“Crap It”, And Other Profound Thoughts

The most unexpected part of being a grownup is….

Things like this still happen to me:

After all these years, I’m still the dingy blonde I was in my youth. Naively positive. Mostly oblivious. Probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle. But I’m entertaining, so there’s that. *sigh*

As a teen, I assumed my adult life would be like my mother’s: stressful, disappointing, lonely, desperate, scary. I thought that’s what happened to moms. Dads moved out and got to live the life they wanted, while moms were left to work three jobs to raise the kids.

I’m so grateful I realized that belief was wrong. Her experiences do not have to define mine. I’m happy. The opposite of what I expected of adult/wife/motherhood. But exactly what I deserve.

Speaking of being grateful…

**Kick-Ass Stuff**

I’m the First Ever Guest Bard over at The Well Tempered Bards! To have my words there, so completely safe and honored, is mind-blowingly cool. OH, and Lizzi drew the most magnificent picture to accompany my poem! It’s STELLAR. You have to head over there and see! We make quite the team.

The Well Tempered Guest Bards

My dog brought a baby bunny in the house. It wasn’t hurt. I was able to wrap it in a towel and keep it safe and warm until I could return it to the backyard. But not without petting its tiny ears and making lost of *squeee* noises.

baby bunny photo: baby bunny baby-animals.jpg

I want a whole litter of these. Immediately.

The new season of The Voice premiered. By now, you know why this rocks my world. This counts as two thankfuls. Because Adam.
adam levine photo:  b2.jpg

The new season of Survivor started. (Yes, I still watch it. Shaddup.)

Can you tell I like TV?

I’m looking forward to not only Friday night with friends, but also Saturday. It’s gonna be a really fun weekend. (another two-fer. Two nights. Two thankfuls. WORD)

My crazy-ass husband was out of town recently. I spoke to him over the phone so early one morning the sun hadn’t even risen yet. I was still in bed. You know what he’d already done? Run up the stairs of his hotel. 48 FLOORS. TWICE. What kind of pod person does shiz like that? He’s nuts. (shhh. I’m really proud of his drive and determination. Don’t tell him)

I’m thankful my ankle is healing really fast. It’s sore and I don’t have full range of motion yet, but I can walk on it with just a teeny tiny limp.


Don’t worry. It looks much better now.

My sons are constant source of amusement. Yesterday was my 9yo’s first time to do STAAR testing in school. When he got home, I went to sign his binder and found…well, just look below. To the right, he wrote,”Test. Worst day EVER!” Underneath (scribbled out by me) were the words, “crap it”.

crap it

Makin’ the family proud

This was a combo-ninja-two-fer hop! I participated in Finish The Sentence Friday and Ten Things of Thankful. Join up! Just hit their buttons on my sidebar.

Has anything surprised you about being a grownup? Are you a total ding-bat like me? Do your pets bring you “gifts”? What are your favorite TV shows?


  1. Aloha lovely lady, your title pulled me in. Crap being one of my favourite words.

    Your husband is not only crazy – but what do you think all the people sleeping next to the stairwell were thinking when they heard this pounding (and possible deep huffing) going past their room 3 or 4 times (cos he ran back down as well, right?) . . . could have been a lot of people in nighties chasing him down screaming ‘where’s the fire?’


  2. I think I have your husband’s disease because I set my alarm for 5:45 am so that I could hit the hotel gym BEFORE a day of walking the convention hall floor all day. Who is this person, and what have they done with the real Nancy?

    ps Your son sounds like a cool kid. Crap it.


    1. 5:45? Voluntarily? For exercise? Uh….NO.

      And as for my son….he’s pretty cool, yes. Thanks. He’s pretty smart-ass, too, which leads to a lot of funny stories. haha!


  3. Love the way you write. These are great reasons to be thankful. I have two Shih Tzus and they don’t bring me anything but they defend our ‘fortress’ so there’s that. I love watching Adam! uh, I mean the Voice.


    1. YAY #teamAdam haha that’s awesome.

      Shih Tzus are super protective! I bet they’re cute!

      thank you for the awesome compliment. 🙂 LURVE the way you write, too, chica.


  4. Ha! Funny stuff. Am watching “The Voice” Right now. Love the give and take between the coaches. Who cares who’s singing? Did you see the gift Adam sent Blake this summer????


    1. Wait, what gift? I have no idea about it! Yeah, we watched this night — they’re all SO funny! My favorite so far is the blues-y chick from the first night. She was a bad-ass! I like the texas girl, too. The one from last night. She had a cool voice.


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