Secret Circle of Awesome

Most of you know I started this blog a couple years ago to build a platform, but after about three months, my motive flipped on its head when I fell head-over-heels for this new (to me) and exciting method of writing. Now? I blog for the love of it. It’s cathartic, fun, and I adore the community.

Some readers are here for my blog silliness. Others showed up after Order of Seven published and are here for book news. Only interested in blog content? Look right and you’ll see the “blog only” sign up, which you may already be subscribed to.

But for those interested in book news, I have something special for you.

**A Sparkly Newsletter**
((those yellow words are a link to the sign up if you want to skip the rest and just do it because you’re that awesome))

Why would I want to subscribe to another damn email list, Beth?

I’ll tell you why: it’s not “a list”, it’s THE LIST, because I’m not sharing book info anywhere else.

As a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll receive: exclusive content; updates on upcoming books; heads-up on contests and giveaways; and random other bits of awesomeness.

But that’s not all! Order now and you’ll get this fancy set of Ginsu knives… oops, wrong ad.

But that’s not all! How about a contest….NOW. *throws confetti* I’ll collect emails for the next ten weeks-ish, and on February 17th (because seven), I’ll randomly draw a winner.

The winner will receive:
*Two Oo7 bookmarks, one of which will be signed by yours truly
*The first or last name (their choice) of the winner will be in Book 2, to be used at my discretion (i.e. it may be a place OR a character OR a specific thing, depending on what works best)
*A FREE ebook copy of Book 2

What are you waiting for? In the words of Fat Bastard:


To be in the know and have a chance to win, simply chant “I want to be special. I want to be a bad ass,” and then sign up here>> secret circle newsletter 

Thank you in advance! This will be a fun ride, people. I promise.



  1. I’m all up in you bell-y! What I mean is I don’t think people use this classic movie phrase nearly enough. And whenever I try to drop it into casual conversation people look at me like I’m weird. Maybe it’s because I haven’t mastered the Scottish brogue yet. Oh yeah, of course I signed up for your email, duh. And I’m totally gonna win. And your book will be titled “The Life of Gretchen” or “The Curse of Gretchen” or “Forrest Gretchen” all because I will WIN and who wouldn’t want the melodious name Gretchen in their book???

    Seriously, if I “win” *wink wink* I would never make you use Gretchen. Unless your book happens to have a broad shouldered German woman with a hairy mole on her face. In which case you will obviously want to use my name.

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  2. You need a Mikey. I give full permission to be as stereotyped as you need. I already have a horrible literature legacy as ‘a bitchy guy named “Austin”‘ in Dempsey’s memoir, “Castles in the Sand,” so I give freely now. That’s right, use me, I make a great supporting character.


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