I’m Out Way Past My Curfew!

What do tofu and dildos have in common?

They’re both meat substitutes.


Okay, sorry. That was terrible. But I had to get the naughty out of my system – I’m over at Past My Curfew today because Mike was drunk generous enough invite me over to play.  I wanted to behave myself over there at his awesome blog. I think I did. Maybe.

You be the judge.

Do it. There’s another joke and everything. Go here.


  1. The professor will not agree with it! Tofu a substitute for meat – NEVER! Noto for this professor! Now on the subject of humor only those with Punchyish natures really understand about it don’t you agree?


      1. I told it to Husby and he tried to answer “They both taste…” at which point my friends and I fell about laughing and ribbed him mercilessly at the idea he might be able to make the comparison. Ohhhhh dear a lot!


  2. HA! Mathair and I are rolling and may have to steal that one from ya, Bethie. We just went over, read and shared. Great guest post, though the tame version of you is just as sick and twisted as the untamed. It’s why we love you. XOXO


  3. That’s it. I’m calling the 1-900-VEG-ANXXX line later. It’s such a thrill and a honor to have your guest post on my site, Beth! AND to have your incredibly awesome readers follow!! I’m sure Phoenix is sitting at home watching the comments post up 🙂


  4. Beth, you are the funniest vegan I know…I was actually thinking about you the other day, wondering if your new vegan-ness was requiring you to cook! Since the answer is yes, that certainly rules it out for me. Thanks for the chuckles, as always!


    1. Are you a take-out gal? haha. I used to be, too. You know, the funny thing is I enjoy cooking more than I ever thought I could! I think I used to dislike it cuz meat grossed me out (to cook with it) and the recipes bored me. Now I’m finding a new love for it, truly! some days I cook stuff just for the joy of the act – we don’t even need the food that day so I freeze it!!! Who am I? I don’t know anymore….LOL.


      1. Well, I have enough simple meals that I can keep us from eating out, or getting take-out EVERY day. 🙂 But I don’t really enjoy cooking…maybe if I spent more time at it I would, who knows! I am so happy for you that it is coming easy now, maybe there is hope for me too!


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