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My post about mental illness was Freshly Pressed. Me. Freshly Pressed. That’s INSANEAMAZINGCRAZYBEAUTIFUL. I’m very proud of that post, not only because it spread awareness about mental illness from a unique perspective, but I met (and hopefully helped in some way) so many incredible people who either suffer with mental illness themselves, or have a family member or friend who does. It opened a dialogue I didn’t know I needed.

The Bloggess commented on my post about G-Spot shots. That’s right. I talked vaginas…and THE MUTHERF#$@ING BLOGGESS CAME TO MAH PARTY. I should change my tagline to “Jenny Lawson Was Here” because that’s all you need to know anymore.

I co-created another blog with eight brilliant, witty, beautiful-inside-and-out, compassionate, incredibly talented women, Sisterwives Speak. The reason behind the blog can be summed up in one phrase: Together We Are Stronger. It’s a safe place for people (not just women) to write about things they may not be comfortable writing about elsewhere. It’s a womb of safety and support, and I’m infinitely proud to be a part of it. Together with our readers and contributors, a supportive community has blossomed like no other I’ve ever seen.


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I’m actually, finally, totally publishing my novel in 2015….like very, very soon!!! After the holidays, I’ll have more of an idea exactly *when* the launch will take place. Stay tuned for teasers, brand-sparkly-new author website, novel boards on Pinterest, launch date, etc. etc.  Such a roller coaster…..I can’t even…..


My favourite (<see what I did there?) BRIT is coming to ‘Murica for a blogger-tour, and she’ll be staying with me for a chunk of her visit. WHAT? I know! She has squirmed/wriggled/crawled into the top of my toppity top list of bestest friends, and I CAN NOT WAIT to meet her in real life.

About sixteen months ago, I didn’t have a blog, never had a Facebook profile in my life, didn’t even know what twitter was, and had never been on Instagram or Pinterest. I had the first draft of a novel completed, and absolutely zero idea how much it was going to take to get from first draft to published. *WOW* It’s amazing how much can change in a short time, which is why looking forward to 2015 is dizzyingly exciting!


Mah friends. All of them, but especially my book whisperer, my IRL wife and my Blog wife, and the ones who I bug constantly with questions help me so much with publishing-related information. I’m talkin’ to you, Katie Cross. I would be nowhere without ya’lls support. So dead serious.

I’m really happy my husband is such a great nurse. I’m on the tail-end of some hellacious crud that had my ass in bed for four days. He was much nicer and more patient than I would have ever been. I’m one of those “rolls eyes” nurses. #sorrynotsorry

I’m grateful for The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Oh my heart…

Oh. And this photo. Because man-buns and beards and cats. This photo is everything that’s right in the world. The End.

all that's right

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  1. Ohhhhh I am SO EXCITED for your novel to get published! You’ve done absolutely amazingly in such a short time, and it’s WONDERFUL 😀

    You added a ‘u’! Just for me! *glowy* 😀

    Roll on 2015 😀 😀 😀 😀 It’s gonna be AWESOME.

    (totes saw a man with a man-bun today and thunk of you)

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    1. hahaha yep, added a “u” or you. 🙂
      I had to write this post because it’s a great “end of year wrap up” while also being a look ahead. I’m soooo excited.
      **if I saw a man-bun in person, I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions #ddryhumpingstrangersisfun

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          1. Get thee out MOAR! 😀

            I think I must be in a fairly ‘hipster’ kind of city. Helps that we have a university. OHHHHHh I just thunk – if you ever make it over, I *must* take you to Brighton for the day, to see the lanes and the beach there, and just *feel* the city. It’s magical 🙂


  2. How ’bout them apples, Beth?? Awesome on the book this next year!! I’m so proud of you and grateful that I got in close to the ground floor of you launching into the rock star online you are last year!! Goodness surrounds all you have been, are now and shall forever be my friend! The world is your oyster (cliché yes, but true) and wag the tail of that dog like there is no tomorrow. All my love and blessings to you sweetie 🙂

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  3. Hi! Remember me? I love this post so, so, so much! I’m so happy to have met you here in this massive craziness and am so very happy for all the good things you have going. I can’t wait to read your novel. You know? The signed copy I’m getting :)!

    Here’s to you, Beth…good things happen to good people and you, my beautiful friend, are one of the very best.

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    1. Sandy, I read this while in the car yesterday and I could literally FEEL my heart warming. Thank you so much for your friendship and support. I heart your face more than I can express on this computer. And yes, you are totally getting a signed copy, along with my other sisterwives. 🙂


  4. I love everything about this post.

    I love how grateful you are for everything in your life; I love how happy you are about The Bloggess and FP’d and Sisterwives and Lizzi visiting; I love how well your husband cared for you while you were sick; I LOVE that your book is coming out soon.

    I love you, Beth. That is all.

