Lexicon of Lust

This poem is in honor of August McLaughlin’s The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest III: #GirlBoner edition. If you haven’t read the bloggers who participated, you need to. Just hit that link in August’s name. I didn’t know about it in time to contribute, but it did inspire this poem. Lexicon Of Lust was sitting in drafts all lonely. Today I set it free.

eyes meet
giggle, blush
lips kiss
skin tingles
tug, touch
explore, moan
hard, throb
suck, nibble
wet, tremble
not there
here, yes
don’t stop
bite, caress
stroke, lick
rub, quiver
thrust, gasp
grind, deeper
harder, yes
yes. yes

Oh God



**UPDATE: August read this and added it to the #BOAW III: #GirlBoner site! COOL!


  1. You go, girl! Nothing wrong with joining the party a little late. Love your piece. Isn’t it cool to see all the many different ways everyone’s approaching female sexuality empowerment? That, for me, has been the best part of this Blog Party. So many different, beautiful messages of empowerment. ❤


  2. Wow! That’s hot, hot, hot! I really liked how you used just single words to take us through that. I also went and checked out the post. I’d never heard of Girl Boner or August before so I’m glad you shared!


    1. Yes the single words were deliberate for build-up and tension, but also…the shape of the poem. haha! And I’m thrilled that you checked out August’s site!! She’s such an incredible talent, not to mention an inspiration.

      Thanks, Deanna! xoxo


        1. AW thanks, that means a lot. I have to admit, my heart was pounding before hitting that publish button! Definitely a more “naked” post for me! But I’m getting great feedback and that makes it all worth it.


  3. Egad! NSFW warning next time, perhaps?
    Wouldn’t have stopped me from reading it at my desk, but at least I would have known what I was getting in to…

    Very well done!!!


  4. Lordy! Some of us still have to TRY to be productive today ya know, Beth! Shower time…extra cold. This was absolutely amazing and you continue to boggle my mind with your incredible writing! I did click over to August’s site…I may listen to one of those later lol (can’t right now, ya know)! You rock always, our friend 🙂


    1. Her site is amazing. Thanks so much for your support, as always. I cherish our friendship!
      Oh, and yeah, better listen to the podcast (August’s) and read the other posts at home…HOTSIZZLESEXY.


  5. Great poem, Bethie. Mathair and I are so glad you joined in on the sexy fun. Though it’s only our second BOAW, the posts just seem to keep getting better. Love the Girl Boner edition that August did. We’re praying she does the same next year. BTW, we totally had that sexy-ass song from your *hubby* playing, Secrets by Maroon 5, in the background while we read it. Yep. We randomly listen to that beautiful voice throughout the day. Thought you’d appreciate the background music. 😉


    1. EHMAHGERD DO NOT EVEN START TALKING ABOUT ADAM!!!! The Voice premiered last night….I was glued to the TV! Although I do prefer scruffy Adam to clean-cut Adam, but I’ll take him either way. AND THE SECRET!! I listen to that song Every. Single. Day. *sigh* I LOVEADORE that it was on in the background while you read my poem! It’s like he and I sort of had cyber sex, right? RIGHT??


      1. LOL I can just see you slinking around your house while belting that song out. 😉 Wait… THE VOICE PREMIERED LAST NIGHT?! WHERE THE F**K WAS I?! This is what editing gets you… stupid… stupid editing. I’m going to croak if it’s not on our DVR. *Heavy sigh* okay. I’m glad I got all that out. Sorry for the freak out. I also love scruffy Adam. If I could… I’d take the freakin’ razor out of his hand… then give him a good spanking for even contemplating to shave off that sexiness.


  6. Woooowheeee! Very hot. I wish I’d known about this project beforehand! So many awesome things happening. I guess you can’t participate in them all. I’m going to check out the link. ((Hey, you should link this up at my hop btw.))


    1. Seriously? I would LOVE to link it to your hop! Is it live now? *running to check*

      and yes, I agree, SO many things going on! There’s no way to participate in all of them!


      1. I fell ASLEEP! TimeZoning (and maybe a developing cold) bit me in the ass and in spite of FOUR naps in the van between patients and on lunch, I came home, did a doodle and went right to bed. FOR THREE AND A HALF HOURS!



        1. Did a doodle? I’m praying that meant a drawing.

          Poor lass! (<<did I just sound totally English or what??) Your body is fighting something. I'm glad you were able to get the rest you needed. Hope you're feeling better (or more rested) tomorrow!


          1. *snorks with laughter* YES A DRAWING you…ohmigosh! Got completely X-Ponded by thatone, huh? Oops!

            Aye lassie, tha sounded fair Narthern, so tha did. Tha durstn’t shape thy accent too badly fe’ a New Worlder.

            And yup – fine now thanks. Another wee nap once I got home tonight and BOOM back into the running group, hill sprints and a quite satisfactory 8.5 mile total 😀

            (now just hijacking your sexy-poem-comment-section for natter…should probably just mssg you but whatevs 🙂 )


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