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The Secret

beth teliho:

“It will crawl under your skin and consume you. Let it. This is the kind of possession you want.”

Originally posted on The SisterWives:

I said I was going to reveal something huge this week. Something saturated in my blood, sweat, and tears. Something I held secret for a long time. Too long. Something that exposes me and makes me more vulnerable than I’ve ever been.

And I will.

But first, I need you to go on a little ride with me. From the neurons firing in your brain to the marrow in your bones, I need you to comprehend the gravity of what I’m about to tell you.

Imagine yourself as eighteen again. No, really. Think about that time in your life. All the uncertainties. The feelings of trepidation and excitement mixed with insecurity and fear. The angst. Hormones charging through your veins like bulls, twisting and turning your emotions on a dime. The yearning to find yourself and understand who you are.

What if on top of all that you also had…

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Fangirl and proud of it.

I must say the coolest thing about being an author is knowing other authors. First and foremost, I’m a reader and a fan of writers. And when I say I’m a fan, I mean embarrassingly so. Like, I would stand in line to meet an author before I’d go to a concert, and that claim is not even a little bit exaggerated. Authors are my rockstars.


Good, because the three you’re about to meet will knock your socks off, and they each have something in common: non-formulaic, multi-layered DELISH novels that you simply must read. Period.

In no particular order whatsoever:

Meet Nikki Mathis Thompson.

I’ve read all Nikki’s books and they’re freaking awesome. I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for her latest, The Space Between, and I gushed all over it. Hefty in length for a novella, it’s an unpredictable, thought provoking, luxurious ride and I HIGHLY recommend picking it up! The coolest thing? She created a soundtrack for it! WHAT? Yeah. It’s the newest thing, yo. Perfect poolside summer read.


Georgia Bristol’s life hasn’t turned out the way she’d imagined…but it’s a good life.
Despite that fact, she finds herself yearning for something she can’t define. Haunted by the choices of her youth.
Regrets. Everyone has them. What if? Everyone wonders at times.
Lost in town a few heartbeats shy of deserted, Georgia encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a second chance to regain the life she thought she missed out on.
Some say getting lost is the best way to find where you’re going. And sometimes everything must be stripped away before you realize that what you have, is what you wanted all along.
The Space Between is one woman’s unconventional journey to regain what she holds dear, filled with heartbreak, friendship, and love. A thought provoking tale that will have you relating to her struggles and celebrating her triumphs.

Barnes and Noble 


Next up is Andra Watkins.

This woman walked 444 miles. Alone. On a trail that’s not even a trail, but rather a stretch of highway. Need I say more? She’s my new hero. Andra’s novel moved me, but it’s so much more than a detail of her journey. It’s about truth and epiphanies; history and ghosts; love and disgust; grit and determination. I seriously couldn’t put this book down. And? It started a movement: #MakeAMemory which encourages spending quality time with people who are special to you.

Not Without My Father: One Woman's 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez

Can an epic adventure succeed without a hero? Andra Watkins needed a wingman to help her become one of the only living persons to walk the historic 444-mile Natchez Trace as the pioneers did. She planned to walk fifteen miles a day. For thirty-four days. After striking-out with everyone in her life, she was left with her disinterested eighty-year-old father. And his gas. The sleep apnea machine and self-scratching. Sharing a bathroom with a man whose gut obliterated his aim. As Watkins trudged America’s forgotten highway, she lost herself in despair and pain. Nothing happened according to plan, and her tenuous connection to her father started to unravel. Through arguments and laughter, tears and fried chicken, they fought to rebuild their relationship before it was too late. In Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace, Watkins invites readers to join her dysfunctional family adventure in a humorous and heartbreaking memoir that asks if one can really turn ‘I wish I had’ into ‘I’m glad I did.’

Barnes and Noble


Last but certainly not least, Lisa Kramer.

Lisa’s book, P.OW.ER, is as scrumptious and satisfying as eating a truffle. It’s layered, dynamic, and beautifully written. Intricately woven throughout this dystopian novel are messages of empowerment and gender equality, yet it’s done without being obvious or preachy. Although I feel this is a must-read for tweens and teens, it’s also an entertaining, thought provoking read for any age.