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  5. Cheers to your bestest 2014, Beth, a year of great things your truly and richly deserved. And here’s to you getting your novel published in 2015. That rocks in such a very serious way for our world of writers. Hip, hip and freaking hip hooray, my friend. When that sucka comes out and I buy it I’m going to post about it and shout on my blog, hey, Beth Eliho commented on my blog BEFORE she was big time. !!!!! You Noveless, you. 😮

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    1. I know, RIGHT? I crapped my pants when I saw her on my blog. OMG. It was like effing Oprah or something. Can you imagine being that big of a deal in the blogging world…all you do is comment on a post and the author puts it in their end-of-year wrap up?!? Anyway, thank you, Amy. 🙂


  6. I know you added the “u” for Lizzi, but since I’ve now been brainwashed into the French-Canadian ways of spelling, I’ll just the claim the U anyway, like a true American. #claimingthingsthatdontbelongtoussince1492 *coughcough*

    Also, I love everything about this post. I’m working on a year-end post as well, but yours is just so happy and glowy and accomplished, i’mma might let you have this one.

    I’m trying to convince my husband to grow a man-bun. He says he’s not 15 anymore. Whaaaaat. Where was I for that? Oh right, I was 3!

    Love you, Bethala.

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    1. OK, no one has ever called me Bethala….but I lurve it! hahaha And you tell your husband that man-buns are sexy as hell at any age!!!! Well, maybe they’re frowned upon in the corporate world, unless you work at Starbucks or Whole Foods, but STILL.

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    1. *claps* yayyyy I got love from down under! 🙂 Thanks, Sharn. I’m still scarred (pun intended) by your recent boob-whipped pics, but I still love your face to the moon and back. 🙂

      And yes, I think I need a separate Pinterest board now dedicated just to beards and man-buns, cuz my current hottie board is overrun with them!

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      1. Thanks Beth! Always willing to send you love from down under! Sorry, my boobs aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea after a whipping 😉 But my face will always accept love.

        Mmmm men, fur and kittens. Yes. I’ll follow that board.


  7. Thanks for the shout out, but I still don’t see how telling you that your book rocks my face off is whispering anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure I yell at you most of the time. Having said that, I cannot wait for it to be out and for everyone else to get to see what I see. I’m so enjoying it…again. And I think I could read it 23 more times.

    I will never forget the look on your face when we discussed social media. And look how far you’ve come. You’re a SM rock star. I’m so proud of you.

    Love you to pieces. I’m so glad our awkward sons brought their awkward moms together.

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    1. Because, Mandi my friend, some days you’re the ONLY person whispering (ok, sometimes shouting) in my ear, “This book matters, this book is good, get it published!!!” And truthfully, there were days I wrote BECAUSE of you and your constant encouragement. Not even kidding. I owe you. BIG.


  8. Woohooo! for your book being published… yay! and totally yay! And very big yay for meeting bloggy friends…. tweet at me or write on my FB wall or something if I happen to miss the launch of your book I’d love, love to read it. 🙂


    1. Oh GURL. Trust me, you’ll know when it’s published because this has been such a long birthing process, Imma make sure the whole damn world knows!!! Thanks for the support, sweetness. xoxo


  9. What a great way to write a ttot!!!! So many amazing things! I almost had to quit reading after freshly pressed and THE BLOGGESS…. and then a book!!!! So much jealously but also so insanely happy for you at the same time. Inspires me to keep at it!

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    1. FANGBONER! I’ve missed you and your effing stellar last name. 🙂
      The Bloggess thing….omg….so one of her readers tweeted her my post, that’s how it all went down. I got TOTALLY lucky. Trust me, she has no idea who I am, but it was TOO COOL of her t take the time to comment. I know she knows it made my freaking year. 🙂

      Thank you for the support!!! It means soooooo much.


  10. Congrats on upcoming publishing of book!!! SO wonderfully exciting. And, I smiled at the Bloggess commenting comment – way to draw in the blog royalty with the high brow fare on offer here (which I truly love and enjoy, just for the record).

    A wonderful year, and a great one to come!

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    1. hahaha I know, it’s all high brow up in here. *snort* This is the place you come when you want hotties, filthy jokes, sex talk, and any discussion of private parts. What can I say? It’s a gift. 🙂

      Thanks for your support, my hockey-loving- vampy friend from Canada! WOOOP!


    1. KIM! I love seeing your sweet face on here. 🙂 Thank you so much! And yeah, I know, right? The mother-fucking-bloggess!!!!! It was my one and only star encounter, so I’m pretty much clinging to it. hahahaha


  11. You’ve got a whole lot of thankful going on! Congratulations!
    I, too, am a horrid nurse, while my husband is such a good one. I’m a shake it off kind of nurse, which often isn’t appreciated by my patient.

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    1. I know, what is it with us, Dyanne? I think I’m the worst at nursing when it comes to my husband. I have no patience for men being sick, even though deep down, I genuinely feel bad when he doesn’t feel good!


  12. I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve been here. Bad, bad blogger, that’s me, lately. But I have missed your awesome, crazy train, Beth. Cheers to 2014, and an even better 2015! (It still feels too soon to be saying that).


