And Then Dracula Tweeted Me. The End.



I’m thankful Dracula sees the value in social media. I’ve mentioned before I love monsters, bloodsuckers, and things that go bump in the night. That’s why when the shows Grimm and Dracula started a few weeks ago, I went a little ape-shit. I followed them on twitter. I retweeted some of their tweets. And then this happened. That’s right. Momma got a tweet from Dracula. (sorry so blurry, translation below)


In case you can’t see it, my nerd ass tweeted, “@NBCGrimm @NBCDracula My two dates for Friday night! #biteme”

(Shut up. I told you I’m a nerd)

And then DRACULA retweeted me and said, “It would be our pleasure.” (to my #biteme)


Dracula won tweets. Forever. *sigh*

I’m grateful for trying new things. Last night the hubs and I were out to dinner with good friends at an amazing restaurant (Meddlesome Moth), and Vanessa mentioned she’d had their mussels and we should get them cuz they were SO GOOD. I said I’d never had mussels before in my life. WHAT?! She couldn’t believe it and said I must try them. So I did.

SWEET BABY JESUS. Next thing I knew, I look up and half the mussel shells are on my plate, empty, and I’m .02 seconds from lifting the bowl to my mouth to slurp the last of the juice.

I woke up wanting mussels for breakfast. This is a problem.

I’m grateful for creatives. Last night we were fortunate enough to be invited by friends (same ones from dinner) to an art reception showcasing the works of around 40 artists. As we walked around I was blown away by the amazing art in that building. I loved hearing artists talk about what inspired them to paint certain pieces, or take particular photos, because there’s a history behind every work…a soul behind the canvas, if you will. I adored seeing their eyes light up, and hearing the enthusiasm in their voices as they talked about their passion.

I get them. I understand that feeling of being compelled to create, but at the same time, not really understanding this crazy-imperative urge. And that need for others to love what you do, but more than that…to understand what you do. It was nice to be around my people is what I’m sayin’.

Plus my husband bought me a kick-ass necklace. You know, to support the arts…

I’m grateful for my hysterical children. Okay, maybe they’re more weird than hysterical, but right now, this very second as I type, my youngest is upstairs singing at the top of his lungs, “My penis is beautiful!”

You can’t make this stuff up, people. (what is it with boys and their thingies??? GAH)

Aside from that, they are so witty and crack me up constantly. The other day we’re all four in the car, and the hubs and I are discussing something about the boys when our 9yo interrupts from the backseat, “Uh…you know we can hear you. This is just offensive.”

I’m grateful for the blogging community. I’m seeing a trend that’s enlightened me to some commonalities among bloggers. Most of them are introverts, or at least were as children; have suffered from anxiety, at some form, at some point in their lives; because of an introverted nature, a yearn to connect or have a feeling of solidarity exists; are extremely empathetic; are incredibly supportive and generous; are smart, creative people who, at the very least, love to write; and who are some of the strongest, funniest people I’m honored to call my friends. I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleasantly surprised by anything as I’ve been by bloggers. I learn from and am inspired by them each day, and couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this crazy-wonderful tribe.

I’m grateful I have access for my friend’s memories My memory is fried. Between motherhood and anti-seizure medicine (a.k.a. migraine meds) I’m a zombie –  so when I don’t remember…oh, say…yesterday, I rely on others. This came in handy yesterday when I had no idea what to wear for the aforementioned art reception, and was on the phone with bestie, Robyn, warning her of my impending outfit dilemma and the downward spiral that was sure to follow. The following was our conversation, to the best of my memory:

Robyn: How ’bout a dress? Why don’t you wear a pretty dress?
Me: I don’t own a dress
Robyn: Yes you do. What about that pretty silver one, don’t you have a silvery/grey one?
Me: I’ve never had a silver dress in my life
Robyn: Yes you did. You wore a pretty silvery dress on a date with Jim like a year ago…with red flats.
Me: Red slacks? What are you talking about?
Robyn: Yes, I remember it. Go look in your closet. You wore it with cute little red flats. You sent me a picture of your outfit that night.
Me: Are you saying slacks? Like tights? *walks to closet*
Robyn: No, you idiot. Flats, like shoes. (she’s sweet)
Robyn: There she is….

Thank you, Beanie, for your steel trap of a memory, and for staying on the phone with me for 45 minutes while I tried on that dress with two different pair of tights, two different pair of shoes, and choosing the accompanying cardigan, and waiting while I texted you photos of all of them for your approval. Once again, you saved my ass.

