There’s this photo of me standing on a Mexico beach circa 1997 where I’ve got my hands reaching high in the air (holding a Corona, of course), and my head thrown back in pure joy. We refer to it as my “head poppage” photo because it looks like my head could literally blow right off my shoulders with happiness.

That is how I feel about my guest today.

I doubt I need to introduce her, but just in case there are a few left in the blogosphere who don’t already know and love her, I present the amazing Lizzi of Considerings. Her writing either dissolves me into giggles or leaves me utterly breathless, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my blogwife. She is a true story architect whom I admire to the moon and back. Without further ado…..take it away Lizzi.

The Blogosphere really is the most marvellous kind of romp for readers everywhere, and one of the beautiful things about it is that all tastes are catered for. Whether you crave the vanilla sweetness of the Mommy Bloggers, the rough-and-tumble of the Stand-alone Man bloggers, the sensuality of the Poets and Storytellers or the tumbling depths of the Thinkers – it’s all out there, instantly available for consumption and enjoyment from the comfort of your own screen.

The temptation doesn’t end there, though.

Because for those who Write (and at this stage I understand I may lose the attention of anyone who doesn’t instantly comprehend why I capitalised that word (in fact, it might be better that I do)), the Blogosphere is an orgy of love affairs waiting to happen, because much as I’ve tried to deny it or put some other frame around it, the stark truth remains.

I fall, hard, for words.

There are those out there who write in such ways, and with such passion and exquisite beauty that when I read them, it’s as though I lose part of myself.

Their words pour in, and like tender hands, begin removing the armour I’d placed around my feelings, leaving me dizzy and breathless; wondering at what point I gave my consent to feel this vulnerable, yet not wanting them to stop. Back against the wall, and trembling at the intensity, I raise my eyes to meet their words and then the barriers come crashing down – their meaning thunders into my soul, filling it, stretching the edges of my heart as it tries to contain the wonder of what I just read, finally blowing my mind into fireworks as their writing reaches its climax and the whole of my being contracts in one giant “YESSS!” of comprehension; of absolutely ‘getting’ it.

And I’m lucky. I ‘get’ it a lot.

There are many writers in my blogging circles who frequently leave me speechless in this way, and it’s absolutely the most wonderful thing that the etiquette in this world makes it perfectly acceptable, nay, desirable, to have a large appetite and a roving eye. I’d consider myself a serial Blogygamist, for although there are lots of blogs I read and enjoy, there are a number where I get bigger kicks than the rest. That this is not only condoned but encouraged makes it so much more fun than trying to operate within more traditional relationship boundaries.

This is definitely a ‘Writer Thing’. And I hasten to add that it’s very different from any other kind of relationship. The ‘Marriage Heart’ is absolutely secure and tied to one man – Husby. The ‘Friend Heart’ is burgeoning and discovering new people, but it takes time and genuine interaction, shared Truth and Real Things to start building the framework of ‘Friend’ around another person.

The ‘Writer Heart’, on the other hand, is a bit of a whore and falls desperately in love all over the place, gushing and pimping her favourites across social media, absolutely happy to be taken, any time, by Good Writing, no matter whose. Though of course, favourites happen, and to those I return time and time again for more indulgence.

I recently and serendipitously discovered a Poet, who also blogs, and we immediately became friends and began a dowry bidding war over another blogger (because the Writer Heart likes nothing more than to add to its harem). We both won, in the end; my bid of a Medieval forest, a cellar-full of Champagne, a troupe of Adelie penguins, a giant sloth and some unicorn shoes being matched by 800 rubber duckies, a crown and a pot of endless coffee. The object of our bidding then suggested that the three of us become sister-wives (by which point, elsewhere in the Blogosphere I discovered I might have just been blogmarried to someone else) and in the end, it turned into a giant orgy of WriterLove because my new blogwife was already the object of my new conquest’s affections.

This kind of thing happens all the time! And if I’m lucky (and I have been) then on occasion, some of these most wonderful Writers make the transition to friends, and the games and writing can continue further and deeper into other levels.

Dizzying isn’t the word for it. It’s silly, it’s hilarious; it fills the soul and the mind and in the end is utterly glorious, because from it springs the sparklyglowy goodness of new sources of Thoroughly Good Reading – the kind which captivates you and tingles all your senses with its power.

So as long as the Writing keeps happening, and those words keep bringing daily delights, I shall continue to seek notches on the corner of my blog(post).