    1. Lovely to see you, Alarna! I haven’t been on blogs consistently either – no apologies ever required over here! It’s a crazy time of year. And yeah, right – 2015??? omg…..


  13. You’re awesome, you give me hope and I can’t wait to read your novel.
    Need a place to do a little promotion? I’d be happy to feature it on my site. I already know that it’s fabulous.
    Just like you. MUAAAH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. REALLY? Thank you so much, I will TOTALLY take you up on that, girlfriend! MUAH. Love yer face for offering.
      Oh, and I’m totally the nerdy girl trying to hang with the cool kids over at Jenny’s site. TOTALLY.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Whatevvvaa! You’re that cool girl who’s awesome and funny and sweet all once.
        And, my offer is sincere. I don’t have a finished book, but I’ve been researching the process behind getting one to market. The more I learn about the “platform” the more chicken I get. I’m so happy to have a friend brave enough to try. You’ve helped me so much along the way with your positive spirit and inclusive soul…I’d be honored to promote you in my own little way.
        MUAHH back at you!


  14. Daw! I’m tearing up!

    You really aren’t asking as many questions as you think, and I”m just so excited to finally read your book that I want to get it here ASAP!

    You’re seriously my fave, but you already know that, friend 😉

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  15. I’m so excited for all the good things coming your way, Beth. And some are coming my way too…Lizzi (YAY!) and your novel (which I want to read asap – pleeeeeease let me!)

    Just 15 months? Wow. I didn’t know you 15 months ago, and now we are planking together.

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  16. Oh Beth, I am just so happy for you! And you are at least as famous as the Bloggess, at least in my book…oh wait, I don’t have a book, mostly because I hardly ever write anymore……oops, I digress. 😉

    You have earned all the success in the world, my dear, because in addition to being a brilliant writer, you are just an awesome person! I cannot WAIT to read your book, and I know that 2015 is going to rock for you, even more than 2014! XXOOXX Roby

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  17. Hi Bethie: And super-congrats to a hellacious woman that is a force to be reckoned with!!! We always knew it….you are a bright shooting star that attracts all those around who stand in awe of your beauty, energy and the light you give off. 2015 will be the year of Bethie; like the year of the dragon only better!!! lol 😉 Now, having said all that….please accept our apology for our internet absence. Long-story-short, lots of family problems, including almost a death; separation, major health issues with three family members (physically & mentally so we appreciated your post in a major way) myself included and I’ll be admitted into the hospital tomorrow to take care of one of my issues; one. lol 😉 and mom & I working far too many jobs at once to pay for medical bills and scripts. Having said all that we’ve so missed our blogging sista’s. But hopefully once we bang out book #2 in our series, we’ll be back on line and blogging regularly. Until then we’re trying to utilize our down-time (surgeries) catching up with our dear friends. Can’t wait to read your book!!! Cuz we know it’s going to be brilliant writing!!! And you can better believe that we’ll be hosting that baby on Two Voices…..One Thought and plugging that baby every time we get the chance. Just let us know when you’re ready Sweety!!! Headed off to share the news now with our community and once again, congrats girl!!! You deserve nothing but the best success!!! 😉 xoxoxo ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You two are AMAZING. You were my first blog buddies….I met you through Jennifer Z. and you guys were so sweet to give me a blog award (my first!) and totally pumped my confidence. I’ll always be grateful to you two beautiful souls!!! MUAH xoxoxo

      And thank you for pimping me on FB, and offering your blog to get the word out. I would be ridiculously honored! I’ll get in contact you as the launch nears…..

      sorry you’ve had such a tough go of it in 2014, but 2015’s gonna ROCK. 🙂


  18. Hi Beth, I see you over at SisterWives and Considerings…I had to read your vagi post. So funny. It is crazy I think, this rush to spend $1000 for something that will only last 4 months! Love Jenny Lawson. Congrats on your book getting published!! That’s amazing.


    1. Hi Lisa! I’m so excited your came over here for a visit, and on non-other than a vagi post hahaha way to introduce myself, eh? actually, it’s pretty spot-on. I’m a nut. Thanks SO much. 🙂


  19. Okay, let me try this again. I swear I had coffee this morning and everything. I am now commenting on the correct post. AND I now realize that the mental illness post was freshly pressed, NOT the vagina post. Damn. There goes my freshly pressed vagina post, right out the window. But…congratulations nevertheless. That’s awesome! AND congrats on the comment from the Bloggess!! Also a big Hi-5 on Sisterwives. Excellent website, a wonderful community you’ve all created and an amazing, strong group of women. Keep on keepin’ on in 2015!


    1. hahaha that was the funniest 3 comments in succession I’ve ever had! *snort* I WISH I’d been Freshly Pressed for my vagina! THAT would’ve been aMAZing. Think of the doors that would’ve opened for all the other vagina posts in the blogosphere….

      Thank you very much, Elleroy, for hopping over here today and for all the kind words and congrats. Kind of (super) excited about that…you’re a blogging star in my eyes. 🙂


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