Well Smack My Ass And Call Me Wanda!

I’ve been awarded not one

– but two –

Liebster Awards!


A few weeks ago, my infinitely talented writer friend, J.C. Wolfe of The Wolfe’s Den, nominated me for this award. I’ve been quietly behind the scenes, working on the questions, compiling a list of nominees, when out of the clear blue sky, the amazingly talented wonder-blogger/runner Lizzi of Considerings was drunk generous enough to bestow me another! I’m genuinely blown away with gratitude and excitement! Thank you, ladies!

If you don’t know, Liebster is a German word meaning “sweetie” or “darling”, and this award is generally passed to younger blogs to let them know they’re doing a great job and encourage them to keep going.

I could accept these awards with two different posts, but that would be a shit ton of  arbitrary Beth facts which would probably bore everyone to death – so in the interest of efficiency, I’ll combine them into one….


Random shizzle about moi:

*One of the jobs my mom had during my youth was interpreting for the deaf for a local theater center for several years. Consequently, I knew sign language by the age of 11, and had two best friends who were completely deaf. I don’t remember all of it now, but could tell you you’re cute, and I’d like a hot dog, please.
*I worked for two Dallas area Improvs for over six years. It was an amazing experience…and I have a lot of stories.
*I’m lactose intolerant. But I eat ice cream anyway. The consequences are worth it. For me. Others might disagree.
*My favorite music genre is the Blues.
*My favorite show right now is The Voice, and not just because my almost-fiancé-sextape-partner is a judge. #teamadam
*I didn’t have a wedding. Never wanted one. We eloped in total secret. Our parents didn’t even know. Got hitched in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It. Was. Perfection.
* The TV has to be on for me to fall asleep. 
*I’ve had a running fish tank in my house since July with exactly zero fish in it because that’s how we get stuff done around here. Wanna put money on how long it stays empty?
*I’m a painter.
*I grind my teeth in my sleep so bad I have to wear a night guard. Yeah. Sexy.
*Growing up, I was a total tom-boy. I climbed trees, explored, made forts, got into mischief, played sports with my brother, cared for imaginary animals, snuck on the roof, read every book I could get my hands on, but never, ever played with dolls.

Okay, question answering time! Since J.C. and Lizzi had several in common, I condensed this list to 8 total. Still with me? Here’s a reward for your patience.

sexy guy photo: sexy guy sexy_chest.jpg

1. Which book do you keep coming back to? Diana Gabaldon’s The Outlander series. It’s never ending, so I can come back to it the rest of my life. But it’s SO DAMN GOOD.

2. What are your favorite genres to read and write in? I love mystery, paranormal, and fantasy. I seek those in particular because I love to have my breath taken away, and I adore being taken to the brink of what I think could be possible, and then yanked right over.

3. Did you ever have a crazy dream job as a kid? From probably the age of 8 or 9 until…hmmm…I dunno, until I was told it was a silly and nobody makes it (combined with my seething insecurity), I wanted to be an actress. I was in drama in high school and did plays. It. Was. Awesome.

4. With which character(s) in all the books you’ve read can you most identify? The one that gets bitten/scratched/taken by a vampire/werewolf/monster and finds she prefers the alternate world and loves the “monster”.

5. What animal would you consider your animal spirit and why? Elephant. Elephant. Elephant. I don’t know why. I’ve known forever. They just are.

6. What was your favorite subject in school? Science. Hands down. My degree is in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Global Climate Change. I loved every single class, even physics. I miss it, but I will say I use science a lot in my writing. It echoes in everything I do.

7. What advice would you like to give the ‘you’ of ten years ago? a) I would tell that decade younger Beth to lower her expectations on herself about 1,000 notches and take a chill pill. b) start therapy now, don’t wait another eight years. c) the second they tell you your infant son has a “sucking problem” and you need to pump all your milk – switch to formula. Don’t put yourself through hell because of pressure to breast feed. F#ck everybody else.

8. What was your last ‘kairos moment’? <<That was a powerful post, first of all. I love Momastery. My last Kairos moment would have to be this past Veterans Day. Jim had off and we took the boys to Top Golf (which is the coolest place ever, btw). The four of us had such a b-l-a-s-t! I mean, you sit on couches, and take turns hitting golf balls while they bring you beer and queso. What’s not to love? Anyway, I adored watching the boys have so much fun. I was totally present, and overwhelmingly happy and grateful at that moment.

And now the sparkly beautiful part! I get to nominate other bloggers! Yipee!