I’m grateful for rule breaking. Cuz this is TEN things of thankful, and although I’m thankful for a million things, this post is getting too long so I’m stopping here. LIKE A BOSS. BOOM. EPIC AND SHIT. HOLY SHIT BALLS (<that one was for you, Amanda) and all those other sayings I like.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Ok kinda spooky. My post today was about social media and a certain pal I met on facebook who introduced me to the wonder of porcupine meatballs. Anywho, is it not amazing when you get an actual reply on twitter from someone you admire? And someone you’ve tweeted about. Twice in past couple of months I’ve been blown away to get a reply from an author whose book I’ve praised. So cool. Once I got an answer from the book character. So clever and fun.


    1. NO WAY KELLY! We are so right here *pointing from my eyes to yours* Yes, it IS the coolest to get responses from people (or vampires…whatever) you admire! I was ridiculously excited, you have no idea. haha! Heading over to read your post! great title btw! lol


  2. Introverts – I just don’t get ’em. But I love the connections the Blogosphere brings.

    So, you DO have a dress. And you’ve worn it more than in the last 17 years (learning about the veracity of your memory loss comments) – pics or it didn’t happen :p

    YAY! for your new necklace, and for the stomach ache I have from laughing so hard about your son’s song – WTactualF!

    And you take this hop and do with it as you please, you rulebreaker – Dracula Tweeted you – you’re golden 😀


    1. well, we’ve already discussed pics of me in the dress to death on FB so I’m not gonna address that again on here! Plus, they’re shitty pics on my iphone, and I’m wearing two different shoes..haha!

      I do wish I had a photo of the necklace’s stunning, but the designer wanted to continue to show it and is shipping it to me next week. I plan to photograph it and show it then. It’s awesome! Early b-day gift from the hubs. 🙂

      Right, WtheactualF? He sings about his…ahem, member, all the time. crazy lil guy. I guess he’s proud. *shrug*


  3. I have tried mussels once, and I just can’t get past the feel of them. Glad you liked them, though. (When we were kids, we went to an all you can eat seafood buffet. As we were headed home, my mom saw my brother’s pants bulging. He had two pocketfuls of mussels. He loved them and stocked up. Just an idea for next time.)

    I love that your son is confident in his body image. I just hope he doesn’t sing that song in school. 🙂

    Very nice, getting all cozy with Dracula!


    1. You know, I assumed I was going to have a problem with the consistency (this is my issue with oysters) but mussels are so small it didn’t bother me one iota! and the juice….oh dear gawd…the juice in the bowl was so salty and spicy, and you just sop it up with bread….*drool* (so funny about your brother…hahahaha!)

      Oh, please please I hope my son knows not to sing about his thingy in school. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t do that, but then again, they are my children.


  4. Pretty good stuff. I think that without a doubt, more than your kid screaming about his man tool, getting tweeted by Dracula is the highlight of your post. I too have a claim to fame in this realm, speaking of penises, I was tweeted and followed by the one and only Ron Jeremy. I’m a member of the #rontourage


        1. I admit. My first response to you was in all caps asking if you meant Adam Levine. And it might have sounded a little desperate and shouty, and I might have already been disrobing. But I took it all back. Cuz I’m an adult. And you probably didn’t mean Him or you wouldn’t have said “one of the guys” you would have said Adam frickin’ Levine. So I’ve calmed down. And it’s still REALLY cool that “one of the guys” from Maroon 5 and Graham Elliot follow you. What the hell do you tweet about to get porn stars to follow you? Oh hell, I’ll just come see for myself.


            1. “a bit difficult to get a hold of” Yeah. I’m finding that to be the case as well. haha. I checking out your blog….my my…you keep yourself busy, don’t you? How the f#ck are you working on a song with A.L.? You’re a song writer? Or a singer? WASSUP? Some toying with me, man!?!? You’re such a tease. *sticking tongue out at you*


  5. Random thoughts about your post:
    *What do you mean you’ve never had mussels before? Your family was too busy collecting hair to introduce you to the finer things in life?
    *Love Grimm!
    *Our children can make us laugh or cry, laughing’s better.
    *I’m grateful for the blogging community too. When my kids make me cry, they help me laugh again.
    BTW, couldn’t help but notice: the people you want to send chocolate to in your sidebar? One of them seems to be you!


    1. haha! Yes, they are too busy being weird to introduce me to mussels. In fact, I don’t think my mother has ever had mussels. If she has, I don’t know about it. We didn’t go out to eat much growing up. NOW we do, but I have always avoided them cuz I assumed I would have an issue with the texture (like with oysters).

      YES – I know I’m in my own sidebar…grrr. it’s because (I think) it’s a recent commenter’s thing and I comment so I go in the group! so silly. OR maybe I just want chocolate….