In turn, should you rock up chez moi, seeking reading pleasure, allow me to push you gently back in your seat and caress gently down the edges of your psyche before nuzzling into the nooks and crannies of your mind to (hopefully – will you let me?) administer some gaspingly good Word.

I hope this was good for you, too. Feel free to reciprocate in the comments – if I come away with scratches down my back, bite marks and my hair pulled, I shall know I wrote you well…

Blogygamy For The WIN.

Do you fall in Writerlove? How do you feel when you read something which resonates deeply? Which writers inspire you?

lizzi  Lizzi is a Deep Thinker, Truth Teller and Seeker of Good. She works a normal job and has a secret life as the writer at Considerings. Wife to Husby and Mother to two Neverborns, now dealing with the challenge of primary infertility, she is a frequent instigator of silliness and loves to entertain with words.






  1. Your INTRO! Wow!

    Like SERIOUSLY Wow!

    Like ‘how lucky am I to bag a BlogWife who gives such good WORD’ Wow!

    (Thank you for having me over to write *MWAH!*)


      1. You *know* I’m gonna want to see that photo sometime. It sounds incredible 🙂

        And thank you, from the bottom of my little writer/friend/BW heart. It very nearly sent *glowysparklytwinklywonderful* into overload, and there was an almost-glittersplosion over here!


        1. Oh I have it! It’s been framed and displayed in our home since 1997. I’ll see if I can take a photo of it or scan it to share with you.

          Are you kidding? You’re ALWAYS welcome here when you need a place for “that” kind of stuff, or anything at all. 🙂 Glad I could cause you an overload of glitterglowysparkly. I know how to make my ladies….oh good lord…this is gonna get awful….NM.


  2. Where the hell have I been all your life?? Dammit, I have to get out from under this fuckin’ rock more. Thanks Beth, on my way over there right now.


    1. Lizzi, I tried to leave good comment on your blog, I even have a disqus account now, what am I doing wrong…tell me how you like it just once.


      1. You girls make me want to be a blogwife. I know, the next best thing…a T-shirt that says: I’m Beth’s Blogwife! Not many blokes could pull it off but I’d give it a good shot. You’re awesome too Bethie, thanks for the intro…gotta go, busy checking out Lizzi’s nooks and crannies. Lovesies

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love it. Blogygamy for the win. You are welcome to tumble your Writing through my mental bedroom any time. I completely get this. I find Writers that make me want to crawl across them like a cat in heat…you’re one of them. Beautiful work, and I’m honored to be mentioned.


    1. Oh MYYY! Ow! Like a…*eyes get huge*

      *deep chuckles* Oh I’m loving this Blogygamy thing. Oh yes I am.

      Glad to mention you, m’dear. It’s been a perfect bloggy week, and I’m so glad you’ve been part of it 😀


  4. Where to start? Am gobsmacked with awe. Part that hit home the most for me?

    “Dizzying isn’t the word for it. It’s silly, it’s hilarious; it fills the soul and the mind and in the end is utterly glorious, because from it springs the sparklyglowy goodness of new sources of Thoroughly Good Reading – the kind which captivates you and tingles all your senses with its power.”

    You are both blessed to have “found” each other this way. Great post. Great writing. Great read. Great friendship.


    1. I have to say, in fairness, I stumbled across Beth’s blog (…um…I forget how long ago it was. It was the Big Hairy Balls post (BethFans will remember that one)) and pretty much immediately decided that this was a blogger I needed in my collection of Sources of Thoroughly Good Reading.

      And things just went from there. *happydance*

      Thank you Kelly for liking this so much 😀


  5. Yes!! I get it and I am so glad I am privileged enough to call you a writer friend and the one who gave the swift kick in the keister to start logging on my own!! Thanks for the push and the friendship!!


    1. Any time, Melissa! I’m so glad you joined this ol Blogosphere, and are having such FUN with it (and OBOY did we just have fun back there! OWWWWW!)


    1. Darcy! You sent me inappropriate snuggles in a message, I didn’t realise that meant we were BLOGMARRIED! (wait, that kinda thing’s not cool pre-M in the ‘sphere?)

      Anyways, this is the *joy* of developing a harem…we all belong a little bit to one another.

      Nothing like sharing, is there *grins*


    1. Ahhhhhh Don. I am NINJA! And also, for today (and yesterday) taking over, just a tiny bit. It’s cos I’m NETWORKED BABY, YEAH! Seriously – LOOK at the absolutely mindblowingly awesome bloggers who’re letting me post on their sites! BOOM!


