How much I love you

This blog-hurkey-orgy-thingy is an ode to our friend Mandi because


A group of us are singing You Are My Sunshine, each taking one line from the song in our titles. At the end of this I’ll leave a link for the next in blog in line. Now onto the business at hand…

Mandi, Mandi, Mandi. How could I live without her? She’s my co-pervert in crime, and whenever things are getting mundane, I get a *special* text from her. They usually look something like this, except with far less clothes.

hot sexy

(He totally needs to take his shirt off) Anyway, if for some crazy reason you don’t know Mandi, she writes over at Cellulite Looks Better Tan, where her posts span from funny, to silly, to thoughtful, to so intense it takes your breath away.

Mandi is a book vampire. She needs the blood of stories to survive. She’s read every book out there, probably twice. If you need a good referral, you can count on her. Every. Time.

Around the sister wives tribe we call her our cheerleader. She’s always around with a kind and supportive word. If she’s a friend of yours, you know it all the way to your toes because she’s that kind of person. Loyal. Supportive. Giving.

I also get the distinct privilege of calling her a friend In Real Life! Not too many bloggers can say that. Our sons brought us together, but writing is where we bonded. And when we get together….margaritas happen, followed by hysterical laughter, followed by weird drunk selfies. Drelfies. Like this one where she’s in my cleavage. Because…BOOBIES.


Mandi, I love that we’re on this crazy writing  journey together, and I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. I promise, it’s not just because of the pervy texts.

Well, maybe a little.


I hope you have a magical day!

Drink wine, eat cake, and GET SOME (rest, duh)

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  1. It’s so awesome you guys are IRL friends. And those super special texts she sends you are pretty great too. 😉


  2. *smiling like an idiot* Wow. Beth, you know how much I love you. Only you get the semi naked men texts, so that says something. I adore you and your cleavage. It’s so nice and soft and warm and…ahem.

    I don’t know what to say. I saw your text this morning and though “Oh shit. What happened?” I never in a million years expected it to be anything for me, and I can’t quite wrap my brain around all of this love. I’m sort of at a loss for words, and that never happens to me.

    Thank you. I have a feeling that you had a huge role in planning this one since you were so curious about my birthday. I’m so glad we found each other and that we can continue this journey and of course the drelfies. I love them the most.

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    1. MANDI!!!! You’re here! I’m so excited you’re seeing all this now. You have no idea how much fun we’ve had planning it! And let me set the crazy record straight, this was all Lizzi’s idea! As soon as she said it in our little group, we LOVED it and it took off!
      BUT. There’s more……just you wait my BBB…..*snicker snicker*


  3. The pure loveliness of this girlfriend-blogfreind-love-fest is seriously warming my heart. This is the loveliest birthday present I can imagine (except for maybe a case of Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or my children being nothing but charmingly adorable for 48 hours… but still. That’s high praise.) Sisterwives do rule.


    1. It was a love fest! And it didn’t end here in cyberspace; I live right by her and we gave her balloons, a card signed by all of us, pom poms and a bull horn cheerleader thingy, a lei ( so she could get laid today hahaha), and a cape with a big M on the back. We may have gone a little overboard….we have way too much time on our hands, clearly. LMAO.

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  4. This was such a wonderful gift all of you gave to her, Beth! A very Happy Birthday to Mandi! For any of us “She’s always around with a kind and supportive word…” could not be more accurate! 🙂 Loved this post for her, our friend 🙂

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  5. Shirt off. In fact, there is absolutely no reason, besides a moment when he was REALLY hungry and came upon a restaurant with a sign (and I’m positive they’d make an exception for that guy) that said “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” He shouldn’t even own shirts. If I knew that guy in real life, I’d convince him to have a bonfire, and start it with every shirt he owned.
    I would also convince him that running my hands over his dark and lovely chest is the way I was taught to say “Hello”.


    1. This made me smile and giggle SO MUCH!! hahahahah “I would also convince him that running my hands over his dark and lovely chest is the way I was taught to say “Hello”.” OMG that’s the best ever. I know, isn’t he the yummiest? *drool* (you should check out my pinterest board….lots of naughtiness happens there, in the best way)

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      1. I have a pinterest account, I just never really figured out how to use it. It sends me random emails about stuff it thinks I’d like, and tells me when some sad sack I know starts following my non-existant account. I always apologize to that person the next time I see them, because I’m afraid they aren’t going to be following very much.
        I do like naughtiness, though.


  6. Oh, how I just love *this* kind of friendship!!! I’m a bit jealous though… I could totally see me fitting somewhere in that picture… I think right there at your neck- in between your drunken face and Mandi’s… yep. I can see it now.


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