Grades Are Posted

You did pretty good, BUT, there was a four-way tie. This can only mean one thing: TIE-BREAKER!!!! Come see how you did!

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This is F: For FAIL This is F: For FAIL

Some of you came over to play with us yesterday and chimed in on a little SisterWife Trivia. Thank you for your participation. This was a lot of fun. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for (I’m really sorry you lost sleep over this)…the answers:

Dun Dun Dun…

  1. This beautiful SisterWife wears a tiny stud in her nose. Beth
  2. This sexy SisterWife just signed up for a Pole Fitness class. Yes, stripper pole + fitness = hot. Sandy
  3. Be extra careful (or don’t be) when you hug this SisterWife because she might just nibble on your ear when you get close. Lizzi
  4. When she was growing up, this Sisterwife had an adorable pet chicken named “Dr. Feddy.” Samara
  5. She may have had brain surgery, friends, but this SisterWife has never once broken a bone. Deanna
  6. This SisterWife choreographed and danced a routine to Chumbawamba’s…

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What’s Bugging You -She Said Edition-

What irks you most? Is it other drivers? Or the inhuman volume your husband chews food? Head over to the Sisterwives Speak blog and see what some of your favorite peeps had to say on the subject, and feel free to tell us your pet peeves in comments!

The SisterWives

Here on The Sisterwives we cover some pretty heavy stuff. We appreciate all of our readers and are so very grateful to the brave and beautiful writers that submit pieces that they pull from the deepest, and sometimes darkest, parts of their souls. We thought that maybe today we would lighten things up a bit with a little help from some friends. 

Don’t we all have something that drives us crazy, people who get under our skin, noises that make our skin crawl, and situations that just make you shake your head and wonder ‘What the fuck?’

Today some very funny people are stepping up and telling us what bugs them.

I should say some very funny women. The fellas are on deck for Thursday! So sit back and have a laugh today. You’ve earned it!

she said

It bothers me that we never have enough money. We live on a shoestring budget…

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An Orphan’s Life

I know it doesn’t look like it, but I AM writing! Today I shared a story very close to my heart over on the sisterwives blog. I’d be honored if you read it.

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sad boy photo: sad boy ChildAbuse_0002wmv1.jpg
He was found by his aunt in his home at the age of two, abandoned by his alcoholic mother. Just a baby. Scared. Hungry. Crying.

She took him in and cared for him for a while, but eventually she had to hand him off to another family member. Over the years, he was passed around to just about everyone. Some were incredibly kind; some merely tolerated him. For one short stint he stayed with a California aunt and uncle. The alchoholic uncle got drunk one night and attempted sexual abuse – a common occurrence – with the now seven year old. The orphan tried to protect himself and a shoved the man; he fell and smashed his head on the corner of a metal coffee table.

The head injury was fatal.

The orphan was then sent back to the East Coast to live with his grandparents, Ma and Pop, whom…

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Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty: Models from My Community

The intensely talented Jennie Saia started this imperative movement with a simple project last year. Both the concept and its outcome are inspiring and beautiful in ways that are difficult for me to convey, so I’ll let her post speak for itself. *fist bump* to my Jennie for her incredible vision and heart. #SW