**I don’t know a ton of blogs who are young, have under 200 followers, and have not received this award already, so 5 or so follow that rule, but otherwise it’s a Liebster orgy of blogs I LOVE and just want to put on this list. Nominees, if you want to ignore this award, go right ahead.

1. Mike of Past my curfew. *Go to his blog right away! He’s having a giveaway contest right now through the 21st! Enter for your chance to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards!  You’ll love his blog, especially his golden retriever, Phoenix.

2. Katie of KCross Writing I love this girl. She’s also working on a novel, so we have a lot in common. She’s awesomesauce.

3. Damnit Lizzi I was totally going to nominate Mike, too! GRRRR. You know what? Screw it. I’m doing it anyway. If I can handle two at once, so can he. Mike of Joe Floggers. You know what I love about Mike? He’s a tiny bit of a genius. He came up with “Ask Joe”, where women can ask him ANY question they’d like to have answered from a man’s perspective and he’ll answer it in his Friday post. Go to his blog and submit a question! I did!

3. Audrey of Falling for me. Brand new blog and she’s rockin’ it with honest stories that leave you wanting more. Check her out!

4. Aussa of Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy. I know she’s been nominated for a lot of awards lately, but I don’t give a rat’s patooka. I love reading her crazy-ass stories and everyone needs to know about her.

5. Jennifer Zeiger. I dig her choose-your-ending adventure stories. I’ve yet to see another blog like hers! So fun.

6. Karen of Baking in a Tornado. Cuz she’s freakin’ brilliant, and supportive, and awesome. I heart her big time.

7. Kelly of What now? Adore her to pieces. She has the best stories ever.

8. Christine of A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall. Oh, Christine. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

9. Joy of Comfy Town Chronicles. Cuz her blog tagline is “weird kids, day drinking, cussing, binge eating, and other things I won’t go to meetings for.” I mean, are we twins separated at birth or what?

10.Dyanne of I want backsies. She has kittttieeeees. I like kitties. But aside from that, she’s the BOMB, and funny, and a great blogger.

11. Sandy of Mother of Imperfection. I know you might have to blow me off since Lizzi snagged you, too, but I love you so much I had to write your name down!

If you choose to participate, here are your questions, lovelies:

1. Have you ever seen a ghost?

2. If you had to be one, would you be a vampire or a werewolf? Why?

3. If you could play a professional sport, which would it be?

4. Switch lives with an actor/ess for a week. Who do you choose?

5. Do you have any tattoos?

6. Tell me something embarrassing.

7. What’s the craziest thing (in your opinion) you’ve ever done?

8. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who?

last 3 combined: you go to the movies – do you get a) coke, or b) pepsi, a) popcorn, or b) no popcorn, to see a) chic flic b) action/adventure c) horror movie?

Award Liebster


  1. Congrats on getting another Liebster Award! You deserve it! Love your answers and the facts about yourself! I was kind of a tomboy too; I had so much more fun with books and video games than with dolls. And elephants are amazing creatures! They’re very similar to humans when it comes to feeling emotion, so maybe it means you’re deep and complex. 😉

    And ice cream is always worth it! Couldn’t agree more! 😀

    Congrats on your awards! Best of luck with all your writing!


    1. Aw, thanks SO much, J.C.! You’re so amazing, so any compliment coming from you…well, I’m swooning over here. 🙂

      yes, elephants are the closest mammal to humans in spirit and intelligence. I’m so connected to them it’s kinda freaky. And I’m definitely deeply emotional. Way more than I like to admit. Love me some phantes.

      Hooray for the tom-boys! I knew you would connect with me on that cuz we are both science-nerds. haha!


  2. As I read your facts and answers, I kept thinking, I could simply copy and paste this into mine. I took a sign language class, I did improve in college, I (in theory) wear a stupid mouth guard to stop me from grinding my teeth down, love acting and even took a class in college, hated playing dolls and climbed up every tree and on every roof I could. Before this, I knew we had a lot in common, but man, this is a lot!
    Thank you, thank you for nominating me! I get just a touch thrilled when someone I enjoy so thoroughly notices me. 🙂


    1. I could cut and paste most of those, too! I took sign language classes and was pretty good at signing, not so much at interpreting. I own a mouth guard that I never use anymore. I was in drama in high school and participated in tournaments and in summer musicals at a park. I climbed trees AND played with dolls.


