My job: Inventor of sorts. Don’t call me a god; I hate that term. I prefer Creator of Species. Yes. I like that. The task at hand?  An entirely new species. Different than the rest. Better, perhaps, although it will be too humble to admit it.

I drop lavender liquid into my beaker, adding Empathetic and Compassionate to the already established shades of Independent orange.  Enigmatic yellow swirls into my mixture. Three drops of Intensely Emotional and five of Selfless. Two of Tolerant. Four of Courageous. A combination of Strong and Resilient equaling a quarter cup.

I stop and inspect the colorful recipe. It’s good, but needs more. I siphon a delicate balance of Accepting and Kind and add it to the brew. I’m close. So close.

A dash of Simple-Yet-Complex with a smidge of Dynamic. A generous dollop of Powerful Grace. Three teaspoons of Intelligent, and another of Creative. Six drops of Fiercely Loyal. Nine of Efficient. A sprinkle of Cunning effervesces at the surface, bubbling gently with Confident and Nurturing.

I’m almost there.

I go to my locked cabinet and retrieve one of my most coveted ingredients: Humor. Its green color dives into my concoction, blending effortlessly with the others until I see the breath-taking result I’d hoped for: a glorious spectrum.

Satisfied, I print a label and delicately press it to the glass carafe, admiring my beautiful creation, giddy with satisfaction and pride. This will be the crowning jewel of my career.

I will call it WOMAN.

**This is my entry for the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV, hosted by the incomparable August McLaughlin. #BOAW2015





  1. Whoooooooot now this is FUN. I really like that it’s a recipe – I could see it done as a youtube video, with all the swirling colours in a mixing bowl.

    Course, with that anaolgy we end up with who gets to lick the spoon, but what the hey – this was FUN 🙂 Well done you 😀

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      1. I’m seriously impressed. I don’t think I’ve EVER had a coherent thought at that kind of time in the morning. Not unless it was attached to the end of a long night of being AWAKE 🙂

        Don’t mind sharing the spoon 🙂 And well done you

        and also (cos timing) FRIST INTERVIEW!

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  2. Beth…this is one of my favorite things you’ve ever written. Rich and powerful and so incredibly creative. I adore you for all that you are, but your talent hold no bounds. Can I have a recipe for you that I can drink every day like my morning coffee. I need an ounce of that talent in me. So impressed.

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    1. Mandi, your comment is almost eerie in its similarity to something I told Lizzi just this morning! I told her I wanted to siphon her creativity, add a banana, and blend it into a smoothie. hahaha Why do we want to drink each other?? We must need wine. More wine. 🙂
      (Thank you, btw, for your lovely words. It means so much, and I’m happy you liked this)


  3. Ha, this was absolutely brilliant, Beth! Yes, you are WOMAN and the concoction God had when he created you, my friend, was a beaker-breaker…a compliment 🙂 Can we compromise and I can call you Goddess? It’s sexy and goes with you 🙂

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    1. I will never tell a man (especially, an exceptional man like yourself) that he can’t call me Goddess! hahaha Thank you so much for sweet compliments, my friend. You’ve made my night. xoxo


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