  6. I get it. I totally do. For one thing Aussa is great! And so is Beth. I have fallen for both and so many others. Now I am off to look at Lizzi’s blog and probably fall another time. Ah, blog love, can’t get enough!


    1. There are relatively few bloggers (I could name them on one hand) for whom I’ve fallen as quickly as I fell for Beth. But more is better, and if you want to add me to your collection, I’d be honoured, Jackie 🙂


        1. Awww thank you! Your comment chez moi was lovely, and made my writerheart soar a bit 🙂 I do love feedback like that!

          Happy to have been collected.


  7. Lizzi, you filthy slut, you. I love you more because of it. You do get around, but I for one prefer someone who’s been around the block a few times so I just may leave my bedroom, I mean my blog window open just for you tonight. 😉


    1. *looks from under lowered eyelashes* Promises, promises, Leonor…

      And yes. I looked at my ‘Considerings Around The Internet’ page and was ASTONISHED by just how far around I’ve gotten! But I LOVE IT!

      And my technique is improving, wouldn’t you say? 😉


  8. Lizzi, this is the first time I’ve ever read anything by you, and…I think I’m in love. Well, my Writer Heart is definitely a lusty slut for you. So glad I found your work in this vast blogging universe.


    1. Why THANK YOU! I’m so happy to hear it! And also, at 150 words a pop, it seems like you were made for the ‘quickie’, wouldn’t you say?

      Doing the ‘Happy Kitty Dance’ for you 🙂


  9. Ummm…I hope you’re all wearing condoms in these huge Bloggies? Blorgies? Orggies? Good grief….

    Lizzi, oh sweet (and apparently randy) Lizzi, I want to hump your words every time I read them. I’ve said this time and time again. I am so in love with your words…all of them. The fact that you had me in sob snorting tears this morning, then hiccupping laughter this afternoon (over oil rubdowns and group shower orgies) just proves your extraordinary talent as a Writer (capital W). When I get to combine you with my Blogger Bestie Beth (BBB), it’s magical perfect fireworks.

    And Beth, both you and Lizzi give me multiple wordgasms. I love you both to pieces…yummy peanut butter/chocolate reese’s pieces.


    1. And what would come out of it (pardon me, there’s no other way to say that) if we weren’t?

      A COLLABORATION! That’s what! OOooooooooh MANDI! You’ve got me thinking now!

      I *love* LOVE your feedback Mandi. To know what my writing did to you…that is delicious; THANK YOU (but sorry I made you cry – not writersorry, but friendsorry; Writerme is lapping it up that my words did that) I think that counts as getting my hair nicely pulled 😉

      *now imagining the three of us coated in words and chocolatepeanutsaltysweetness* Uhmmmmmmmm


    1. *snorks* Yes scott, I know. Totally bonkers.

      Watch what happens when clarks and words get tangled ‘neath the covers of imagination…

      (well, you just saw, I guess)



  10. Even better is that no matter how many great writers, like you or Beth, that I run into, there’s always one more I haven’t read yet, ready to tilt my perspective and turn a phrase in a way that never even occurred to me.

    It makes it ok that there’s always someone cleverer, deeper, funnier – because I still get to read them. What could be better?


    1. YES! El Guapo; this is precisely why I’m so happy that the WriterHeart gets to be such a complete slut – because there are always fabulous new writers to assimilate into it, and tuck away in a special nook (or cranny) and return to each time you need to get Word.

      The joy of building the ‘harem’ is awesome. And there’s always room for more.

      The Blogosphere makes Sultans of us all.


  11. Well good Lord, this is HOT HOT HOT!!! And words can pull you in and twist your heart around like any good love affair does… and the sweet scent lingers in the air for many hours and sometimes days and weeks after…

    THOSE are the writers that do it to me- over and over again.

    Whew! I need a smoke now… 😉


    1. *twinkles* Hey there…glad it was good for you, too!

      And YES! Now there’s a place I didn’t think to go! When you get tangled with a really good writer, it’s exactly like that, and the timbre of their words can roll around your mind later, or you catch a sudden breath of them elsewhere; just like the hint of perfume left transferred onto your skin…after.

      I’m glad you have those writers in your life. May you always get plenty 😉

      Enjoy your smoke, lovely one.

      (and for a while now, it’s going to require an IMMENSE amount of mental effort to tangle with you as a writer without imagining that TOE! Ohmigosh! That is a mental scent I do NOT want to pick up on, thankyouverymuch!)


