prepare to be tackled

I’m dying to write in ALL CAPS because that’s how excited I am to join Ten Things of Thankful today! You guys know me. I’m an animated writer. If I could reach through the screen, run at you full speed and tackle you like a Labrador overjoyed to see its owner, I WOULD SO DO IT. Pretend I just did. Because…bursting.


This list is going to stop at seven, because duh…seven. It’s been an exciting week for me to say the least. (no clue what I’m referring to? Go here.) But in this case? Seven is definitely worth ten. *glares at GuardVirgins, daring them to disagree*

The plans are in motion for me to speak to a selection of kiddos at our local elementary school about writing.


What an incredible opportunity. I. Can’t. Wait.

Remember, way back when, I wrote about how I was keeping all this writing stuff a secret from my family until I proved to myself that I could actually do it? I finally told them. It’s been a surreal week to say the least, but in the very best of ways. They are over-the-moon thrilled and proud of me. There’s nothing better than that. NOTHING.

Reviews for ORDER OF SEVEN are trickling in as ARC readers finish the book (ARC = advanced reader’s copy, case you didn’t know). To say the reviews surpass my wildest hopes and dreams would be a tragic understatement. Color me floored. A HUGE thank you to those taking the time and energy to create and/or share the preview and review posts and other SM links about the book. I’m beyond grateful.

No specifics until it’s set in stone, but FirstEver book signings are in the planning stages. This horrifies me just a tad because people. BUT, I am determined to not let my LittleOldLadyHidingInAHouseWithTenCats-ness keep me from doing ALL THE COOL AUTHOR THINGS.

My lovely-talented-brilliant Blog Wife, Lizzi, started a new thing on her blog called A Slip of the Lit (< such a great name, right?) where she showcases authors and what they’re working on. GUESS WHAT? I was fortunate enough to be her first interview! *dances around room* It was SoVeryCool.


Last night, the hubs and I got a rare kid-free evening to enjoy Greek food with good friends. Dayum, great food and stellar company is something to be thankful for! Tonight, by IRL wife & Fam are coming over to hang. << It’s been way too long and we’re so excited! I know laugh-till-you-pee moments await.

In order to enjoy last night, our In-Laws came over to watch the squidinkies. Number seven in my TTOT (or STOT in this case) goes to my FIL, who tuned Cheesy’s guitar and fixed D-Man’s computer – two things I’ve been avoiding all week because UGH what a beating. Grandparents be Da Bomb Diggity!

*Want to join the Thankful community? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just go here and put your URL in the linky.



Are you still reading? You’re waiting for a hottie picture aren’t you. *sigh*


hot sexy


  1. *dying laughing* I love your week. And that so many gorgeouswonderfulsuper things happened. And just the JOY AND EXUBERANCE in this post. I think you even might’ve gambolled!

    SO happy for you, and so proud, that all the book stuff is going AMAZINGLY and that your fam are proud and happy TOO. That is the biggest thankful of all.

    You will NEVER be a little-old-lady-hiding-with-cats. Not even. You’re too good at this people stuff and joining in. SECRETLY, but you are.

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    1. I’m really brave behind a screen, but IRL I’m SKEERT! I think I put on a good “I’m confident and gregarious” show, but inside I’m pissing myself. hahaha

      And THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love how you’ve been such a huge part of ALLTHETHINGS. You champion all my efforts and that makes them 1,000x more special. *hugs*

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      1. You’re brave IRL too. You’re going to be just FINE. Because even though you might FEEL like pissing yourself, you CAN hold it together and get ‘er done. And you’ll be book signing with SUCH AWESOME KIDS *SUDDEN THOUGHT* waaaaaaiiiiiit a second>

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  2. Okay, down girl! Down! That’s a good girl I’m so happy you are exited to see me. It is always lovely to be welcomed so warmly.

    Yay! on all accounts of seven. And I was not still reading for the hottie picture but to be able to like and comment … but the dude is good looking. 🙂

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  3. Just when I couldn’t love you any more….then, this! Dude, you rock! Seriously.

    I’m living all of this writer stuff vicariously through you and slurping it up like pancake syrup.
    You didn’t tell your family till now?!?!?!? That’s a much better way to do it. Unlike me with the first draft still sitting on my computer and a hubs asking – “are you done with that thing yet? That laundry ain’t going to wash itself!”

    Congrats on all of the awesome things coming your way. At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I am so humbled and honored to call you a friend. I ordered my advanced copy via Kindle – but you know I want that hard copy hot in my hands, too.
    Is it April 7 yet????


