A Stitch in Time…or however the hell that goes…

So I’m supposed to be having this stellar writing day. The kids are back in school (happy dance!) and now I can be one of those mythological creatures: a *productive writer*. I have so many things on my writing to-do list it resembles a page from a phone book: everything from posting (this counts), to working on smaller writing projects, to editing my novel (haven’t even cracked it open and it’s nearing 2:00), and a slew of non-writing to-do’s.

I thought – no brainer. Kids are gone by 8:00. I’ll dabble online, finish a few little things, work on a short story, then lunch, then edit for 3 solid hours.


Where did the time go? Did I really just lose an entire day? I answered emails and tweets, made a few tweaks to my blog, and all the sudden it’s well past lunchtime! And I think I ate – but I’m not really sure – it’s all sort of hazy. There’s a blop of dried salsa on my sock and chip remnants near the couch. What kind of lunch is that? OH GOD, What else did I eat?

My sink is full, my laundry’s overflowing, I haven’t showered, the dog isn’t walked, and I’ve accomplished no errands. I’VE HAD ALL DAY. Oh, crap, I just realized I forgot (again) to take something out for dinner. Meat can thaw in an afternoon, right? I’m good, I’m good.

The takeaway here is NOT that mass amounts of salsa results in chin acne (but it does), it’s that I need a schedule. (you thought I was gonna say a shower, didn’t you?) Yes. A new, bright, shiny writing schedule. I can’t fall into the abyss of emails and tweets for 3 hours anymore. And editing is my priority – it HAS to come FIRST.

Okay, ready gang? Tomorrow – PRODUCTIVE WRITER: Take 2!

Do you have a writing schedule that helps you stay on task? If so, PLEASE SHARE!

**Why didn’t you remind me to take the meat out! I still haven’t done it. Honestly, you are no help sometimes…

Petulant Pout

I don’t know why I fight it. It’s that same logic that makes me eat pretzels everyday at 4:00 when I know carbs are bad for me, yet I’m compelled.

I sit at the computer struggling, scraping, scouring for the words. Majestic prose do not materialize, the perfect word to convey an emotion doesn’t occur to me, and my inner story architect is out to lunch. It’s…so….damn….frustrating.

Part of me knows I should just walk away from the computer. Take a break. Get a change of scenery, fresh air, perspective. But I fight it. Like a petulant child, I fight it and continue to battle my muse.

Thankfully, life eventually intervenes: I have to clean for company; the dog needs a walk; I’m needed to chauffeur. And wouldn’t you know it – during that time I’m more productive than I’ve been the entire day at the computer.

There’s something about doing mindless activities that frees your creativity to blow in the wind like a tumbleweed, and with that tumbling comes momentum, imagination, freedom…ideas. The magic carpet ride begins and before I know it I’m back in the house, running to the computer hoping I remember everything that just happened in my brain.

I don’t know why I fight it. *petulant pout* *crunches on pretzel*