Because you’re smart, I give you this

You want to know why books like Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl are such a hit? Because they’re smart and unexpected. In the literary world, plots tend to get diluted and predictable, and it’s awesome when an author is enlightened and brave enough to break out of formulaic confines and actually surprise readers.

(cough-giveaway ahead-cough) 

Because I consider you to be the savvy sort of reader, I bring you a novel whose author did exactly what I described above. DEAR STEPHANIE by Mandi Castle. (< hit that title to go straight to Amazon and order! Released TODAY!)


Paige Preston wants to end her life. After an unsuccessful attempt, she lands herself in mandatory therapy with a sexy psychiatrist. When he and an even more alluring friend begin to help her break down the walls she’s spent a lifetime building, Paige begins to see something bigger than herself. Is it enough to pull her out of her dark world and help her finally feel like a human? Or will letting someone in be the final step toward her demise?

Dear Stephanie is a sinfully addictive walk through a world of beauty, affluence, and incidental love that effortlessly moves the reader between laughter, tears, heartache, and hope with the turn of every “Paige.”



(alert: giveaway on the horizon)

When I sit down to a book, I want my assumptions to be challenged and I want to escape. Castle’s novel accomplished both. Every time I thought I knew what was coming next, I was shocked off my rocker. You hear me? OFF MY ROCKER. (< what does that even mean?)

You know what’s even better than a smart read? A friendly author who’s willing to talk to me! She took time out of her busy schedule and sat down with me for what turned out to be a drunken fest very serious meeting. The following are a few intense, in-depth questions she agreed to answer:

ME: Mizz Castle, do you like bananas?

M.Castle: That depends. Are you talking about bananas or airplanes. In which case, I like bananas, and I like airplanes, so yes.


no margaritas we harmed in the making of this photo


ME: Do you believe in Bigfoot?

M.Castle: Sure, but I think maybe he has a complex, and that’s why he doesn’t want anyone to find him, particularly the people in the show Finding Bigfoot.


I’m seeing a pattern. #shelikestobeinmycleavage


ME: A genie is granting you a single wish, but it has to be totally selfish (no wishing for world peace, mkay?), what would you wish?

M.Castle: This is easy, I would wish for a jet with a hot pilot who I could call at my leisure to take me anywhere I want to go, whenever I want to go, even if it’s just to the mall because I don’t feel like driving, and I want to spend a few minutes alone with a hot pilot.



She lets me text her serious author questions. She doesn’t regret it at all.


Whew! Okay, let’s let this literary genius off the hook! Was I too tough on her? Hope not. Get a copy of Dear Stephanie in your preferred format TODAY from Amazon.



For a chance to win a signed copy of Dear Stephanie, all you have to do is comment here, and to get your name in the hat twice, share this post (or any mention of DS) anywhere on social media and tag me so I know about it. So easy, right??



Mandi Castle is a daydreaming stay at home mom of two who spends most her time reading and writing. She loves watching football, is obsessed with music, and has a serious addiction to smart funny people. She can often be caught having dance parties in her kitchen in Dallas, Texas. To connect more visit her at

Author Pic


  1. Done. (Also got Order of Seven.)

    I appreciate and admire very much the way all of you support and lift up one another. You’re showing the rest of us how to do it right. Thank you.

    And congratulations to you and Mandi, both on your respective releases. It’s exciting.

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  2. This is my favorite post ever and not just because it’s ALLABOUTME! It’s because of that text message. Ohmigod. I love you so much and margaritas and bananas and airplanes. Thanks for doing this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehehe my absolute pleasure!! I’m SO FUCKING HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Can you believe we did it?? I mean, years ago, sitting on my couch, hesitantly admitting we write……and now THIS?!?! What an incredible year for us, my friend. Couldn’t have done it without you, and you know how true that is!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Signed copy please. I will pay big money. That is, large money. Okay, I’ll photocopy some money and blow it up real big.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I’ve been on hiatus. The real world seems to have gotten in the way of my blogging. Sucks, but it happens. I haven’t been to NTT on FB in a while, otherwise I would have gotten back to you. Sorry about that!

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  4. The books sounds awesome, and it will be next on my reading list right after I finish Order of Seven. Huzzah! Not sure if you saw the comment I left on SW post Friday – but – I ordered Oo7 week before last, but only finally started reading it after I weened myself off the morphine. 🙂 I’m LOVING it.

    Can’t wait to sink my teeth into Dear Stephanie next. xoxo


    1. Nancy! Hi! I didn’t see that comment on SW post but now I’m heading over there to see, and YAY to reading Oo7!! I’m so excited for you to finish it and hear your thoughts! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better after your INSANE ordeal!

      Liked by 1 person

    (I seem to yell a lot in the comment section but I’m really just excited)
    And now, to share! (I almost typed “shart” which just made me snort/laugh)

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    1. That text was hella long ago, too. I can’t believe you saved that text, Beth. You really do love me!

      I’m glad you’re hooked. Let me know after you meet B-Large, and then you’ll really be hooked. He’s … delightful.


  6. Ok, we’re already friends, but based on the texts you send, I feel like we could be better friends. Is it odd that my phone is FULL of creepy doll images? And I know where to get more!

    Seriously though, I think I need to read Mandi’s book. And take more doll head pictures.

    I have a question for Mandi. Were you like Sid in Toy Story when you were growing up? Cause now that I think about it…that picture is just one tinkertoy away from doll head death bot! Which is both awesome and horrifying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, Jess, I don’t want to be the one to break it to you, but it was our Beth that took the doll head pic and sent it to me, so she’s the sid. But if I had the opportunity to take weird doll head pics and send them to you so that we could be friends, I totally would. For what it’s worth.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yah, I figured that out when she doll-bombed my twitter account. There was screaming. And I LIKED it! LOL

        Your book sounds amazing, Mandi! Huge success and congrats and kudos and hugs all around! So happy for you. 🙂


    1. HA! I remember that episode. You know, I used to be totally creeped out by dolls (I still am – they’re bizarre little things) but after going to a gazillion antique malls I’ve grown immune and have become obsessed with finding the creepiest ones. 🙂


    2. Jeri, I will send you a copy. Sheesh, it’s the least I can do. You helped shape this book. I loved Roseanne, and DJ was the best little brother ever.


  7. You girls are SMOKIN’, taking over the literary world! If my vertigo allows, I will finish Order of Seven very soon and then I’ll be ready for Stephanie! You guys are just a huge bucket of awesomeness! 🙂

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  8. I like bananas! But only if they are slightly green. In fact, I’m eating one at this very moment (I’m not lying!) This book intrigues me – because I know a little something about building walls. You know the part that I’m dying to find out more about? The “even more alluring friend.” What does that mean???? Who is this friend?? Why is he (or she!!) so alluring?? How do they help Paige? You’ve hooked me, Mandi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to see what you think of the more alluring friend. I hope you like him/her more than slightly green bananas. Who am I kidding? I know you will. He/she is awesome.


  9. If you’re still doing this, I want in! (Will share on social media too.) Now that I’m home for the summer BOTH of these are going on my shortlist of to-reads 🙂


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