writing process

You Know You Want It

I bet you woke up this morning and thought, damn – I really want to know more about Beth’s writing process (humor me, okay?). This interview was originally published three years ago, exactly one year before I published my first novel, although I couldn’t have known that at the time. It was part of a series on a blog that no longer exists, but I decided to keep it because a) I like it and I crack myself up, and b) it’s cool to catch a glimpse from when I was first starting out as a new writer, broaching the intimidating world of Indie authoring and all that entails. So here’s a backstage pass into my writerly world, which frankly hasn’t changed an iota since I published Order of Seven. *waves you through the secret door* Come on back. Help yourself to a drink while you peruse my inner workings. Don’t touch the oils…that’s for later. If you behave yourself. *wink-wink*