Month: February 2014

“Crap It”, And Other Profound Thoughts

The most unexpected part of being a grownup is….

Things like this still happen to me:

After all these years, I’m still the dingy blonde I was in my youth. Naively positive. Mostly oblivious. Probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle. But I’m entertaining, so there’s that. *sigh* (more…)

Lexicon of Lust

This poem is in honor of August McLaughlin’s The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest III: #GirlBoner edition. If you haven’t read the bloggers who participated, you need to. Just hit that link in August’s name. I didn’t know about it in time to contribute, but it did inspire this poem. Lexicon Of Lust was sitting in drafts all lonely. Today I set it free. (more…)

I Danced For The Secret Guard-Virgins

Ten Things Of Thankful

*a little different*


Close your eyes. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Now imagine total solitude. Silence. You’ve slept in and now have the house to yourself. No kids. No spouse. Just you and your coffee. You’re smiling aren’t you? Me too. My husband took the boys to the skate park. Alone. Leaving me with a quiet house.(1) (more…)

Beyond Boring: Three Days With Professor Bland

I couldn’t be more excited for my guest today,

Jeri Walker-Bickett.

To say this woman is multi-talented would be an understatement. Her blog is not only filled with posts about all aspects of writing, but also personal stories, editing advice, book reviews, and author interviews. She’s also an accomplished author herself, and a freelance editor…you know… in her spare time. The best part, though, is the fact that she’s approachable, funny, and supportive. If you don’t know of her already, I encourage you to visit her blog STAT!

Without further ado, I leave in you Jeri’s capable hands. (more…)

Rock Star Moments, Hockey, And Lingerie. Not All At Once. Maybe.

First, a valentine for all my friends who read and support me.
And this time, I didn’t forget the men.

Press here if you like hot, sinewy, half naked men.

Press here if you like sexy chickadees. (this is a new, ever-evolving board. I’ll happily take direction/suggestions on who to have on it, guys!)

Back yet? Good. I’m glad I have your attention because this post is chock-full. I’m not stopping at ten. Hang onto your seats… (more…)

That Time A Comedian Stripped For Me. Sort of.

It was 1996. I was managing the Improv Comedy Club. It was a scorching hot summer. Relentless. The kind of heat that sears your throat when you breathe.  

Welcome to Texas.

Our comic that week was Rodney Carrington. The staff loved when he came to town. He was funny as hell, but also a genuinely nice guy who always treated the staff with respect. That wasn’t always the case with comics. Sometimes they acted like entitled shits. Sometimes they were alcoholic losers. Sometimes they were trippin’ on something the entire week.

But not Rodney. He was the real deal. (more…)

Night Of The Menage Attack, Take 2.

**This is a re-post from September when about ten people were reading me, but it’s freakin’ crazy-in-a-good-way and needs to be let out into the wild again.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program….

SO I went to a party over the weekend at a neighbor’s house down the street. I sat in the backyard for the first half of the evening with a friend, sipping drinks and enjoying the cool breeze. The hubs was with me for the first hour or so, but for the part of the story in question he was at home getting beauty sleep since he’s ambitious and does things on weekends like triathlons. Weirdo. (more…)