Lizzi Rogers: I bust the cherry of her new segment, A Slip of the Lit, and talk about what makes Oo7 unique. Includes a teaser writing sample where I dare you not to *feel*.

Dana Hemelt: Paraphrased from my first ever FaceTime interview, I answer the tough questions, like who would play my characters in a movie?

Tamara Woods: Featured on Indie Author Spotlight, I talk about the Indie path and what that means to me, as well as dish out a little writing advice.

Jeri Walker: I discuss my writing/editing habits, as well as my struggles as a writer.

Leah Richards: I’m not even sure what happened, but it ended up sounding like porn. Needless to say, I’m very happy with it.

Mandi Castle: A YOUTUBE READING. < Ever wonder what I sound like? What my mannerisms are? GIT.

Gretchen Kelly: Where we discuss Gretchen’s book hangover after reading Oo7, and I discuss important things like tattoos and whether or not I write nekkid.

Christine Carter: I talk about how I got ideas for the plot of Oo7, and the research that went into the historical and archaeological elements.

Lisa Kramer: In which we discuss what paranormal power I’d have if I could (who says I don’t? mwahahaha I knew you were going to ask that) and where I find inspiration for my stories.

Lisa Listwa: Not only are Lisa and her husband INCREDIBLE graphic designers who made me the most luscious flyer for a book signing, she also jumped on a blog tour and came up with unique questions for me that I had a blast answering!

Crystal Cook: Where I answer the important questions, like Ketchup or Mustard? Paper or Plastic? Sequel or no Sequel?

Stephanie Powell: I talk about what it’s like being a free spirit in Texas, and also discuss whether or not I’d switch lives with Devi for a while.

The Plagued Parent: Where I answer incredibly in-depth questions regarding the roles philosophy, eco-literacy, and setting play in Order of Seven.

Kelly McKenzie: This lovely Canadian had wonderful questions for me, and even sprinkled the tribal spiral symbol throughout the post. Love! I discuss my adoration for science, and whether or not it was difficult to write for an eighteen year old voice. Among other things.

Tamara Woods: Watch as this rare mammal steps out of its cave, blinking big eyes in the bright sunlight, to interact with a camera. This particular mammal, recently named by Nat Geo as a “writer” (ry – ter), is timid and elusive. But today, brave investigator Tamara Woods lures it out of its comfort zone for an interaction worth witnessing. ((As in watching. As in THIS WAS A LIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW OMG.))

Inion N. Mathair: << These two wicked-talented writerly ladies are very special to me. When I was an infant-blogger, still rolling around in my own feces, they picked me up and told me I was worth a shit. (that’s a lot of poop in once sentence. I apologize). To say I was honored to do an interview on their blog is an understatement. AND they asked brilliant questions.

Lola Marguerita: Unique questions. Photos of my work space. Talk of Baron. What more could you ask for?

David Ellis: Where I share nuggets of writerly wisdom, as well as discuss how I deal with creative slumps and writers block.


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