There’s another reason I’m grateful for November, but I just can’t put my finger on it…

I’ve had an insane week. I was without my computer for four days, which sucks any time of the year…but really? During final edits on my novel and Nanowrimo? REALLY? The good news is my computer is back and now I can read posts, comment, write-my-ass-off, edit, yada yada yada. I’m BURSTING with relief and happiness. In celebration, I’d love to share with you why I’m so grateful for November. Indulge me…I needed a silly outlet today.

Ahhh, sweet November. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

November brings a symphony of color when the leaves change. Sometimes, I look at the spectacular reds, oranges, and yellows and can’t believe colors can be so vivid and stunning. Just feast your eyes on this gorgeous display of nature at its best:


bearded hottie 3


November means cold weather, and I get to break out warm leggings, sweaters, boots and cute jackets. I just know this will be so warm and soft against my skin:

bearded hottie 2


November means hot cocoa and nutella. I love those single serving cups of nutella that come with their own dipping sticks. My kids eat all the sticks, but never finish all the nutella. So I have to, obviously. It’s remarkable how long one’s tongue can get when trying to get that last lick from the bottom of the cup. Don’t even tell me you can look at this and your mouth not water:


bearded hottie 4


November means pumpkin patches. We love walking the rows of pumpkins and gourds, sipping warm apple cider and bundling together against the cool breeze, searching for just the right ones to decorate the porch. Look at our bounty, so large and firm:


bearded hottie 6


November means Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be thankful for this year. Not the least of which is this:


bearded hottie 5


November means the start of the holiday season. Stores stock Christmas merchandise and Jingle Bells plays over speakers nearly everywhere you go. I can just picture these chestnuts roasting over my fire:


bearded hottie 7


I just know there’s another reason I love November, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Do you know what it is? What do you love about November? Tell me, maybe it’ll jog my memory. I feel I’m missing something important…


  1. You’ve got the most gorgeous pumpkins, BW 😉 I appreciate the photo-tour of your world and how stunning November seems to be where you are. Thank goodness you got your computer back so that you could share these awesome pictures of your world with us 😀


  2. Honestly, though those men are quite handsome, all I can think of when I see facial hair is how coarse and scratchy is feels on my face. Ouch. Guess I’m another Princess and the Pea.


    1. As a perpetual beard wearer, I would note that beards aren’t as scratchy when they are seasoned, i.e., grown out to at least an inch. Granted, my hair, regardless of where it is, seems to be fine and soft. So, at best, I would understand if people told me it was too ticklish.

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      1. What to one woman is ticklish, to another is overwhelming. I’m a bit on the sensitive side and can’t stand the fact that my husband shaves with an electric razor rather than a blade. Feels like sandpaper!


        1. Indeed. I learned that, *ahem* rather the hard way. I’m grateful to be settled down with someone who puts up with me.

          And yes, the blade is the way to go. I’ve switched from cartridges to the old-school double bladed safety razors. I ❤ my German-made Merkur. I'd like to eventually learn how to shave with a straight razor (I have good means to keep blades cuthroat sharp), but there's too much risk to my kids, especially my son– even if I locked it up tight. (The double-blade razor already is.)

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            1. Cimmy took a hand with mine and she said she could see the difference for herself, too. Most of the time, she just lets it go, and most of the time (most! but not all) I don’t mind terribly. Once in a while she’ll shave for me.

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  3. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Movember, Beth. I haven’t participated (yet) because I’m unwilling to start out clean-shaven and usually by this time, I’m already growing out a Van Dyke goatee full for the winter anyways.


      1. Good!

        I’m so blessed that Cimmy appreciates all my hair, whether I shave some of it or not. We are a bit perplexed by the new trends of men removing their body hair, especially; we believe that men should be hairy.

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  4. I’m sorry. Did you say something?
    I couldn’t see the screen for the drool 🙂

    YAY! So great to see you, Beth! Love that you are editing your novel and doing NaNoWriMo (sooo…does that mean TWO novels?) I’ve got about 12K left on mine and hope to finish tomorrow!!

    I have missed you!!
    Sorry for the random sentences….for some reason I’m having a hard time concentrating. xo


    1. Michelle! I miss you, too! In fact, I almost contacted you the other day for a composting questions: do you compost your dryer lint? My mom told me I should, but doesn’t it have pet hair in it, and therefore not good for the compost?

