Grades Are Posted

You did pretty good, BUT, there was a four-way tie. This can only mean one thing: TIE-BREAKER!!!! Come see how you did!

The SisterWives

This is F: For FAIL This is F: For FAIL

Some of you came over to play with us yesterday and chimed in on a little SisterWife Trivia. Thank you for your participation. This was a lot of fun. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for (I’m really sorry you lost sleep over this)…the answers:

Dun Dun Dun…

  1. This beautiful SisterWife wears a tiny stud in her nose. Beth
  2. This sexy SisterWife just signed up for a Pole Fitness class. Yes, stripper pole + fitness = hot. Sandy
  3. Be extra careful (or don’t be) when you hug this SisterWife because she might just nibble on your ear when you get close. Lizzi
  4. When she was growing up, this Sisterwife had an adorable pet chicken named “Dr. Feddy.” Samara
  5. She may have had brain surgery, friends, but this SisterWife has never once broken a bone. Deanna
  6. This SisterWife choreographed and danced a routine to Chumbawamba’s…

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