  3. Hi Beth! Finally catching up on my backlog of Beth Blogs! I loved this one and finding out all this shizzle about you! I knew we were sisters – I too know sign language, I grind my teeth, love the Blues (I have a saxophone tattoo on my ass to prove it) and LOVE the Voice. I also have a sex tape – with Adam Levine. I want to hear about Improv!! Love you, girl!!


    1. LEIGH! I’ve been waiting for you to come play with me over here in my world! I’m so excited to see your cute face! I TOLD you we were soul sisters, didn’t I?? haha! I love that you have a sax on your ass…you are fucking hysterical! I bet it’s bad-to-the-bone! The butt bone, that is. 🙂
      I’ll have to break out some Improv stories soon…..oh boy…..


  4. Thank you so much for the honor of nominating me.

    I love learning new things about you. I took sign language for a few years at a local Learning Center for Deaf Children years ago. Years later when my young son had his tonsils out, I taught him a few signs and it made him happy to be able to communicate without hurting his throat. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten most of it by now (ooh, just realized I remember the sign for “forget”, LOL).


    1. You rock my socks off, Karen! I know you are way past Liebster stage these days, but I just want to yell your blog name from the rooftops! haha! I adore you, and your support of my blog, and I think your ideas are pure genius. I HAD to put your name down.


  5. Why thank you so much for the reward, there 😉

    I wonder if there are links between activities for girls along the lines of ‘books=tomboy=tree-climing=fascination with the world and science’

    Very cool. I ADORE your kairos moment – truly beautiful 🙂

    A brilliant acceptance, done with SO much panache. I do so love it here 🙂


    1. Yay! I was hopin’ I done you proud, Lizzi!! And you know I always think of you when I post those “rewards” cuz you appreciate them so much. 🙂
      Thank you again! You’re the best, my friend!!!!


  6. I’m afraid I am fast becoming a blog stalker with you. I love everything you write! AND, I have to say that Outlander and Momastery–YES! Outlander better never end! I think I will die of grief if I have to ever read about Jamie or Claire dying. Glennon writes everything I believe, and I LOVE her. To close, my husband is lactose intolerant, and you are too, too mean with that ice cream. Take a pill for your family’s sake!!! 🙂


    1. I welcome a stalker, Sarah! Especially one as awesome as you!
      I know, DG better never end that Outlander series. I suppose you know they’re making it a TV series? They’ve castes for Jamie and Claire. Not bad. What to you think?


  7. Oh, Wanda, I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments! I was so afraid that your timid nature would hold you back in the ruthless world that is blogging, but it turns out that your meek and quiet self has made friends among enemies anyway. Congratulations!


  8. Holy crow! Two Liebster awards. Totally deserved, Beth, and great answers/11 random facts. Quirky and loveable. And questions for your nominees. BTW, it’s a running joke in our family that no one can sleep unless a TV’s on. You should see our electricity bill at the end of the month. LOL. And, kudos for your nominees. They’re great and we’re definitely going to be checking them out. 😉


  9. Oh oh oh my gosh– so much good stuff here. I freaking looooove that you have an empty fish tank running in your house and I need you to incorporate that into a story or a character or else I will. Who am I kidding, I’m totally going to steal that. Just kidding. …………..Maybe.
    Also: You sleep with head gear. That is ultra sexy. I think I need to… I wake up with clenched jaws way too much. Probably because I go to sleep Netflixing…

    Now I need to go stalk all these people you just linked to! New blogs, huzzah! And thank you again for nominating me!


    1. Haha! THAT’s what you found interesting/stealable? That I have a running empty tank? Is it that crazy? Oh god, it is, isn’t it. The worst thing is, water evaporates, so I add it back in…you know, for the non-fish. *shakes head*


  10. I’m touched, truly. I kind of needed that tonight. I’m also a little emotional because I’m stressed and ate an entire chipotle burrito. No guilt- it wasn’t their usual 8 pounder. 😉 Unfortunately, it wasn’t that satisfying.

    I’m going to do my answers here!

    1. No, but I have seen someone turn green. Literally. They were sick to the stomach and about to pass out. That’s kind of like a ghost, right?

    2. REFUSE BOTH! I refuse to be either, On principal alone. (I’m getting really tired of Vamps!)

    3. Water polo, because I want to learn how to swim really well.

    4. Natalie Portman! I love her.

    5. No.

    6. I watch Thor because I think my husband is far more attractive than him (even with his shirt off), and it makes me want to gloat to people. 🙂

    7. Getting a hyper dog. Just kidding . . . crazy is relative. But sky diving was fun.

    8. Just myself every morning 😉


    1. Awesome Katie!! I love your answers! Getting a hyper puppy is as crazy as skydiving. And if your hubby looks as good/better than Thor even with his shirt off…..you’re one lucky lady. 🙂
      Natalie Portman is amazing, good answer.


