At Least I Was Wearing A Bra

I’m over at Menopausal Mother’s blog today talking about one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done.

Ever had one of those misunderstandings? Like when someone says, “I ate a lot of cheeses” and you respond, “You ate Jesus?”

Yeah. Multiply that times a thousand. I don’t even know where to begin, or how to justify my logic at the time…I…uh…

Well, just read for yourself here. *hides face*


    1. I did! For about another two years. She was soooo sweet and funny about the “incident” that I felt comfortable enough to go back. haha! We laughed about it many times.


    1. I swear it sounded like she said Jesus!!!! One time someone asked if I could turn the TV down, and I thought they said, “futon batteries with cilantro.” I don’t hear gud.


    1. Yeah, I think the fact that she was female, and I really knew she felt terrible for me is why I was able to face her again. She went way out of her way to tell me she did stuff like that all the time, and she was very funny and cool. Had she been a he, or any less cool about it…..never. I never would’ve gone back!


  1. I absolutely loved it and it had me howling laughing, Beth! You have me rifling through my data base of memories in my noggin’ of so many similar occurences in my life. No, not bra stuff. Loved it!! 🙂


  2. Ahhhh this is SO MUCH MILLION TIMES BETTER here now. You’ve done so, so well to make it this beautiful.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Nope. I did laugh, but ohhh Beth! Only you.

    (Except not ‘only you’ – only you and SO MANY MORE…which is HILARIOUS 😀 )


    1. Lizzi, I LURVE my new blog look and I really owe it all to you! Thank you again so much!!

      Like I said in a comment on Marcia’s blog….unfortunately, this isn’t my most embarrassing story! I’m hanging onto that one for just the right time. *blushes thinking about it*


      1. Ah don’t do that to yourself – you did all the slog and hard work. I just sparked in with an idea 😀 But glad it was a useful one.

        And no. I didn’t miss that. And I’m intrigued because…well…this was bad enough! I just hope I’m around at the right time, whenever that happens 😀


  3. I’ve left a comment there saying that I can totally see myself doing something like that with my natural ditziness and my occasional Me No English moments. I also said that I completely agreed with Marcia’s introduction. I love you, Beth! You make me laugh, cry and marvel. The reason I am basically attempting to duplicate my comment word for word is that I’m not sure any of it registered since I was trying to comment with a G+ profile I’ve deleted. See? I ❤ you.


  4. OOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!! So CLASSY girl!!! Can’t wait to read your post… you always are worth the read. Laugh. Cry. Think. Really think. Gasp. Moan. Sigh. And marvel at your talent… My favorite thing to do!! 🙂


  5. Omg! You have some of the best embarrassing stories! I tried to comment over there and it wouldn’t go through for some reason.

    It reminded me of just this past fall when I had to go to the ER for the first time in Germany. Hospitals are so different here. Anyway, I had the worst cold and my husband was worried I was getting pneumonia so he took me there after work because we didn’t have a doctor here yet. Anyway, the decide to do a chest X-ray and walk me into a room. They just tell my husband real fast what to do and he has to translate it. The man has never had X-rays or anything. So he tells me to just take off my top and bra and stand in that room and wait. Turns out it was the waiting room for everyone and she told him I needed to go into the private changing room. I was standing there topless holding my clothes. Luckily, no one came in, but I still felt like an idiot!


  6. Beth, I did the same thing. Not with a chirocpractor; it was a regular doctor, but exact same thing. When they say “you can leave your bra on”, what else are you supposed to think???

    I remember feeling like this horrible hussy who had made HIM (male doc) uncomfortable. I can still feel the burn of shame.


    1. Oh no! I hate that! UGH. It’s so embarrassing! At least my chiro was really cool about it, she realized I was horrified and was so sweet and self-deprecating to lessen my embarrassment. If it had been a man…..well, I would’ve never gone back!


  7. Beth: Inion & I have been talking about this for some time. And I think we’ve mentioned it to you before. About doing a book on your life stories. You have many gifts. But two of our favorite, that we get to enjoy from blogging with you is: Your Writing! Your an incredible writer!! And the other, you have a gift of making people forget their problems & just laugh! You spread so much positive energy around this big ole’ blogosphere that your wicked sense of humor & joy are contagious. One can’t leave your blog unhappy! We totally think you should write a book that is based on your life stories. Real life scenario’s that you’ve been through told in the form of short stories each one at different ages starting early and going up ’til now. But what’s great is this would be real life stories that people can relate too. We’d be first in line to buy that one baby!!! We’ve even talked about titles: A play on (Chicken Soup For the Soul) Chicken Dumplings: Food for Thought. Another title we said would be cute: For Shit’s & Giggles and another Tickled Pink. A title as cool as the Author your book would be number one! Look at your comments. People can totally relate to your down-to-earth-attitude & brilliant mind along with your ability to laugh at yourself & laugh at whatever life deals you! You should totally do it Sweety. Either way, we’ll keep reading & loving everything that is…the Awesome, Beth Teliho!!

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    1. Aw, what did I do to deserve you two? Thank you for being my cheerleaders! So funny you mention a book cuz ever since High School I’ve known the title. I don’t know if I’ll ever do that book, but maybe it’s writing itself on the blog. You never know. *HUGS* Love you guys. xoxo


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