Zombie rot and little victories

For all of the amazing peeps who cheered for me and wished me good luck, THANK YOU. I did actually get my rewrites finished in time for the contest. *throws confetti* Two days prior to the deadline, I read the “submission guidelines” and learned that they wanted a query first.

A Query. Shudder.

As many of you are aware, queries are basically a summary of your entire novel in just a couple hundred words, and are rampant with strict rules and expectations making them horrifying and extremely difficult. For instance, when researching them I read this: “You should spend as much time on your query as you did on your novel. It’s that important.”


As I read countless queries online, I came across some very successful, non-traditional ones and my gut screamed, “That’s me!” Because if you know me even a little, you know I have a visceral negative reaction to words like “have to,” “must,” and “should.”  So naturally, I ignored every rule and went with my gut, aside from making sure the basic required info was intact.

You know what that got me? A request for my first fifty pages! Yessss luck has found me again. *wipes sweat from brow* Thank you to the sexy beast of an editor who found my query “professional and clever.” I want to kiss him on the mouth.

However, a successful query letter does not guarantee winning. A lot rides on those first fifty pages so I can’t too get ahead of myself, and I know there are shit-tons of other great entries. So for now, I will relish my little victories and just be thrilled I’m finally ready to move forward towards decisions about cover design, LLC’s, ISBN’s, and other anxiety-ridden things that make my stomach hurt. (Thank you Katie Cross for taking the time to answer my panicked IM’s!)

Speaking of little victories, I just reached 1,500 followers! I think that’s supposed to be celebrated. *pops cork, guzzles ungracefully, dribbles some on shirt, tries to pretend she didn’t*

In other news, my back door is rotting. Remember the hub’s colossal screw up that took me from being the Lucy of our marriage right into the pants of capable Ricky? I guess the calamity isn’t over. The water damage has evidently been festering and now pieces are just falling off. It’s a zombie door. I can see light through it. A large snake could crawl through it, and you know how much I love a good snake apocalypse.

*erases zombie door from brain and moves along*




That in and off itself is cause for celebration. Halloween is my Christmas.

As a peace offering for being absent from all your beautiful blogs this past few weeks, and also in celebration of my little victories and Halloween, I leave you with this.

hot sexy

(there’s more where that came from if you’d like to visit my Pinterest board)

Have you ever had to write a summary, blurb, or query? Do you love Halloween? What’s your costume going to be this year? How do you celebrate little victories?


  1. I love Halloween, I haven’t had to write one of those for a book before.

    Still working on the small victories. Congratulations on yours!

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  2. Oh Beth, huge congrats on your query and your continued, beautiful success with your novel to be 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you had the fortitude to stick with it and to push on in the pursuit of your dream. Very proud of you 🙂

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  3. You’re frikkin BRILLIANT, you are. Well done you for going with your gut instinct and getting the query done how YOU wanted it. And YAY for it being so good that they snapped it up for the first 50 pages.



    Happy Halloweenymonth 🙂


  4. Why don’t you tell ever-body who that picture is? Okay, I will….that little photo up there ^^^ is how I picture one of the main characters in Beth’s book. Because he’s hot, and I’m pretty sure he wants me. Yeah, I’ve read it. #sorrynotsorry

    So proud of you, but this you know.


  5. Congratulations! This sounds very promising and very exciting!

    Halloween: love it. Costume? Not sure. Trying to come up with iconic couple (John and Yoko, for example- only hubs looks nothing like John). Basically I want an excuse to dress up as a hippie chick…

    Keep at it girl, cause your writing is ah-mazing!


  6. Your peace offering does nothing for me whatsoever. Nothing. If anything, it makes me feel worse about myself because I don’t own any jewelry that goes around my neck other than my ‘just in case’ rope. Congrats on your book thing, and rotting back door made my thoughts go to a place I will spare you from hearing about, but funny to me still.


    1. OMG you and Jon have equally filthy minds, and thanks for sparing me the story. And yeah, I was gonna put up some candy for the dudes but just got lazy. I did make a pinterest board just for you guys tho!


  7. BETHIIIEEE!! You are SO clever, as if giving birth to real live human beings wasn’t clever enough, now a book! Bravo, bravo, bellissimo. I’ve never wanted to be something guzzled ungracefully from a bottle more in my life. All the best for the next stage. Hey, I’m off to Borneo tomorrow to celebrate 20 years with Queenie in a jacuzzi, overlooking the ocean, next to the jungle, Woohoo! Love you, proud of you. Red


    1. RED!!! My brotha from anotha motha! I heart you so big!! You’re the sweetest ever. And Borneo?? Hello exotic! How fun and amazing! Have a BLAST!! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, which doesn’t leave much, so you know, just have fun. 🙂

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  8. Woot! That’s awesome to have a request for 50 pages. Maybe your querying go as smoothly as expected. I’ve helped a few clients with their queries and synopses, but that’s the stuff us editor types kinda like going (I’m perverse that way…). I’ve recently started to write blurbs and press releases for authors as well. I’ve yet to write my own query, but keep getting lots of good ideas at the PNWA conference I go to each July.

