Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty: Models from My Community

The intensely talented Jennie Saia started this imperative movement with a simple project last year. Both the concept and its outcome are inspiring and beautiful in ways that are difficult for me to convey, so I’ll let her post speak for itself. *fist bump* to my Jennie for her incredible vision and heart. #SW

Tip of My Tongue

Two weeks ago, I was standing in a hot warehouse watching some of my favorite people leap in the air, strikes poses, and play in front of a camera. I was loving everything I saw because – unlike in most traditional fashion spreads – everyone was smiling.

Welcome to the Model Community project. Those smiles are the crux of why I started this initiative. Being a person should be enjoyable. Having a body should be empowering. Wearing clothes you like should be uplifting. Right now, the impact the media has on body image makes all these things harder than they should be, because we see a narrow range of what’s considered beautiful and we question the validity of our own bodies. We can’t find fashionable clothing to fit us and we drift between “regular” and “plus size” stores, wondering where we belong. We hope our sense of self and our knowledge that we…

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  1. Thank you so much, Beth. This is the #1 thing I want to spread around the Internet! Annnnnnd if you ever have the time/inclination to re-create the project, I will jump with joy and give you all my tips. 🙂


      1. I skimmed it. I tried. I really kinda almost tried. But I’m no good when it comes to comparison, falling off the cliff edge and knowing I’m completely wrong to do it in the first place.


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