  6. For starters I’m not into erotica. It’s just so…
    Phoenix, ”Liar!!”
    Me, “Thank you Mr throw me under the bus.” I “hate” him 🙂

    Ok fine, a guy’s vampire bite into a beautiful damsel’s neck. Huge turn on. I’m all over Dracula. And what an awesome gift from Jim! Way to drop the ball and not include a pic of it, my dear. And great friends you have 🙂 I’ve had mussels in a Cioppino at the Nugget here in Reno. Absolutely on licking the bowl! As always I LOVED this post. Oh btw…awesome that you got that tweet, Beth! Ok, so pick one thing to share…

    Penises. YOU wrote it, not me. Many years ago I was dating this wonderful girl. She, her son, and I were all sitting on the couch watching Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark (a rerun). The movie got paused horrifically by mom. Troy and I spun our heads at her, “WTF??!” She said, “What IS it with you and your crotch obsession?!” We both had our hands down there on our respective area. LOL! Just resting, nothing more. Maybe it’s a protection thing. I dunno…

    To your son, “My dear boy, you possess a weapon to always respect as you grow into manhood. It can create or decimate. Choose wisely…” 🙂


    1. Uh…you’re a dude. Yes you are into erotica. Everybody’s into erotica. Why do you think I want a vampire to bite my neck? 🙂

      yes, I’m well aware of the man tool obsession. It’s the bro show over here…24/7. *sigh* (funny story, btw, love it!)


  7. Oooh – you had me at Dracula. I’m so hopeful for that show – I’ve watch the first few and like it, but don’t know if I want to INVEST until I’m sure it’s sticking around…. That said, I totally just went and followed them on Twitter 😉

    Mussels – when done well – are fabulous!


    1. haha! You’re so fun! I’m so excited you followed them on twitter – woo hoo! Yeah, the first few have been “meh” but it’s freakin’ Dracula so I have to stick around unless it totally bites (<<pun intended), and I think it'll get way better as the season progresses. I'm IN. but I'm clearly such a sucker (<pun again). 🙂


      1. Ah – not just Dracula (and I have a vampire thing from way back) but also Jonathan double last name guy from the Tudors. I mean, I like him so much I almost remember his name!

        Also – I’m interested to see how they play with the story, but still stick to the spirit of it. As for sticking around – I think the world is due for another non-teen vampire.


        1. JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS *drool* Uh…yeah. Brilliant casting. Although I want to hear his accent more. He’s sounds weird with an American accent. He sounds exactly like Christian Slater…have you noticed that?

          Could NOT agree with you more! (non-teen vamp)


          1. Ok now that you mention it yes. And now I’m also going to picture Christian Slater whenever I watch that show.

            Wait – that’s not a bad thing. Thanks!


  8. For some reason I am having a flash back to the old Batman series and the term “Holy SHit Balls” should somehow be followed by Robin saying, “Batman.” Don’t ask. I love boys and the enthrallment with their own members… Not a week went by we didn’t hear something about it… Im sure his wife is dealing with the same issues now.


    1. oh yeah, the gift keeps on giving I’m sure. I know my son’s future wife will get to hear renditions of “my penis is beautiful.” God bless her.

      Holy shit balls, Batman! You’re right! I watched that show….yes, I just aged myself…but who am I kidding, right? I watched it. I had a crush on Robin. ha!


        1. little peter pan shoes….ROF! Thinking back, I’m not sure what the appeal was. This was even pre-Chachi crush, so I didn’t quite have a taste for the bad boys…yet.


  9. A tweet from Dracula is awesome! I think you can call it a day!
    I never tried mussels until Jeff and I went to St. Thomas in January and I loved them! I loved them a real lot!
    Please share a pic of the necklace when you get it and I’ll send you chocolate if you post the pic of the dress for us 🙂 Pretty please.
    I’m not commenting on the penis thing because I’ll jinx myself and have penis singing of my own going on and I’m not sure how I feel about that! Better you than me, actually. That’s how I feel about that 🙂
    Happy rest of the weekend to ya!


    1. Right? I mean, until Adam L. tweets me, I am calling it a day.

      I have every intention of posting a pic of the necklace when it ships. It’s so unique. I hope the color shows through. The iphone pics on me in the dress…what is it with you and Lizzi? Has this become a dare or something? You guys are bananas. And who do you think took full body pics of me? My children! So they’re awesome, of course. NOT. I looked at them again last night…considering…and laughed out loud at the insanity of posting them! I haven’t done my hair/face yet, and the dress is static clinging to my legs making it look like a friggin’ jumper. Yeah. Use your imagination. Next time I’ll know to have hubs take an AFTER pic for my CRAZY blogger friends. 🙂

      Enjoy your Sunday!!!


    1. Yeah, you have to pick and choose the breaking the rules thing! I’m actually sort of a wimp about it in real life – ha! But in the blogging world, well, you know it’s sort of fun under the right circumstances. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Michelle!


