Happy Birthday, Sweetie…

TODAY is my husband’s birthday. That poses more problems that you would think. It’s very hard to buy for him. Why? Because he shops for himself so damn much he has freaking everything. He is a deal-hound with shopping tenacity that beats me down to NO end.

I. Don’t. Shop.

THAT IS WHY when he told me last week specifically what he wanted: the brand, the size, color, and where to buy it, I said, “done and done!”

FRIDAY, I took the Chaos Elves into a store (this is ill advised) and we picked out several of these *special* workout shirts for him per his very specific instructions. We were in/out in ten minutes. Frickin’ brilliant.

PLEASE recall this was Friday, after a week of being home with the elves for five days – 11 hours a day – and it was now evening and I’m wondering where my husband is at 7:00, starving-because-he’s-supposed-to-be-picking-up-our-food, when I get this text:
(mine are in green)


A) Yes. Those shirts he’s asking me about are precisely the ones he told me to buy for him. AND he’s out shopping when he should be home. With food.
B) Note that my needs have heavily prioritized to food at this point.
C) I am very cranky when I get hungry.
D) We have been together 17 years. How has this man not learned when it is time to feed me?
E) You’re right, that was a harsh word to say to my husband on his birthday weekend. He’s such a great man, really. Okay, I take back “Duh”.
EFF!) It took me 17 times to get this text photo to upload right. I said bad words. I hope I get more tech-savvy soon.


  1. My husband is impossible to buy for. Not because he shops, though. It’s because he insists he doesn’t need anything. Drives me crazy. What? I’m not supposed to give him anything? Then my kids are all “Mom, you didn’t get Dad anything and he always gets you cool stuff.” That’s because I want stuff. lol That’s a tough spot you’re in too. What happened? Did he buy anything? Oh – and I’m just like you in the “when I’m hungry” department too. I get all kinds of cranky! 😉


  2. You’re situation is tough too cuz guys are hard to buy for! I was very relieved he gave me ideas this time, but to answer your question, he did not buy those shirts. He *heard* my tone and got skeert. His priorities changed to food very quickly, but for different reasons. Survival of the husband reasons. And he will live to see another birthday as a result. Lol.


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