Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Truth is stranger than fiction!

I’d call it stealing if I hadn’t received permission, but would’ve done it regardless because it’s brilliant and ridiculous fun! In honor of Aussa over at Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy, I bring you my own truth/lie post:

Five of the following facts about me are the truth. One is NOT. Can you guess which one is the lie? (Friends of mine who read my blog….no cheating!)

1.Β I once won $1,000 with a scratch off lottery ticket.
money photo: MONEY MONEY.gif

2. I’ve been sky diving.

skydiving photo: Skydive 509414141eaa4_skydive01_zpsc1a2060f.jpg

Like this. But with screaming and vomit

3. I was expelled from High School my Senior year.

strippers photo: StrippersCluba1 StrippersCluba1.jpg

I was probably headed here

4. I graduated college Cum Laude.

congratulations graduate photo: Graduate CongratsGraduationMan.jpg

Turns out I DO have a brain!

5.Β I had my first cigarette at the age of eight.


got a light?

6. I once had my tongue pierced

piercing photo: Tongue tumblr_mk4ihsTdtJ1s4wv7po1_500_zps93238975.jpg

cuz I always make awesome decisions

That’s it, folks! Can you guess the fib? Do you have any truths that are stranger than fiction? Can’t wait to hear your guesses!


  1. Ok. Let’s do this who wants to be a millionaire style. I’m pretty sure you started smoking at 8 because you’re sort of a trend setter, and those 8 year old girls needed something new. You’re pretty smart, so I can believe you graduated with honors. I can see you with a tongue ring because you lived through Kurt cobain and grunge. As far as getting expelled, I sort os believe that one, which is both intriguing and shocking coming from you. So that leaves money and assisted suicide. Can I get a lifeline?

    I’m going with sky diving. Do I win $1000 if I’m right?


      1. I love the name Eli. This has nothing to do with your comment. I’m just telling you. My real name is Elizabeth and I always thought it would be cool to go by Eli. ANYway, back to the subject at hand, ELI, I have your guess down as skydiving since it doesn’t fit into my compelling, saucy lifeline. πŸ˜‰ You’ll know the truth soon. Stay tuned!!


    1. haha! I love your line of logic. You’re a smart lady. Perhaps. Perhaps not today so much. Time will tell, my friend…..
      and no, you don’t get $1000 if you’re right. Will you settle for Big Truck Tuesday at Rosa’s though? Winner takes all?


  2. I think it’s the cigarette one! At least, I hope it is….
    #1: You seem like someone who would have this happen to you… like you just live a life of statistical oddities, so I find it believable.

    #2: Not hard to believe, because you’re kind of a bad ass.

    #3: Also not hard to believe because the bad ass part of you likely has some hell-raiser mixed in.

    #4: And yet, you are smart. And also must prove everyone wrong who thought you would end up a pole dancer.

    #5: The Lie! I hope…

    #6: See statements above about general badassery/hell-raiser-ness.

    Alright, now when’s the big reveal?!


    1. Are you and cellulitelooksbettertan in on this together? You guys are using similar deducing methods, although you came up with different results. hahaha! This is hilarious. You have a 1 in 6 chance of being totally right Aussa. *snort*
      You know I can’t let your boyfriend (your other evil genius half) down and tell you this soon!!!


      1. Haha! I’ll have to let him know that his evil ways are spreading across WordPress! And no… we are not in on it together *evil chuckle* we are just determined to uncover the truth about you once and for all… dun dun duuuuunnn


  3. When are you going to tell us????????
    I’m guessing the tongue piercing, although I could be projecting. I’ve been sky diving a bunch or may have chosen that.


  4. Those are all good, Beth – I’m impressed that five are the truth. I’m gonna guess the expulsion. I did this on my blog a few months ago, but yours are better πŸ™‚


    1. What’s funny is my husband and I talked about which five truths I should do and we made sure not to put anything “too crazy” on here so this is a well thought out list if you can believe it!


            1. I’ll answer that by saying there are more than a handful of things I’ll never be able to post about, and another handful that could definitely do another truth/lie post. πŸ™‚


  5. This is fun! I’ve only been reading your blog a short time so I don’t know that much about you…maybe I’ll get it right with beginner’s luck. I’m gonna go with the tongue piercing…??


  6. Ok I wanted to guess one that hadn’t already been guessed, but got here too late. I’m going to go with winning the $1,000 simply because it was first and maybe you got the lie out of the way at the start.


  7. I’m kind of jealous that you did most of these things (except for the tongue piercing one because that just seems painful). I’ll guess… getting expelled from HS? This is tough – I almost just guessed practically every one of these.


    1. I’m actually relieved that one has been guessed a few times! Seems people have faith I couldn’t have been expelled from HS. And that may be true. Perhaps. We’ll soon find out…..


  8. I literally sat on this for a half hour and absorbed each picture and that with what I’ve gotten to know of you as friends. I’m going to go with the skydiving as being where your nose would grow, Beth πŸ™‚


  9. You had me at ‘kicked out of high school my senior year.’ Ha ha. Loved this!

    I loved sky diving after it was done. I was super grumpy before, but then, I was plummeting towards the earth.


  10. Because I’m so logical (and lazy) I drew out of a hat! Knowing you it’s too hard to pick one so I just went with Fate and my guess will be (according to the hat pulling powers that be)….expelled senior year….


    1. Yay…thanks for playing Sandy! I have you down for expelled senior year. That seems to be a popular guess. πŸ™‚ The truth shall be revealed later today. Stay tuned!


  11. Oh this is great! I used to play a game just like this with the kids when I was teaching high school on the first day of school so they could get to know each other better. We called it “Two Truths and a lie” – with three statements in total. I reckon the first one is the lie and all the other ones are true!


    1. Good guess….maybe! You’ll have to go to the next post (The Truth Has Set Me Free) and see if you were right!

      This was SUCH a fun post to do! You should do one, Lizzy!

      You taught High School? I bow down to you!! What subject did you teach?


    1. You’re never too late, Bryan! Nice guess….but to find out the correct one (yeah, that one was not the lie!) you’ll have to go to the next post, “The Truth Will Set Me Free.” I have a search engine so you should be able to get to it easy peasy. Thanks for playing. πŸ™‚


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