Month: March 2014

Something Witchy This Way Comes

Before you lies my very sophisticated intro to author
*Katie Cross*

OMG I love this girl like chocolate, you have no idea! I found her book blog forever ago and immediately knew I’d found my long-lost sister. Fortunately, she was tolerant of my stalker behavior, and we’ve been buds ever since.

Katie was brave  lovely enough to answer a few questions about her novel, Miss Mabel’s School For Girls. Don’t worry, the interview is silly and sweet, like Katie. And short. Not Katie, the interview. Actually I don’t know her height. This is taking a weird turn. Like Katie. She’s weird in the absolute best of ways, which is why I love her. Have I made that clear? LURVE.



I’ll Show You My Room If You Show Me Yours

A few things that blew my mind this week

I read a post on Jennie Saia’s blog last night that excited me. The Room Of My Heart, as inspired by her friend, which has inspired others to make their own. You basically envision and design the room of your heart, so you always have a stress-free, safe place to be whenever you need it. Here is mine, and I would LOVE if you created your own and told me about it.



At Least I Was Wearing A Bra

I’m over at Menopausal Mother’s blog today talking about one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done.

Ever had one of those misunderstandings? Like when someone says, “I ate a lot of cheeses” and you respond, “You ate Jesus?”

Yeah. Multiply that times a thousand. I don’t even know where to begin, or how to justify my logic at the time…I…uh…

Well, just read for yourself here. *hides face*

Wild Woman Waking


Today I have the sublime pleasure of being a part of a blog book tour for Morgan Dragonwillow’s new poetry book, Wild Woman Waking. I’ve read this book from cover to cover and can attest to its absolute deliciousness. Not only are her poems tiny, intricately laid stories that take you somewhere far away, but each one is also accompanied by Tui Snider’s stunning photography.

I am also spotlighted on Morgan’s blog today, where she said some lovely things about me. (check’s in the mail, Morgan)

I had the opportunity to ask both of them some questions: (more…)


There’s this photo of me standing on a Mexico beach circa 1997 where I’ve got my hands reaching high in the air (holding a Corona, of course), and my head thrown back in pure joy. We refer to it as my “head poppage” photo because it looks like my head could literally blow right off my shoulders with happiness.

That is how I feel about my guest today.

I doubt I need to introduce her, but just in case there are a few left in the blogosphere who don’t already know and love her, I present the amazing Lizzi of Considerings. Her writing either dissolves me into giggles or leaves me utterly breathless, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my blogwife. She is a true story architect whom I admire to the moon and back. Without further ado…..take it away Lizzi. (more…)

Shit Just Got Real, People.

So this chick asks me to do a guest post on her blog, and I’m all, sure, no big whoop, whatevs.

Or maybe I actually went all,  *squeeeeeee* like a little girl and yelled 


Perhaps you’ve heard of her?


She just so happens to be my favorite HACKER, NINJA, HOOKER, SPY on the planet!

PLEASE head over to her genius, hilarious, addictive blog and see what I had to share over there. It’s a doozie in pure Beth form.