*Just For Fun*

Over the years, I’ve developed strong likes and dislikes.

Some may even call them irrational. You decide:

Ten things I LOVE

-followed by-

Ten things I HATE 

LOVE: Thunderstorms
HATE: Strong wind

LOVE: The sound of a cat’s purr
HATE: Chihuahuas

LOVE: Ice cream
HATE: Anne Hathaway

LOVE: Having my hair played with
HATE: Duck-butt haircuts (especially on women who look like they’re overly peppy in the morning)

LOVE: Spicy food
HATE: When people sing along with music in public, like in the grocery store. (Stop it. It’s not karaoke night)

LOVE: The Beach
HATE: Parades and musicals. (I know, I’m an asshole)

LOVE: Traveling (not packing or planning, but the travel part)
HATE: The word panties

LOVE: Laughing. Hard. Like pee-in-your-pants hard
HATE: Perfume and cologne

LOVE: Going to the movies
HATE: Episodes where sitcom families go on trips together

LOVE: Being swept away in a good book
HATE: Pop-ins. Freakin’ call first

Do any of these ring true for you, too? What are some things you irrationally love or hate?


    1. oh, chips and salsa….why are you so good to me? I’m in heaven with chips and salsa. And *hurl*….heights. Totally freaks me out, too. Even when I walk on people’s upstairs hallways, you know, right next to the banister it makes me feel all weird-vertigo-ish.


      1. Oh I can’t hardly breathe near such places and though I can climb a ladder it is difficult. I swear I died in a past life by either being thrown off of someplace high or jumping and REALLY regretting it.


  1. I love…

    a light breeze that caresses the skin
    trails along the river
    any large body of water
    powdery sand beneath my feet
    walking along the edge as the waves splash my feet
    dogs that love you beyond reason
    open spaces
    road trips
    fresh vegetables from the garden
    dancing in my living room
    music that makes my blood start pumping and my foot start tapping
    words that come alive on the page
    juicy ripe cherries
    love and miss the fresh oranges off my great-grandparents ranch
    romantic comedies that make me laugh and cry
    women that laugh, love, and follow their passion with all their heart
    the sound of rain
    art that takes your breath away
    playing with my granddaughters
    and friends that remind me of the things I love.

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  2. Oh dear… I sing in the grocery store. I am one of those annoying peppy people who dance and sing at inappropriate times. I also love parades.

    However, I feel like Adam Levine can get us through this

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    1. We can do this. We can make it through. You’re so cute I think I could forgive grocery store singing. I mean, we have tattoo and beard love in common, too. That’s a great foundation. I feel it.


  3. I say we need a pitcher of margaritas and some drunk elephants on parade, darling. I’ll play with your hair if you like, but you have to take back your hatred of Anne Hathaway — I want her to play me in the movie of the memoirs, so…..

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  4. Beth…I was wondering if you had changed…or had I changed, because I wasn’t trackin with you at all until…

    7. IL: Trees {YES! Trees! I am going to get one permanently inked on my body…soon!}
    IH: The word panties {Or panties at ALL…}

    8. IL: Laughing. Hard. Like pee-in-your-pants hard. {YES! Just Yes.}
    IH: Perfume {Hmmm, good perfume is ok? I know, I know, perfume is very personal…}

    9. IL: A trail. In the mountains, or the woods, or along a river…I will always follow. {Yes, I wonder where trail that goes…}
    IH: Effing bras. {oh if only…I canNOT leave the house without one, sadly}

    10.IL: A good margarita. (OH. MY. GOD. YES.}
    IH: Pop-ins. Freakin’ call first. {Yes. If you lived in the sticks like we do, this would not be an issue 😉 }

    There’s my list, short but sweet!

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    1. Roby! I’m so glad we still have enough in common to be friends!!! *whew* 8/20 isn’t that bad…right? Wait, do you sing in the grocery store? *raises eyebrow*


      1. Absolutely we do! And no, I NEVER sing in the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store. I sing mostly in private…the shower, the car, in my head, you know! 😉


  5. Ok. The fact that you hate chihuahua’s – this is sacrilege! But you redeem yourself with elephants, and walking trails, and margaritas, so that’s ok 😉 But what the heck is a duck butt hair cut?? lol


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