How Hubba Bubba Saved Me From Lukey Dukey.

This is a post for the fabulous Finish The Sentence Friday, in which this week’s prompt is…

When I was a kid I thought…

HUBBA BUBBA bubble gum (GRAPE to be exact) gave me super powers



Specifically the ability to be outrageously fast. This was important because at my daycare all the girls were constantly chased by a dastardly villain named Lukey Dukey, a moniker he earned by being such a royal shit. He mercilessly chased us during recess, driving some girls to tears. But not I. Because if I reached in my pocket and got my grape Hubba Bubba,

Hubba Bubba Gum photo: hubba bubba 2006090354hubba-bubba-mix-pack.jpg

Unleash The Power

and even just smelled the wrapper….I was g-o-n-e like a flash of lightning!!


Lukey Dukey never caught me, much to his chagrin.

*P.S. This is a story my husband has requested I not share at his work functions any more. In my defense, it was an office baby shower and there happened to be frickin’ Grape Hubba Bubba for a party game. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

*P.P.S. My husband would like me to add that he’s not a douche nozzle. It’s just that this particular function was the first time his work people met me, so he thought I should save such stories for when they knew my “unique” personality better. *eye roll*

Hubba Bubba Gum photo: Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum 17ffdf32.jpg

Finish the Sentence Friday


  1. What is it with grape bubblegum? It’s like no matter what brand, it has the most alluring smell on the planet. I was at a farmers market with my Nana and she asked if I’d like some grapes, but I told her why would you need that crap when there’s Hubba Bubba grapes? Gotta love that artificial flavoring. LOL. Great story, Beth.


  2. Douche nozzle. Snort! How I miss Hubba Bubba.. but what I really miss is that gum that exploded with liquid into your mouth. Yes, I realize how inappropriate and unpleasant this sounds as an adult, but man, I loved that stuff when I was a kid. What the hell was it called, though?


  3. Hahaha I don’t think I’ve ever had this Hubba Bubba! I do remember being chased by 2nd grade boys when I was in 1st grade– until I realized I could just stop running and they wouldn’t know what to do. I liked to wait for them to chase me into this big tube thing and then I would just stop like “WHAT NOW, YO” and they’d just crumble in awkwardness. It was great.


    1. WHAT? You seriously haven’t? Do you not chew gum? How have you not had it? I feel faint. Aussa, find some and just smell it. Maybe buy it first, though.

      haha! I love that you finally just stopped and scared the crap outta the boys. YES. Like a BOSS.


        1. haha! well, I was picturing you in the check out line smashing it to your nose (cuz that’s how you smell hubba bubba, you can’t smell it daintily, you have to vehemently smell it for its power) and the checker saying…uh…lady…you gonna buy that er what?


    1. Why would they split the flavors over the continents like that? Unless…unless…it was deliberate….the powers that be didn’t want YOU all having grape….now that’s what we need to figure out.


  4. LOL in my profession I’m surrounded by men and women who have every saying in the book. And I’m always the last to learn all of them but douche nozzle is in the vernacular! Here, this story should blow the breeze up your gorgeous skirt. Preschool I chased a girl named Wendy trying to romance her stones (ahem – movie reference) with a p & b sandwich. She loathed me. Ten years later she was on my Dad’s (coach with my step sisters) softball team. My pre-school teacher named Foyann scolded me for stalking Wendy on the blacktop and put me in time out and told me to knock it off. I minded her for about .024 seconds. Wendy was so frickin’ hot. Ten years forward we made out one day. Best kisser ever. Foyann married my Dad 14 years later and is my mom to this day 40+ years later. How ‘bout them apples? Love, love the bubble gum blowing picture, Beth! 🙂


    1. ah….mah….gawd best comment story ever! That’s awesome, Mike! What ever happened to Wendy? Do you know where she is these days? Does Foyann remember scolding you? What a small world! I love it.


      1. You had me dust off and look at my yearbooks. I think she moved away. Dang that kiss (there IS a right way and a wrong way, ya know) :). And yes my mom, Foyann, remembers! She became a 4th grade teacher for 30 years. To this day I call her the The Kid Whisperer. They have always gravitated to her. Crying kids? She will have that silenced and calm in a minute. Bizarre. All of my parents (6 all told with divorces and remarries) were teachers. They are all deceased now except for Foyann. Oh btw…Hubba Bubba…I forget to even comment on that…duh on me! Those rectangular blocks of goodness. I was all about the grape flavor. The texture was so…well, chewy. But, you’re right…not today with the fillings popping out like popcorn! 🙂


  5. HAHAH! Hubba Bubba ROCKS. And grape? You made my mouth water a little bit. And also your hubby doesn’t realize how grateful his co-workers are to hear that story and finally stop talking about stupid work 🙂


    1. Grape anything is the best! Unless we’re talking about snow cones…and then cherry rivals grape. And they come up with some creative flavors now with snow cones – it can be very overwhelming when you throw in “birthday cake” and options like that.

      NOW he realizes his coworkers find those stories endearing (more often than not) but I have had things impulsively come out of my mouth that scare the bejesus outta him. haha! I know when he “takes me into public” his sphincter tightens a bit. Like last night we’re with a carload of people, running late to get home in time for when the sitter has asked us to be back, and I ask, “can I text ‘hauling butt’ to the sitter?” and they unanimously respond NO!
      She’s in high school. why couldn’t I text “hauling butt” to her? Is that inappropriate? These are the things that are lost on me….I probably shouldn’t be let out…..


  6. Grape Hubba Bubba! Ah, the good ol’ days…makes me wish I still chewed gum.
    As for first impressions, I would gravitate to you like a moth to a flame, I think. Boring people, be gone!
    This post makes me not want to be a grown up today…


  7. OMG! I was addicted to grap Hubba Bubba when in school. I used to buy a load of it then sell pieces throughout the day. I was a scam artist as a kid!


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