      Yes, nano. UGH I have less then 20,000 words, but I started knowing I probably wouldn’t finish this year. I needed it, though. It forces me to think about other characters and stories. I’m re-working a novel I wrote about 5 years ago, totally re-writing it. It’s been good to work on that. And yes, I hope to pub this one as well, but probably not for about 6 months or so (and by that I mean a year because that’s how slow I actually work)

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      1. I am just so proud and inspired, Beth! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
        I do use dryer lint (if i’m ambitious enough to get it from the basement to the outside). I DO have dog hair in it. Lots….it drives me craaaaazy!!

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  5. I’ve got friends who are into beards, but me? Nah… At least not the full on thick ones. They always make me think of brillo pads…and I worry that stuff will get caught in them. Like food. Or bugs.


    1. I mainly love how they look. I think they’re sexy as hell, but I do agree they can be scratchy and – if not kept clean – gross. I love how angular and cut they make men’s faces. Oh and rugged. Oh and chiseled. *sigh*

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  6. If that’s Taylor Kinney – two thumbs up for Chicago Fire!! And THANK YOU, THANK YOU for Scarlet and Natalie that I (thank gawd) caught just now in the comment above mine! Don’t forget Kate! Good post (as always), Beth 🙂

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  7. I’d normally consider myself more of a summer girl, but I’ve kind of been loving the cold weather lately! There’s nothing like wrapping up warm before heading out into the cold weather! The start of the holiday season is always a winner too!


    1. Catherine, I totally agree. I love the cold, but it can get old real fast, which is why I appreciate Texas. Just as I’m getting a little beat down by cold, we’re gifted with a few 70 degree days. 🙂


  8. First you put chocolate on my porch, and then you give me this? Have I told you lately that I love you. So proud of all of your hard work this month. Can’t wait for my favorite bearded hottie to be in my hands again. Oh November, how are you already half way over?


  9. What? Were there words on this page too? My ears are buzzing and I couldn’t bring myself to actually look at the letters and words strung together. Which is a shame since I love the way you put words together. When my heart rate returns to normal I’ll go back and read 🙂 I love a hairy man. Mine sports a bear whenever work allows. I actually get kind of pissed when he shaves it so he can look “corporate.” Our Halloween costume this year centered around his facial hair. He shaved so he had a fu-man mustache and lamb chops and we went as hippies. I had to restrain myself from jumping him all night… ’twas fun.


    1. I knew you’d appreciate this post, Gretchen. *wink*

      My husband shaves for work, too. I hate it. One day, he’ll retire and be the goatee’d beast I love to ravage. 🙂


  10. You know I was just thinking yesterday how not long ago the big grizzly beard thing kinda freaked me out…but the seventies always come back somehow, I am kinda starting to dig it 🙂 and the above is proof of point. Thank you. Very much. Xoxox

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    1. It does seem to be trending, doesn’t it? I never EVER liked beards until a few years ago. I always loved scruff, but beards were a big NO. I guess it’s been all the long beards on models and in the media. It just grew on me. *gulp* Yum.

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  11. I was waiting for a Movember reference 🙂 Not really a beard fan myself, though my hubby grows it to stay warm in the winter. Sigh. Perhaps I should suggest a photo-shoot…. hmmm inspiration! Thx!

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  12. You are too funny with all of these pictures of this guy. 🙂 I agree about November. Fall is my favorite time here in AZ. We get a break from the heat and this is the month when we start to see the real drop in temperatures and all the stuff you’re talking about is more of a reality. We don’t have a lot of pretty trees changing color leaves, but I love it here and I love the colors of fall that people use and the nutella and the coffee or hot chocolate, etc. 🙂


  13. I hear you. About the computer… Try being out of a computer for a WEEK.

    A WEEK!!!!! OMFG. We run a BUSINESS for crying out loud. I had to use an effing PENCIL.

    And meanwhile I picked up like 5 new google+ followers who are 9th grade boys from my daughter’s school, which means my blog could/might/may be read/seen/commented on by the parents of the kids at our private/Christian school, which means I have to be even more PG than I already was, which sucks and makes me wish I had an anonymous blog because HELLO NOVEMBER.

    ;p pleh

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