I Get What Your Throwin’ Down, Kindle. Loud And Clear.

A sizzling romance is unfolding right before our eyes.

Perhaps the most evocotive app of all time was recently introduced by Kindle, but they’re not touting it as anything other than helpful. No-o-o. The makers of Kindle are being giant teases. They’re baiting us. Flirting. Easing us in with a sweet little story. Before you even know what’s hit you, the new Kindle will be on your wish list, and you won’t even really know why.


Have you seen their new ad campaign? See for yourself and we’ll discuss:

Okay, so let’s talk. The guy is adorable and dresses nice. His house is bad-ass and unbelievably impeccable. The cleanliness suggests a wife (you know I’m right), yet there’s not a single sign he’s married in sight. Go back and watch it. No sign of family. No toys on the floor, no family portraits, no bra hanging on the doorknob purse on the counter. There’s a guitar mounted in the family room – he plays guitar – hot. A big-ole-doggie sits on the other side of the coffee table. Nice. A dog guy. And did you notice the sexual tension between him and “Amy”? Yeah. Guess how many times he’s gonna need the Mayday button later that night…..

If you had any doubt whether he’s single or if they were really flirting….they’ve come out with a second and third commercial (FF through the first one):

Still no kids or wifey! He does, however, have a niece, and shows Amy her photo….total chic bait! Between the dog, the guitar, and the cute niece, Amy doesn’t stand a chance. Did you see her get all giggly?! Hell, she would have done the hair flip if it wasn’t plastered to her head. Oh, and I don’t buy for a second that she can’t see him. They are soooo gonna DO IT.

I went on a couple of websites to research the new Kindle and I was tantalized by the descriptions. It’s described as coming in either 7″ or 8.9″  depending which model you choose, sheathed in sleek magnesium alloy. Powerful operation system (are they selling a Kindle or the Rabbit?). The Mayday app allows users to seek advice about their device, and operators can even take control of your device from afar (me likey).

I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering two things: 1) what happens when I press the Mayday button? Will I get a hot guy? Because if I don’t, the disappointment will be palpable, and 2) I can’t wait for the next installment of “50 Shades of Kindle” because it’s all sweet and innocent now, but I feel like that cutie with the guitar has a naughty side…

man with whip photo: whip man whipman.jpg

Do you currently own a Kindle of any model? Have you ever felt the need for live help? Would you use a live help if you had it? Let’s get a conversation going –  I’m dying to hear from you!

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  1. I have it on good authority that if you hit the may day button Ryan Gosling comes knocking at your door. also, when are you going to ad me to your list of blogs you follow? 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t turn Ryan away, but he’s not in my top five. His chest/abs are, but not him as a whole.

      You know, I don’t control that list. Maybe I should start my own. It’s a widgets thing that I just turn on/off, but I think it’s through wordpress. There are tons of blogs I follow through bloglovin that aren’t on there, and it only shows the first 20 alphabetically or something. Suck you’re not on there, dude. I didn’t realize that! I’ll try to remedy that immediately. Seriously. Cuz I love Joe Floggers!


  2. HAHAHA I love that you compared the Kindle to a vibrator. That just made my night.
    I have an ipad with the kindle app– still, I need to get more savvy about reading ebooks.
    You let me know what happens when you push that button and maybe I WILL get a kindle…


    1. I KNOW! I have an ipad with Kindle app, too, but a real kindle is on my X-mas wish list cuz my kids have taken over the ipad and I never get to read my books! IF I get the ipad at the end of the night the battery I dead…ugh. Anyway, I’m not holding my breath about the Mayday app. You KNOW if I press that Mayday button I’ll get some 75yo lady with no sense of humor who will judge me when I accidently cuss. Like WANDA from your work…AAAHHHHH! Was that her name? omg, I’ll get her fer sher.


    1. We’re talking about ereaders, right? LOL. Yes, love tangible books over an ereader any day of the week and twice on Tuesday, but, I also like the convenience of an ereader and think they have a place in the world. I currently have the kindle app on my ipad, but a kindle (or nook) is on my X-mas list cuz my kids have taken over the ipad.
      But nothing beats the smell and feel of an actual book. And going to a book store still gives me butterflies. *sigh*


  3. I have a Kindle but it just sits there and doesn’t do any of that vibrating stuff. These commercials immediately reminded me of the old coffee ads . I think they were Maxwell House in the 70’s or 80’s but this couple was so obviously doing it over coffee…


    1. hahaha! YES! I remember, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s so funny how the marketers try to get us interested in people, or a story….characters. marketing is very interesting.


    1. ….or would it be awesome for your marriage……???? to be continued….


      I know, it does all seem overcomplicated, doesn’t it? I mean, my 6yo can explain just about anything to me. Do I REALLY need live help to navigate a freakin’ ereader???