  10. I’m grateful for bloggers, too! Especially funny, swear-y ones that like nerdy stuff! I follow Darth Vader on Twitter and have re-tweeted him many times. *NERD fist bump*
    Great list! Your stylist friend sounds amazing! She should start an over-the-phone styling business. I would PAY for that service every time I have to dress up!


    1. *NERD fist bump* right back!! woop! Darth Vader has a freakin’ twitter account? That’s so awesome! haha! I love it! I don’t know why that should surprise me. I MUST check it out.

      I’m telling you, my friend saves my ass every.time. I don’t know what I’d do with out her. I’m constantly asking her stuff like, uh…does grey go with brown? I’m so clueless.


  11. I’m so jealous that you got retweeted by one of your obsessions. And the fact that your little boy was singing about his penis is AMAZING– they really are genetically programmed to love those things, aren’t they?!
    Also: I’ve never had mussells… It just SOUNDS weird. Isn’t it a weird texture? Should I put this on my list of things to put on a bucketlist after I get around to the making of one?


    1. I’ve never made a bucket list either. I feel like I should. Is that unambitious of us?

      Okay, so I was worried about the texture (I don’t like oysters for this reason) but the mussels are so small, it honestly didn’t bother me. They are not slimy or boogery. Does that makes sense? I didn’t feel like I was eating a lugy. (how the hell do you spell that? gross) And they taste SO GOOD. Seriously, I died. You just have to try them some day. I’m so glad I did.


  12. So what’d you expect, Ms Biteme? You’re gonna have to write about that bite now.
    It’s always fun hearing creative people talk about their inspiration. I’m sure you have some stories as well, right?
    The first time I had mussels, I not only drank the sauce, I kept the shells.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Have fun with Dracula!


    1. Well, I have an infinite afterlife to post about the bite, don’t I? muwhahaha.

      My blog is full of posts about creative inspiration…and I’m sure many more to come! Specifically, “you see tomato, I see dead girl digging up tomato.” One of my favorite posts back when I first started. 🙂

      See? mussels are crazy-amazing! haha! what-the-actual-hell did you do with the shells? Please tell me you eventually threw them away…?

      Oh, I always have fun with Dracula…yummmm.


  13. What a NERD you are. That is quite a good thankful for list.

    You never had breakfast mussels before? They usually come with morning sex! 😉

    Now, if Adam Levine tweeted you that would be a nerdgasm!


    1. LOL. That’s funny, Katie. You know what’s crazy? Like 40 minutes before you commented, another friend of mine texted me also from the airport saying she was dying laughing at my post! Where the #$%$ is everyone going????


  14. vampires were my fave when i was a kid. i used to watch those b/w films about them. i thought they were the coolest. but i haven’t seen an episode of dracula yet. actually, i didn’t know there’s a series like that. so thanks for mentioning it on your post. 🙂


    1. Friday nights, NBC, 9:00 EST and Jonathan Rhys Meyers places Dracula *drool*
      It’s still working out the kinks of being a new series. But it has lots of potential. And it’s freakin’ Dracula, so who cares.


  15. Late to the ball game cause I’ve been out of town but two things for you…1) my feet are still swollen from all the salty goodness in the mussels and 2) I can’t stop thinking about the blue cheese variety we must go back & have!!! Perhaps an excuse to wear your new necklace : ). So proud of you for giving them a try. You are so much more adventuresome than the hubby when it comes to seafood!!!

    Ps…Dracula still on Tivo…but hoping to get to it soon.


    1. Having Dracula tweet me isn’t nearly as exciting as having my friends comment on my blog!!! Hi Vanessa!! Yes, we HAVE to go back for the blue cheese ones! I’m always daring with you, you know this. You are my Thelma. I’ll do anything with you for some reason–you have that effect on me! Ha!

      My necklace just came in the mail! *squeeee*

      XOXO, Louis


  16. Hooray for mussels! I went to NYC last Thanksgiving and ate at a place called Flex Mussels. My giant pot of mussels was sooooooo good. I love all seafood, and we have bouillabaisse for Thanksgiving every year. Squee! Soup gets my blood pumping much more than Dracula 😉


  17. Yes! Draculaaaa! Now I have the funniest image in mind of him tweeting stuff, haha. Also, I want his outfit and walk around, acting all mysterious. 🙂

    I really loved that bit about creatives. I totally understand that! ^_^

    The penis song cracked me up haha!


  18. LOL.! I also love the things that go bump in the night. Ha, ha – then he tweets you … priceless.

    “My penis is beautiful!” L.M.A.O

    O and I agree with your assessment on the blogging community.

    Loved this post. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I know, I think I’ve been excited about 3 tweets in my blog life. 1) when The Bloggess followed me on twitter (because I’d been RT-ing her stuff and she’s cool like that) 2) the one telling me I’d been FP’d, and 3) DRACULA


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