Can You Smell Them?

I’m baking cookies RIGHT NOW. Can you smell the chocolately goodness? I’m celebrating many things!

1. I spent the morning with a lovely lady who might as well be my sister. We are so close that our kids think they’re cousins, and hers call me “Aunt B”. Yeah, one of those besties. We got pedicures, had a yummo lunch, and then shopped. We both eyed this sweatshirt (photo below) in the 50% off rack at the same time. We both bought it. It’ll do since I can’t have the one I REALLY want from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – HERE. <<<(DO NOT PRESS THAT LINK IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED. JUST DON’T.)


Cuz, Epic and Shit.

2. I got my manuscript back from my editor-OMG. My first thoughts? I won’t be doing Nano this year. I have a mountain of work to do! BUT, I knew that going in and I’m so relieved she was able to point out the problems and suggest things I can do to steer it in a better direction. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but at the same time I’m really excited and anxious to get started.

3. I’m VERY excited to have a few minutes of time and inspiration to finally post something new and have my previous title out of my face. I’m tired of seeing my exploding boobs everywhere. I’m sure you concur.

4. OctPoWriMo. A challenge to write a poem each day the month of October. It has sparked creativity I didn’t know I had, and some things have happened that I’m pretty proud of.

5. THREE DAY WEEKEND. nuff said.

6. I entered one of my short stories in a Fresh Ink writing contest. *eeeek*

7. The hubs had an idea for us to take the kids to a seafood place last night and order a big platter of crab legs. His theory was while they were enamored with cracking legs with the cool pliers and pulling meat out with the tiny fork, we could actually have a beer and a continuous conversation.

I thought he was nuts.

IT WORKED. Not only could he and I talk, but it was like a date with the kids. I didn’t realize how long it’d been since we all four were together, really presently together. We had such a good time we’re gonna do it every Friday. Sometimes (SOMETIMES) hubs can be geniuses.

So I offer you all virtual COOKIES on behalf of my theme today: EPIC AND SHIT. Cuz it just fits, doesn’t it?


Does something have you all excited today? Do you celebrate with food? What’s your favorite celebration food? Please share with me! I can’t wait to hear about it!

This wasn’t originally a TToT post, but the lovely Lizzi Rogers of Considerings was sweet enough to encourage me to join the linky even though I don’t have ten things and I’m running a bit late. Now I’m adding an 8th thing I’m excited about this weekend – wonderful bloggy friends.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. That shirt is great, the other one is better but not sure I would wear it around since most would be rather offended. Glad to hear your book is moving forward, sounds like a good week.


  2. Hi Mike! Thanks for reading. 🙂
    yeah, the other shirt I would wear under another one, you know, for extra confidence. Like how Clark Kent feels with his cape under his suit. Even the Epic and Shit sweatshirt I can only wear at night after the kids are in bed….but oh, I love it. 🙂


  3. I love that you have such a close friend, and that her kids are so close with your kids. Sounds like one of those wonderful, sustaining, nurturing friendships which comes along once or twice in a lifetime 🙂

    The t-shirts are cool, and you made me go see what’s out there. I now want this one in my life –

    Congrats on entering the writing competition! That’s very cool, and wishing you the very best of luck – I hope it goes fabulously 🙂

    Glad the crab idea worked – that’s awesome.

    Hey, yaknow, this is a Ten Thingsworthy list – fancy linking it in?

    And to celebrate, I have tea. And perhaps sometimes wine; red – French (as a rule) or homebrew.


    1. Thanks for reading Lizzi. You’re the best. Yes, I’m very blessed in the friends department, and that goes for bloggy friends too. 🙂


      Wine is an excellent celebration “food”. I might do that one a little too much. I wonder if I’ve ever had a French wine? Hmmm. Perhaps I should seek it out….


  4. Ah, I’m still so jealous about the editor thing. I need this. I’ve had plenty of B Readers but they mostly just say nice things and make broad or vague suggestions. I want someone to bleed all over my manuscript. The editing sounds fun (did I just say that? Who am I?) Enjoy!


    1. Do it, Aussa. It’ll be the hardest awesome thing you’ll ever do for your story. I’m still grappling with the feedback. It’s a lot to take in! Not easy to see your “baby” edited so much, even when you KNOW it’s going to happen – you KNOW this is what the editing process is and you’re NOT to take it personally. I’m taking a lot of deep breaths and going back often to the (wonderful) positive things she said so I don’t dive into the depths of doubt. Gotta keep on keepin’ on to make this baby shine, even if it’s a lot of work, ya know? I hope you do it, and when/if you do – I’ll be here for support!


  5. Okay, I’d love to have one of those shirts, but think I’ve got the guts to wear it in public. Somebody would probably want to start a fight, and I’d oblige, and end up beat like a punk in the hospital. Better to pass, I think. That’s a great idea for a family get together. May have to try it sometime with my kids and grandchildren. Good post!


    1. haha! Yeah, well I don’t want you beat like a punk in the hospital so only sunshine smiley shirts for you. I wouldn’t wear it in public either! At night….after kids are in bed….I break it out and wear it LIKE A BOSS.
      thanks for reading!


  6. excellent listation! t-shirt good
    book editors, man! is that like meeting the pope when you’re on the fence about staying a catholic? must be very exciting

    good to see you at the TToT (which I will maintain is, among bloghops, the best of them all).


  7. Love both the shirts, but think I probably couldn’t wear them to work, although my preschoolers can’t read, sooo….

    Okay, had to look up the exploding boobs, and may I say, I HAD THAT BABY, TOO! Wrote about it somewhere, I think. Maybe in late May when he graduated or late June for his birthday. Nothing like having boobs shooting milk across the room or bleeding nipples. Woo hoo….


  8. 1. How blessed you are to have such a close friend who has kids who can be your kids’ friends. I miss mine. 😦
    The shirts are funny, but not as funny as your disclaimer for the second one. 🙂
    2. Wow, that was a fast turnaround! Good luck getting it all worked out.
    3. Hilarious.
    6. Crossing my fingers for you!
    7. Brilliant! That would be loads of fun for a family outing. As long as you have willing children participants. I’d be worried my youngest would completely turn his nose up at such a messy meal.
    So glad Lizzi talked you into linking up. A hint for next time: Don’t number your list and we will never know you didn’t have 10. 🙂 Not that we care in the least about how many things you are thankful for. We don’t.


  9. WOW! So many exciting things. The best of all this was the cookies, sorry. But I want to hear what ends up happening with the writing contest you entered.

    As for the edits, sigh, good luck. It’s exhilarating and depressing.


    1. don’t apologize, cookies always win, as it should be. 🙂

      GET OUT. I won something? I don’t even remember a giveaway. That’s what’s beautiful about a bad short term memory. Every day is a surprise.


  10. My favorite celebration food is chocolate, and any reason is sufficient enough to eat it. Right now I have a bag of chocolate chips by my side… The crab leg idea was excellent 🙂 Who knows, maybe you could get the kids to shuck oysters next to get some more uninterrupted spouse time.


  11. Is it weird that I can still smell the cookies?? Add to your list: being THANKFUL for COOKIES!! Especially if they were chocolate chip. I love choc chip cookies.

    Nice list… authentic family time–awesome! Best friend like a sister–also awesome!


    1. Nope. Don’t wear it to work! But, wear it under your work shirt so you feel extra bad-ass. Not that YOU need to feel extra bad-ass. Looks like you’ve got that all worked out for yourself. 🙂

      You, my dear friend, can have all the cookies you want. 🙂


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