Introducing The Sisterwives

If I were able to get to a computer, I’d have written this myself. Lizzi knocks this intro out of the park, so I couldn’t resist using her words to help me introduce something I’m incredibly proud of and excited about….


The Blogosphere moves in mysterious ways, and there was something about the meeting of this particular collection of individuals which screamed β€˜destiny’. Allow me to introduce The SisterWives:

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      1. That was my first time. I’m pretty sure I felt the Blogosphere move…

        Happy you’re thrilled to have been my first (why shocked?) And yes!!! More firsts of thing would be *awesome*


    1. Thanks, Michelle! Sorry I’m so late getting back to you (or to your latest posts) I’ve been OOT and am just catching up! Yes, we’re so excited for this supportive place we’ve created. It will snowball forward for everyone and I’m so proud of that. πŸ™‚


    1. Aw, thanks my friend. I didn’t doubt your support for one tiny second. Just back in town and catching up on blogs (again….) and will be heading to yours soon! xoxo


  1. I saw what you wrote and then went over to Lizzi’s site and never came back! ACK! LOVE this new group of amazing women and what you are all going to offer the world!! You know how I adore you!!


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