What would happen if women and girls joined their unique abilities to change the world? In a time where access to the written word is reserved to men, Andra BetScrivener’s ability to read and write must remain a secret, or she could lose her hands, her eyes or her life. At 17 she discovers that her abilities extend beyond reading: She can write events to life. Despite her efforts to keep her powers hidden, she comes to the attention of both the government and a rebel group, who each desire to use Andra for their own goals. She learns that her words have the power to kill, threatening her father’s life and her own freedom. Andra’s fight empowers others to stop governmental oppression. But in a society ruled by lies, cruelty and inequality, her journey will not be easy or safe.


Barnes and Noble

****Bonus Teaser****


Mandi Castle

You probably know her from her blog Cellulite Looks Better Tan. Or maybe you know her from my Instagram photos because Mandi is a real life friend of mine and we get together often for Mexican food and adult beverages. Okay, mostly adult beverages.


margaritas happened

But the best thing about her? She writes so freaking good. I was privileged to be a beta reader for her soon to be released debut novel, Dear Stephanie. I have three words: Oh. My. Gah.


Mandi takes unpredictable to a whole new level. Watch this space for upcoming cover reveal, author interview, nudie shots (juuuust kidding. probably), and purchase details. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT. I pinky swear.

Okay, I showed you mine, now show me yours! What are some of your favorite recent reads?

Innards, the other white meat. That makes no sense. Just roll with it.

In response to several people reaching out to me for writing advice, I thought I’d put together this list. Each of these require deliberate intent and aren’t always easy or comfortable, but I hope something here helps you avoid learning the hard way, like I tend to do.

1. Trust your instincts, guts, innards, intuition. I’ve had to make countless decisions regarding my novel. Everything from choosing not to work with certain editors anymore, to which genre to market in, to how much and where to cut words from the first draft. You’ll have to make them too, and it can be daunting as hell. You’ll get gobs of advice, some solicited, some notsomuch, and it can be difficult to know what to do. It’s imperative you learn to recognize your intuition and listen.

2. Ignore self-doubt and fear << a different voice than your intuition, which is positive and productive. Doubt and fear are negative and will try their hardest to stop you.


I’ve written a lot about this subject because it’s one of my biggest challenges, but I learned that if you don’t shut the negative voices out and press forward, your work will end up in the trash. That’s no bueno. Never let negativity dilute your creativity. Your story is beautiful and unique to you. If you believe in it, you will soar. WRITE. All of it. Every thought. You can flesh it out later.

Just. Write.

3. Share your work. Very tough to do, trust me, I get it.  We writers tend to be the reclusive sort, but if you’re not letting others provide feedback, your work will never evolve. Producing a finished product takes a village. Find yours and move forward toward your goals.

4. Reach out to others who’ve done it before you. Network. Ask questions. You’ll be blown away by how supportive the writing/blogging community is. Read blogs by people who talk about the real ins & outs of the writing/editing/publishing/marketing journey. Like this one by author Katie Cross. And this one by author & editor Jeri Walker. And this one by the sweary and hilarious author Chuck Wendig. Those blogs are catacombs of writerly inspiration and knowledge.

5. READ. A lot. All different genres, not just the one you typically write in, and not just your favorite. Reading is the most valuable thing a writer can do. As far as “how to” writing books, On Writing by Stephen King is my favorite.

But know this: You will learn more by finishing your first book than you will ever learn in a class, course, book, or blog. PERIOD.

leap 2


6. Try Nanowrimo in November. It’s the most insane-eye-gouging-intense writing push you’ll ever experience, but also the most productive. 50,000 words in one month is no joke. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with an inconceivably close deadline. You’ll end up with a heap of sludge, but somewhere in that sludge is a diamond.

7. I came back to add another piece of advice that was left in this here comment section by the fabulous Christine Carter. As soon as I read it I knew it was imperative that I add it. And do you think it’s mere coincidence that this will be number seven??? KISMET I TELL YOU.

Rejection does NOT mean you’re a bad writer. It means your words weren’t meant to be *there* at this time. It means you’re still on your writing journey, which never ends but only evolves at your unique pace. Never compare yourself or your writing to others. It is fruitless. No one can write like you, and vice-versa.

Only compare yourself to the writer you were yesterday.

