I get around

HACKER. NINJA. HOOKER. SPY “When Will The Lambs Stop Screaming?”

The Right Writer For You “Author Beth Teliho’s Savvy Advice for First-Time Novelists”

Well Tempered Bards “Dragonfly”

Past My Curfew “What Do Vegan Zombies Say?”

Menopausal Mother “That Time I Showed A Chiropractor My Hoo-Ha”

The Insane Asylum “What Women Want”

Woman Wielding Words “Stop Soul Stealers”

History of a Woman “The Dog Bite”

Mama Mick Terry “Mountain MaMa”

Hasty Words “Fear Won’t Win”



  1. I just read “That Time I Showed A Chiropractor My Hoo-Ha” and it’s hysterical! Thank you for sharing such a cringe-worthy and well-written story 🙂

    I think the only time something comparable happened to me was on my 15th birthday. I took a quick shower before dinner and darted (naked) right next door to my room. My parents were in the kitchen cooking the dinner we were going to share between just the three of us. Or so I thought. The second I got into my room my sister (16 years older than me) popped up from behind my bed and yelled SURPRISE!

    I nearly had a heart attack, but I think she was more surprised than I was XD


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