  4. Oh I’m definitely with you on a male version of Amy! I’d probably just push the Mayday button every day and pretend I don’t know how to work the gadget.

    I only have the Kindle app on my phone and laptop. I don’t feel the need to get a separate gadget for reading ebooks.


    1. I need to get a separate gadget cuz my kids have taken over my ipad and therefore my kindle app. Otherwise, I wouldn’t either. I think if I knew there was a total hottie on the other side of the Mayday button, I’d be too shy to press it anyway..haha! I’d get too nervous. Or I’d drink about 3 glasses of wine first. Oh no, that would actually be a really bad idea. *cue porn music*


    1. I know, isn’t it hilarious? I would love to be in the room during the marketing conference when they came up with this….it’s actually fascinating. It’s all so deliberate and based on tons of research. I guess viewers want a story! Wild. I’m tellin’ you…..50 shades of Kindle…..


  5. I thought that commercial was a bit odd, the flirty uncle asking about parental controls…I don’t know, it was just odd. 🙂
    I have a Kindle, but the Mayday button I’d never use. I think I’m paranoid about asking for live help, as if clicking that button means I’ve allowed Amazon into my home, like unleashing a supernatural portal or something. “Don’t go into the light…”


    1. hahaha! I know, I wouldn’t use it either. I would just ask my 6yo to explain it to me. He knows everything.

      so glad you noticed the flirty air of the commercial, too! My husband thinks I’m reading into it, and I’m like, “look at them! they’re totally flirting!” he just shakes his head like I’m nuts.


  6. You know, I just commented the other day about how those commercials make me throw up in my mouth just a little. But oh, how you make me laugh and the description of the Kindle…well, THAT was kinda hot. I hope you get one for Christmas and if you push the Mayday button, please write about it. I’m begging 🙂


    1. I guarantee I will, Sandy!! But I’m scared of the button. Will you push it for me? Or better yet, let’s drink some wine and both push it. OH, did I just insinuate a ménage? that’s not what I meant at all. I just meant it’s better to handle these things with support. but maybe not in this instance. I’ve had a lot of caffeine. I’m going to walk away from the computer now…..


  7. I use iBooks on my iPad. I love reading but I find I am distracted nowadays – just too much else to do on my iPad (like looking at hot bods on your Pininterest board). I would definitely use a mayday button if it included a hot guy popping out – wonder when they going to introduce a hologram function on the iPad?


    1. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying my pinterest board! You know, just cuz I don’t want all that arduous research to be all for not.

      oh, hmmmm.. hologram on the ipad…..interesting prospect. You are so smart, Lanthie. 3D. me likey.


  8. Mayday! Mayday! I have a Kobo. Inherited it from my daughter who was given it for Christmas. She has an iPad so it was redundant. I love it for travel. No need to lug heavy books with me. Only use it for that though and it currently is in dire need of a charge. Ah! I must be in need of a trip!


    1. Yes, they are highly convenient for travel! And for immediate gratification (not talking about Mayday haha!), like when I want a certain book RIGHT NOW, I can just download it. I love that!


  9. I still refuse to buy and kindle. I don’t care about all the logical arguments because I will not succumb. The 200+ books I own are my defense. Someday, I will have Belle’s library. A kindle can never give me that kind of beauty.

    On a much more serious note, I find it interesting how kindles and such are becoming more and more like tablets. The line between e-reader and tablet is skewed. If I were ever to consider an e-reader, I’d probably opt for a windows Surface or something. I mean, it will do the same thing and more. Expect I like books. So, actually, I’m just going to keep buying books ^_^.


    1. You’re right, they are like tablets! In fact, we have an ipad and my kindle app is on it at the moment. I write on the ipad a ton, so that’s why we initially bought it, although now it’s basically my son’s and I only use it to read books on trips!

      I hear ya on the tangible books. I still buy those mostly, too, but I do like the convenience of an ebook on trips and such. Personally, I find there’s room for both in the world. Love the smell and feel of a book though. Always. Nothing will ever replace that.


  10. dear Lord. I NEVER thought about these commercials that way. but they are definitely going to do it. jeez. also, I’m lol-ing at “Fifty shades of Kindle.”


    1. I can’t wait to see what the next commercial will be…..he’s in bed, no shirt, covers across his lap, kindle in hands, hits the Mayday button…”hey Amy, will you talk me through spreadsheets?” *cue porn music*


  11. The post and all of the comments are a riot, Beth! Good luck on getting your Kindle and yes for a full report on the Mayday button. Though, that did made me think of May Day (Grace Jones) from the movie A View To A Kill. Now, if it can zap Natalie Portman or Taylor Swift this way…I don’t play guitar but I’m totally in with my Golden Retriever, Phoenix 🙂


    1. Oh, I forgot all about that movie! You have a great memory.

      I love that you read through all the comments. I always tell my friends to read the comments cuz that’s where all the magic is! People are hilarious.


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