  12. There is way too much heat on this blog now. I think my head is going to explode at the thought of Beth and Lizzi together here!


  13. Wow Lizzi! I’m already following you, but this makes me want to press the follow button over…..and over….and over again. 🙂

    And Beth, you know I was kind of hoping I had a chance to be one of your sister wives *blushing*


      1. YES!!! I’m so happy now. This is the best day ever! I’ve always wanted a sister wife and I hoped you’d be my first. And your ALL CAPS makes me smile EVERY TIME. You are just the greatest! xoxox MWA! *thinking I really should go play the lotto*


  14. Ohhh Deanna, keep pressing, if for no other reason than the sheer *mmmmmYES* of it. Delightful to find such an enthusiastic new-to-me person as you…especially one with such (apparently) deliciously sharp nails…you have your claws in chez moi and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself 🙂

    And it’s not a bad thing in any way, but Beth has such a voracious appetite for words I’m quite certain that one bloggy SO won’t be enough for her.

    Quite insatiable, that one…


          1. *reclines luxuriously* Ohhhh go on then… you convinced me! All this so-much-effort commenting all over the place, having guested for you…I *knew* there had to be some perksOUCH! Oh myyyy that was…



  15. Brilliant post ladies~Coarse we feel jaded that our Bethie’s been steppin’ out on us! But when sharing her with Lizzi~well, I can see the attraction after reading that incredible post. Lizzi your ❤ for writing is beautiful & more than obvious in your passionate words. You wrote as if you had a key to every Readers heart! As for Blogygamy, I'm totally loving this word! However, you might want to check on the blogosphere laws. If memory serves me right this is illegal in every blog except for those bloggers in Utah! lmoa Sharing the post now! 😉


    1. See, now you talk of Utah, yet my understanding is that both Inion and Mathair share Beth, sooooo…

      But thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I love the idea of having the keys to every reader’s heart. How wonderful 😀

      (I’m sure I could cope with you having a share in my lovely BlogWife, especially seeing as it was one of you who ‘married’ us. We kinda owe you…)


      1. Yes, they did marry us! My heart belongs to Lizzi, but I share my body with all my sisterwives, and few brotherhubs, and my BBB. I’m a lucky, quite satisfied gal. Well, I’m never completely satisfied. 🙂


  16. Cool – I so am a blog whore and I wanna harem . . . Very jealous of your large collective – but you deserve it, you have wonder words and great pals.


  17. I’m so damn blog happy that Bethie introduced me to you, Lizzie! I’m all about the words and the connections and the falling in love with bloggers and their amazing ability to blow my literary mind…so now I have yet another blog sister to follow –
    And Beth? I am GRATEFUL to you for that!


    1. Oh SCORE 😀 I’ve seen Beth go all silly and starry eyed around your comments…this is most excellent. I shall be pleased to be whatever part of your Blogosphere yu permit *doffs cap*


            1. *pouts* I know. It’s cos I’m on Blogger…yup – thassright – the ENEMY! But thank you for subscribing! I think that takes my total to…ONE! 😀


            2. Ask Google! And whoever makes WordPress 😉

              Ah but wherein lieth the ROMANCE otherwise! This is totally Montague/Capulet stuff right here! The ballad of the star-crossed bloggers…


  18. Okay, thank you….this is word porn..and I like it! I have to rethink my whole guesting strategy now!
    I love this and every word is so true. I especially love your descriptions of the different ‘hearts’…they are spot on.
    Lizzi, if you ever leave your blogwife you can come be mine. Or I could be your blogmistress because I cannot and willnot (yes, I am aware that this is two words) live without you. As for the writers who leave you speechless, I do hope you realize they are only returning the favor 🙂
    This was an absolutely perfect way to start my morning!


    1. Leave her blogwife??? No no no. That would never happen. However, we are allowed to dabble in sisterwives……..
      Plenty of Lizzi and Beth to go around. 🙂


    2. Oh now I’m *so* pleased you re-thunk. Because it would be simply too sad not to be able to..ahem…share the WriterLove chez toi, Sandy.

      I did want to make the distinction of the ‘hearts’, for any NON-capital-letter writer/readers who might stumble across this. And yes – it all makes sense in my head 🙂

      Leave…BlogWife…? After less than a week?

      Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen *twines self protectively around Beth*

      Anyways, I just found a darling little place which will inscribe our new ‘BlogMarried Buttons’ with ‘Writer B is Mine’ and ‘Consider Me Taken’…


      BlogMistress, you say….*eyes dilate*…the idea has merit. Come on over here and tell me more about it…

      And meantime, THANK YOU for such a shinywonderful compliment 😀 You really are so sweet to me 😀 And I’m pleased any time to give you the bloggy equivalent of morning glory 😉


  19. On of my most favorite quotes is:

    “I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I appreciate rawness so much.”

    I fall in love every time I read a good piece. I walk away from it a changed person. THAT is why I love writing and why I have been having a love affair with words that has spanned decades.

    I love this piece.


    1. Whoa! Michelle, whose quote is that? It’s stunning! Someone really had their ‘Deep and Thoughtful’ on when they said that, but I TOTALLY agree. Completely.

      And that’s one of the things I love most about the Blogosphere – so, SO many writers, all showing little pieces of their souls…it’s beautiful.

      Thank you for loving this 🙂


        1. You make me sound so cheap, darling. I kind of liked it — do it again. Call me a filthy, cheap Writer.


          1. Oh but you are – cheap, Nasty little slutWriter, spreading your words across the internet for ANYONE to take a piece of…




    1. Ah Helena, why thank you *grins* It’s not quite wink-murder in McDonalds, but it is terribly good fun. And behind it all, I promise you, Beth’s writing is *stunning*

      I only hope I manage to keep up with her 😉


  20. Well, I was a Lizzi virgin, but as Sandy said above, this is total Word Porn and I’m all about the sexy, naughty words…I’ve got a feeling I’ll be a fan for life. Thanks for this fabulous intro!


    1. I actually thought of you when I first read Lizzi’s post, Kitt! haha yes, you all about the fun naughty. I love you for that.

      BTW – I read your book (three for all) and left a *raving* review for it. ohmyjeezuz H-O-T. Readying myself for your next one. *deep breaths*


      1. I saw! Thanks so much. Truly. And I sincerely hope you enjoy the second one, too. I’m hard at work on #3. Working title? Happily Unmarried After. 😉

        And you’re right. I’m totally about the fun naughty. Life’s too short to get uptight. 😀


    2. Oh, well as long as I write *here* you might be! I take a rather different approach chez moi, which is why I asked Beth to flaunt this one for me, as it’s SO much more her style, Smutster that she is…

      But thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it…and hey, if you ever want to return the favour and share yours… 😉


  21. So much lovin’ going on! Fantasmagorically Orgasmically Wordasmacally Divine! Hmmmm, love the image of,

    “allow me to push you gently back in your seat and caress gently down the edges of your psyche before nuzzling into the nooks and crannies of your mind to (hopefully – will you let me?) administer some gaspingly good Word.”

    Yes, you administer well, um… yes. 😀


    1. *blush grin* You can tell I had fun writing this…huh? 😉

      And who says you should never write to please your readers? Ohhhh I’m all about that (and of course, it pleased my BlogWife no end, too…)

      Thanks for coming over to see this, Morgan 🙂


            1. Nothing like getting into trouble with your mouth…

              I mean (wait, whut?) yeah…I do that all the time.


  22. This –> “The ‘Writer Heart’, on the other hand, is a bit of a whore and falls desperately in love all over the place, gushing and pimping her favourites across social media, absolutely happy to be taken, any time, by Good Writing, no matter whose.” is perfectly described. Totally get it – and feel the same way. xoxo


    1. Ahhh, I see you are a ‘Capital-W’ Writer. I think it takes that to understand this, and I’m just *so* glad that so many people ‘get’ this. Thank you so much Nancy.



          1. I figured you missed out a set of elipses (utterly forgivable, given the mood), and that it was “My favourite quote to… [implied simultaneous verb…verb…verbverbverb (to)]”

            *innocent look* perhaps I was wrong…


  23. I love writing that spins my head around! I had more to write coherently but then hair pulling and tops coming off followed and I lost it. I need a couple moments. Ok, it won’t take that long…sheesh! Good post, Lizzi 🙂


    1. Mmmmm well my scalp is all pleasantlytingly now, and I certainly seem to have bite marks in…wow *checks*…most places, in fact. Which is fine, because I know that Words can also be used to calm and massage, and administer firm, soothing balm to the scratches and bruises…and hey, I just got BlogMarried – there must be *some* perks to that, right? 😉

      Glad you enjoyed this, Mike, and thanks for pimping us out over Twitter 😀


  24. Ooooh my gosh, I need a shower after reading this post and all of the comments. Possibly also some calories because I may have burned through them with all of my lust.