    As for Halloween costumes, mine is going to rock and it only cost about $400. I shit you not. Hubby and I both bought dirndl and lederhosen when we were at Oktoberfest just a little over a week ago. It was fun, and he was actually more into shopping for the clothes than I was. I guess we’ll be wearing our outfits for many, many Halloweens to come 🙂

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    1. Jeri, I was JUST ON YOUR BLOG. *cue creepy music*

      That’s so cool that you’re writing blurbs and summaries for people! I imagine it’s easier to do for others’ work than your own. Maybe. Actually, I’m not sure. (btw, totally want you to do copy/line edits for me but M says you’re booked till Jan! BOO!)

      LOVE your Halloween costumes…OMG how fun is that??? So cool. Pictures after 10/31!!!!!


  9. Yay for you, Beth! I have never written a query, blurb, or summary, because I don’t write anything long enough to require one. And I don’t dress up for Halloween; my birthday is the day before so I’m usually have birthday let down.

    And I know Mandi watches, but do you watch Outlander? He needs to be on your board. Just saying.

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    1. I just ordered Starz last week and binge watched all 8 episodes….SWEETLORD it’s so freakin good! And it’s so funny you say that about Jaime Fraser on my board, I JUST said that to a friend earlier today! I’ll be adding him ASAP!

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  10. Jesus Christ, how do you always find the hottest boys in the world with whom to tempt me? Mmmmmm…. He’s like a cookie right out of the oven. Crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle.
    Way to go on the 50 pages. That’s 50 pages more than they were reading before. WOO-HOO!!!! Congrats.

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  11. OK – I’m insanely excited for you and proud of you! I want to know immediately what is going to happen next! Apparently I’m living vicariously through your successes!

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  12. Wow…I’m really surprised how many people have been on some kind of small or big blogging break since I’ve been gone. And go you! Query letters are so hard – worse, even, than job applications, which is probably why I’ve only written one. But fantastic that you are in the running!! I will cross all my fingers and double cross my toes for you xo

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  13. Congratulations! On all of it! You’re amazing.
    I celebrate the moments of my life just like I deal with my stress and/or the holidays: with booze! But I feel like your news is even bigger than that. Way to make fantastic things happen B!


  14. Dearest Beth Teliho, I have been a fan of your writing since you had blue fuzzies on your blog letting us all know that you blog with balls. Yes you do! I’m guessing you write with them too. I am very proud of you and know in my heart you will do nothing less than succeed. Just don’t forget about me….’kay?


    1. Sandy, I read this in the waiting room of my gyno (just an annual, don’t worry about my vag) and was smiling SO HUGE. Thanks for your everlasting support, it means so much to me! LOVE YOUR FACE SO HARD.

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  15. Since someone else already stole my jumpy claps (the nerve), I will stand still and give you a nice slow clap.

    Nope. Can’t do it.

    WOOT WOOT!! (See i’m more the excitable jumpy-clap girl than the sophisticated slow clap type…)

    Yay you, gorgeous! Fingers and toes crossed that they keep asking for more, more, more!!



  16. Welcome back! I so admire you taking the instant gratification of blogging time off to really write. Congrats! Now…. if you can just find a guy like that to fix your door once and for all! OR however long it takes 😉


    1. Kenya, it was really hard! More than even the instant gratification, I was afraid everyone would forget me! Thank you for sticking with me. You’re awesomesauce. 🙂


  17. Sorry, but pretty boy does nothing for me. He looks like he smells and doesn’t use deordorant.


    Good luck as I am sure you will kill it. I’ll be over later with hot baby oil to give you a full body massage so you can relax.


    1. I don’t expect him to do anything for YOU, Phil. And yes, he looks like a dirty boy, but in the very best of ways. 🙂

      Hot oil massage? *rips clothes off, jumps in bed* I do feel tense.


  18. Little victories? These are HUGE. Well done you. And I’m sure Regular Guy NYC is a delightful chap but he surely needs glasses. Pretty boy is just what the doctor ordered. Thank you for that.


  19. That’s so exciting about your query! I’ve always heard the same thing — that you’re supposed to spend as much time on it as the book itself… I can’t even imagine.

    As far as your Pinterest board — one day I have to learn my way around that site. Sigh.


  20. Oh B, I am so excited for you, and OF COURSE you must do it your way! What other way is there? This just tells me that there is so much I don’t know about writing, but hopefully, can learn from experts like you! Hugs! And I would celebrate the same way, ignoring that little dribble. 😉


  21. I know, I know! I’m late to the party…
    But congrats, Bethie! I’m so proud of you (and finally catching up on all my blog reading, btw)

    Big hugs! And we love Halloween around here like crazy, too! xoxo


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