Stopping by for the first time. Thanks for visiting Dana’s guest post today. She’s awesome and obviously has excellent taste in bloggy buddies! Loved your answers at The Insane Asylum. I’m right with ya. Give me long, lean muscles any day of the week!


  4. Really interesting read… I have to confess I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the concept, mostly because I feel pretty strongly that the idea that “women” (or men for that matter) all want the same things is bonkers and potentially detrimental to us all. That said, all of your answers were funny and honest and awesome, so there’s that! 😉


    1. You’re absolutely right about that, Claire! I think there might be some safe generalizations, but, women are unique in there wants/needs for sure!

      This post was all in fun. What’s wild, though, is that none of us bloggers on his site knew the other was doing this interview, and our answers are shockingly similar!


      1. I noticed that! I think one of the reasons I always react against things like that is that my answers are inevitably so different to any other women’s… and I’m not quite sure what that says 😉


  5. I finally got over to read this today and have to say that you answered just as I expected you would. God love a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it! It was splendid fun!


  6. Beth, I think if real men want to know what real women want then your hubby could probably become an overnight success just writing about you and your marriage…he must be a legend! (onya buddy, respect!) REDdog


    1. Hey tattoo. I showed my husband your comment at 6:30 this morning. I’m pretty sure he was strutting a little after he read it. As if he needs a bigger ego….GAH. juuuuust kidding. 🙂


  7. hahaha that picture though! This was fun, and I was totally wondering what WE could now ask Michael, but I think we learned a lot already during his recent post about prison sex. And you know….he also talked about prison sex on New Year’s Eve. Just pointing that out.


  8. Haha… this is how one of my friends describes how she feels about a guy she’s dating. Either he gets her lady parts excited or he doesn’t.


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