    The Blogger Harem needs to be a thing. Like.. really… we need merchandise, conventions, etc. RedDog and El Guapo can be honorary members as well.


    1. I’m just glad you shut your office door before reading it! There’s something incredibly….almost voyeuristic in knowing you’re reading this in a public place…at work, where you shouldn’t be

      And there – see what you got yourself into? Did you catch (I HOPE you caught) that you were part of the original post…and now that you’ve wended your way into the comments too? Owww! 😀

      Ohhhh that is SUCH a good idea! I’d buy stuff…but I’m not remotely entrepreneurial. You might have to take charge on this one…I’ll let ya 😉


      1. Oh believe me, I am veeerrry inclined to voyeuristic behaviors.
        When it comes to blogging, I mean. Of course.
        Oh I definitely caught myself up in there. My little heart was racing to know I was being ushered into the blogygamy harem.


    1. I know! I should have. It never even occurred to me, but I did share it on twitter and instagram after the fact, mostly because Lizzi asked about it, too. Feel free to stalk my twitter photos to see it…..


  25. Ok, I read this the other day but didn’t comment, and now it took me an hour to scroll through all of these. I didn’t have time to read them all, although I’m sure with you and Lizzi at the helm they were entertaining. I’m going to keep my Writerlove pretty chaste, and go look at your hunks on Pinterest.


  26. Perfect match here with the two of you on the same blog–both incredibly talented writers! Lots of writer love going on in the blogosphere—problem is I have far too many blogger crushes….does that make me a writer/cheater, LOL?!?


    1. *giggling* Marcia, it makes you a Capital-W Writer. No shame in that! Keep on crushing!

      And thank you 😀

      This was such fun! ALL the fun.

      And I now hear there may be t-shirts! *glee*


      1. Marcia, if it makes you a blogger-whore than I’m one, too! I have more sister wives than I can count, and I love them all equally.

        And Yes, Lizzi, T-SHIRTS made by our sister wife, Laura!!!! SO excited!!! Do you think she’ll really do it??


        1. Well, seeing as she was on VidChat last night getting all excited about making them, then YEAH I DO! *grins HUGE*

          And where were YOU, my darling! *pouts* You’re not nearly enough VidChatty yet! I’ve spent more time on there with Laura! And she’s NEW :p


          1. OH that’s right, I forgot she said she’d be on VidChat. We had family movie night last night so I was eating copious amounts of popcorn while you guys were vidchatting. And I must admit, as much as I love seeing people “in the flesh” (especially my BW’s amazing smile), vidchat is sort of uncomfortable for me. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the introvert in me (?) *pouts* I hate missing out on all the fun, but whatdoyado……


            1. I’m glad you had popcorn and family movie fun. Sounds amazing 😀

              And hey, no worries. If it’s not your thing, that’s fine 🙂 I know it’s not for everyone.

              You’ll just have to create more fun, hooky-inny blog posts and things where we can all come and hang out in the comments and chat 😀


  27. Thank you for understanding and Yes to all that, PLUS, we must get the “collaboration aka threesome” going with Mandi. haha! The fun really is in comments!!!


    1. Understanding. With a small addendum (which I sent you). Plus YES DEFINITELY!

      And though I’m not sure she’s been back to see, there are now other conversations elsewhere about you, me, her, Reese’s pieces aaaaaand all that.

      Perhaps we should add some Nutella to the mix 😉

      (fun is ALWAYS in the comments)


    1. *bats eyes* Who, me?

      Hey….does that mean this is one of the posts you nibbled the neck of when you were in vampire mode last night?

      AWEEEEESOMMMEE *eyes glint*


    1. Now then, it’s a shame I don’t get responses from other people’s blogs – I didn’t know you’d been here and seen this 😀 Glad you enjoyed it 😀


    1. Why thank you, sir! It was meant to be (provocative – you see it worked!) and I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was almost as fun to respond to as to write! 😀


    1. Heheh I know, right? I get a bit shameless when it comes to words/writing and sometimes I just find myself quite insatiable, yaknow?

      Now Beth has her book out (well, SOON), I’ll be able to keep my ‘fix’ on my bookshelf along with the other millions. And then Mandi and Helena are bringing out more, and the sooner they stop writing books, the more they’ll be writing BLOGS and I can read them on a more regular basis 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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