How well do you know us?

We are having so much fun over on the SisterWives Speak blog today! We’ve compiled a list of weird and random facts about each of us and now you get to play a matching game. I didn’t even know some of these, so I’m not going to claim it’ll be easy for you, but I guarantee it’ll make you laugh.

Make a guess…or five. I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE YOU!


  1. I already read that post, and I am completely stumped. I only know a few of you well enough to even try to answer, and Mandi has so many wacky stories and personal facts that they may all be her! I’ll check back for the answers…


    1. That’s true, Mandi does have a lot of stories! TBH, it’s a hard trivia list even for us! I think most of the “facts” we came up with were completely new to everyone else! Well, some of us knew some things, but we certainly didn’t know all those things about each other. It was a learning experience for us, too! haha


  2. I read it. I tried. I started to map out the answers in an Excel spreadsheet. That’s when I knew I was in trouble. So I quit. I have enough stress in my life at the moment, girl! Plus, I only cyber stalk a couple of you, so I the rest would be like throwing darts in the dark.

    p.s. Ear-nibbling is totally you.. 🙂


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