**This is an uncharacteristically serious post for me. Let’s remedy that.



Anything else you’d add to my list? What part of writing is most difficult to you?


prepare to be tackled

I’m dying to write in ALL CAPS because that’s how excited I am to join Ten Things of Thankful today! You guys know me. I’m an animated writer. If I could reach through the screen, run at you full speed and tackle you like a Labrador overjoyed to see its owner, I WOULD SO DO IT. Pretend I just did. Because…bursting.

This list is going to stop at seven, because duh…seven. It’s been an exciting week for me to say the least. (no clue what I’m referring to? Go here.) But in this case? Seven is definitely worth ten. *glares at GuardVirgins, daring them to disagree*

The plans are in motion for me to speak to a selection of kiddos at our local elementary school about writing.


What an incredible opportunity. I. Can’t. Wait.

Remember, way back when, I wrote about how I was keeping all this writing stuff a secret from my family until I proved to myself that I could actually do it? I finally told them. It’s been a surreal week to say the least, but in the very best of ways. They are over-the-moon thrilled and proud of me. There’s nothing better than that. NOTHING.

Reviews for ORDER OF SEVEN are trickling in as ARC readers finish the book (ARC = advanced reader’s copy, case you didn’t know). To say the reviews surpass my wildest hopes and dreams would be a tragic understatement. Color me floored. A HUGE thank you to those taking the time and energy to create and/or share the preview and review posts and other SM links about the book. I’m beyond grateful.

No specifics until it’s set in stone, but FirstEver book signings are in the planning stages. This horrifies me just a tad because people. BUT, I am determined to not let my LittleOldLadyHidingInAHouseWithTenCats-ness keep me from doing ALL THE COOL AUTHOR THINGS.

My lovely-talented-brilliant Blog Wife, Lizzi, started a new thing on her blog called A Slip of the Lit (< such a great name, right?) where she showcases authors and what they’re working on. GUESS WHAT? I was fortunate enough to be her first interview! *dances around room* It was SoVeryCool.


Last night, the hubs and I got a rare kid-free evening to enjoy Greek food with good friends. Dayum, great food and stellar company is something to be thankful for! Tonight, by IRL wife & Fam are coming over to hang. << It’s been way too long and we’re so excited! I know laugh-till-you-pee moments await.

In order to enjoy last night, our In-Laws came over to watch the squidinkies. Number seven in my TTOT (or STOT in this case) goes to my FIL, who tuned Cheesy’s guitar and fixed D-Man’s computer – two things I’ve been avoiding all week because UGH what a beating. Grandparents be Da Bomb Diggity!

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Are you still reading? You’re waiting for a hottie picture aren’t you. *sigh*


hot sexy

Order of Seven – The “Must Read” debut novel from Beth Teliho

beth teliho:

This incredible review has got me feeling all warm and fuzzy. I’m a very happy writer at the moment. :)

Originally posted on Joefloggers:

Order of Seven

I have always enjoyed reading and have found that a good book is infinitely better than watching a movie any day of the week.  When I was given a chance to read an advanced copy of this book and share my thoughts I was both excited and intimidated.  Excited to read something before most have the chance to see it and intimidated by the prospect of giving my opinion on it.  How would I compose my thoughts on something I might not like?  Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that.  Beth has given us a very solid debut novel with “Order of Seven”.

Devi Bennett, along with her brother Nodin and friends Baron and Ben, take us on a whirlwind journey fraught with mystery and intrigue as they discover their past and learn about their unique gifts.  They are soon joined by others with similar abilities and together they…

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Coffee Talk

I’m getting ready to release my first novel,  Order of Seven. Helena Hann-Basquiat is preparing to release Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two, and as a bonus, the Shakespearean-style play, Penelope, Countess of Arcadia. They sat down one morning to chat.

Overheard over coffee at Helena’s…




My job: Inventor of sorts. Don’t call me a god; I hate that term. I prefer Creator of Species. Yes. I like that. The task at hand?  An entirely new species. Different than the rest. Better, perhaps, although it will be too humble to admit it.

I drop lavender liquid into my beaker, adding Empathetic and Compassionate to the already established shades of Independent orange.  Enigmatic yellow swirls into my mixture. Three drops of Intensely Emotional and five of Selfless. Two of Tolerant. Four of Courageous. A combination of Strong and Resilient equaling a quarter cup.