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    1. Hi Michelle!!!! I just love seeing you over here, it makes me smile. Oh that reminds me…I forgot to do something! You’ll see what I’m referring to next time you’re on the facebook. 😉

      To clarify, the hubs and kids knew of all my writings, but my mom, bro, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins…..THEY didn’t know. Until now. And it’s glorious.

      I am humbled and honored to call YOU a friend!! Thank you for your support! I’m so grateful for friends like you, you have NO idea!! xoxo

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  4. Jumpy claps for a kick ass week! You are going to rock your speaking gig bad all your signings and everything cool and author-y!!!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on your book!


  5. This is absolutely awesome, Beth, especially about sharing with your family. Speaking to the kids, a date night…life is really throwing you MUCH deserved roses right now, sweetheart. The paperback comes out next month correct???? Loves to you 🙂


    1. You’re right, it has been an especially rosy week, Mike, and I’m so very grateful! and yes, the paperback (and ebook) are released and available for order on April 7.
      Thanks, my friend. xoxo


  6. I was gonna tell you how much I seriously can’t wait to read your book, but then I got distracted by the hottie picture.

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  7. I love your exuberance. And so many jump up and down happy things this week. I can’t wait to read your book. Congrats. And date nights, and fun friends and happy dances. And hotties.

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  8. Hi Beth! I love visiting your blog because you always put a smile on my face. I’m happy for you because you deserve all the great things coming your way. Someone PLEASE thank that gorgeous dude’s mother—she did a great job! Wow! 😉

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  9. I could not be happier for you! Of course I’m happy that your book is done and in the hands of real people (and the cover is awesome!), but I’m more happy that you finally got to tell your family about your secret life. That had to be a huge relief.
    Oh, and glad you were able to have a fun night out without kids. Those are fantastic. Yay grandparents!

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    1. Thanks, Christine! OhmyGOSh that cover. I will love that cover forever and ever and ever! I cannot WAIT to see it in person, in my hands, when the print copies come in! eeeeeep!


  10. Your happiness is contagious! I just contracted your energy and gratefulness, I just hope it’s chronic! 🙂 Congratulations on all these good things happening in your life. And, muchas gracias for the pic of the hot guy! *fanning myself*

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  11. Son of a … you got paw prints all over my pj’s…but they are nice pj’s…ok they are not nice ones…they are quite the penis blocker…
    I’m just kidding!
    All the super awesome heart exploding stuff going on!! I was so nervous telling my family that I was writing too. Actually, they don’t know that I blog because well, that’s still my little space – but when the anthology came out they were stunned. It’s a good feeling though isn’t it. You should be so proud of yourself. ‘you are an amazing writer!! You go forth and do all of those wonderful author things!!!!!

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    1. Funny, Kimberly, I’m wearing my penis blocker pj’s right this second. hahaha You’re hilarious. Sorry about the paw prints. 🙂

      Yes, it’s an indescribable, incredible feeling to tell the Fam about writing. I’m still spinning off the high. And many of my family members are quite connected within networks that are great resources for me, so that’s exciting. They’re so happy and proud and can’t wait to help spread the word. AH-mazing.

      Thank you!


  12. You’ve had quite the week! Congratulations on the book! When you say your family didn’t know you were writing, do you mean the ones outside of your house? Because if you were able to pull off writing a book with no one in your household knowing about it, then butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

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    1. hahaha butter my butt and call me biscuit! LOVE THAT. I’m going to use that this week at a totally inappropriate time.

      Yeah, I mean aside from a handful of my closest friends and my hubs & kids, no one knew. Not even my mother or father or brother.


  13. What a fantastic week you’ve had! (And what an understatement that sentence is.) Congratulations, and may the future be just as bright!

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  14. OH look at me all down here at the end of the list. Glad I finally made it over, though, because this is just the happiest post ever. So many good things happening for you, right? Awesome. And I’m really happy for you! Off to read the story of you keeping the writing a secret…

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    1. Thank you SO MUCH, Lisa! You have been a welcome surprise to this whole endeavor (I say surprise because I didn’t know you very well before, and now you’re all up in my kool-aide in the best of ways haha) and I’m incredibly grateful for the time and energy you’ve put into reading and pimping the book. Really. Very grateful for you. *hugs*

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      1. Aww…thanks. *blushes* That’s just me doing my “wow, I don’t belong here at the table with the cool kids writer types so I’ll just hang on the steps” thing. Gotta get to know folks one way or another, right? Glad to know you better and hugs right back.


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