  11. Holy batshit, thank you Beth!! I am so blown away (there no tape curretnly available) and got so excited that I went out and peed in Phoenix’s usual spot in the yard! He speed dialed the ASPCA and well it’s been a long day of esplainin’ to the authorities for indecent exposure. I’m sooooo into the whole vampire genre and fantasies (no biting….yet). Awesomesauce congratulations on your Liebsters! All of that aside meeting you has been an immediate life changer both in blogging and personally for Phoenix and I. We are grateful every day for that, our friend 🙂


    1. Yay! So happy you’re happy, Mike!!! You deserved this award big time! You’re blog and those amazing top ten lists are so cool, they deserved to be seen by more people!! Go pee on more stuff and celebrate!! WOOP!


  12. Lots of interesting facts about yourself that we love to hear. Thanks for nominating me, I am going to have to take some time with this. I may break the rules a bit since I will have difficulty with the 11 other nominations, I don’t get around much, I guess. I will need to think on this a bit before I post the acceptance response.


    1. You’re so welcome, Mike! You deserve it. You take all the time on this you need, and you KNOW I respect a little rule breaking. 😉
      Can’t wait to see what you do with me and Lizzi’s nominations.


  13. Love don’t wait another 8 years for therapy. LOL!! And ditto with the ice cream. HOOOOOWEVER – I cannot have one of those Starbucks drinks. It’s totally not worth it and makes my husband swear and nearly divorce me.


  14. Some random comments:
    Do you take a Lactaid pill before you eat ice cream? It would help and it’s OTC.
    I LOVE the Outlander series. I own every book, and I saw Galbadon when she had a talk at my local library. She read us a love scene, and I blushed from the back row.
    I would totally be a vampire. I know you asked the nominees and not me, but I’m telling you anyway. You should be one too and we could hang out together.


    1. I AM SO JEALOUS YOU SAW GABALDON LIVE!!! That us the coolest thing ever! Wow. And she read to you! *swoon*

      I LOVE LOVE that you answered some questions! Hell answer all if them! Puleeze!!! I knew you were vampire material….WOOP! That’s my girl.

      No, I don’t take beano or lactaid. I prefer to torture others. Muwhahaha.


  15. Thank you, dear Wanda! I am thrilled you nominated me! I easily fulfill the “under 200 followers” requirement, because I don’t have any followers! I will be cogitating on this and will post early this week.


  16. Long live the Liebster and the random facts it brings to readers 🙂 I think I remember you mentioning before how you didn’t have a traditional wedding, but in case I didn’t already say it, I definitely agree that your approach is indeed perfection… probably because I did the same thing, but Vegas style.


    1. Hi Jeri! Yes, I remember we “talked” about our weddings before. I love that you got hitched in Vegas…woop! I bet it was awesome! It’s just so much simpler. Plus, I’m uncomfortable with the attention. I think that’s the hardest part for me. And getting lost in other’s expectations/agendas. Couldn’t do it. Sticking to exactly what I wanted was the smartest thing I ever did. It’s one of those things I look back on and I’m very proud for being true to myself.


  17. Hey Beth: Inion already left a comment, I just wanted to come by & give you a heads up. We’ve pressed a post of yours to host you on our site. We had planned on staying post free (except for our book announcements) until after the new year, concentrating soley on our friends blogs while we’re doing promotions for the two books. During this time, we’ll share different blogs we admire & love & this is why, we’ve chosen you. We’ve both been dying to get you up on our blog. Probably should have gave you a heads up last night, (that would have been the normal, intelligent thing to do….hmm…lol) but we we’re both so exhausted by the time we were done, we passed out! lol. So don’t freak out if you notice we’re mentioning you a thousand times, this week! Your the best, XoXo~


  18. Beth! Congrats and thanks for the nomination! Love your Love all the interesting tidbits of info you posted and can’t wait to answer the questions you posed! You’ve been a wealth of info to a newbie like me … you are AWESOME!!!! hugs!


    1. Aw, thanks Audrey! You’re so welcome and I’m really excited about your blog! Keep up the GREAT work! Can’t wait to see your award post whenever you get around to it (no rush on those things!).


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