HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most supportive hop EVAH: Ten Things of Thankful!

Without further ado, here are my thankfuls for this week…

1. This HOP. Duh. And the fact that it made it to the ripe, still-sexy age of 50! WOOOP! I’m so grateful for this community of incredible people!

2. The ability to muster strength and courage this week, which was only possible with the tiny shred of confidence I’ve managed to build over the past few months. I realize this is vague, but just know I had reason to feel ten feet tall. I conquered something. Something that has conquered me in the past. For now, I rule the kingdom. LIKE A BOSS.

3. My sisterwives. You know who you are, and you know why I’m thankful for you especially this week.

3. THERE ARE ONLY 5 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT! Bring on: sleeping in; summer trips; NO routine; lazy days by the pool; movies; fun with friends; possibilities, and sunkissed faces. Oh. and Corona. Lots and lots of Corona.

4. Game of Thrones. I feel the need to express my gratitude for this show.

5. Rainy days. Love love love rainy days. (sorry Lizzi!)

6. Freshly Pressed! WHAT?! I know! I never, ever thought I’d write anything worthy of being FP’d. When I was notified, I FAHREEKED OUT. It was a whirlwind couple of days where my stats blew through the roof. Definitely the highlight of this little blogger’s life so far. I have to THANK my friends who believed in the post so much, they made it their mission to get it noticed by the WP editors. You know who you are. I can never thank you enough.

7. This quote:

What if I fall?

Oh, but my darling…

what if you fly?

I’m systematically replacing every self-doubt-filled cell in my body with these words until I believe in myself as much as others do.

8. The fact that I live a block from an area where Milo can be leash-free and run around like this:

la rue

He’s smiling, isn’t he?

9. My children and husband, on separate occasions this past week, made me laugh so hard I cried. Laughing that hard trumps anything. Even chocolate. And wine. But probably not Adam.

10.  Real life time I’m able to spend with friends. Daily convos and weekly get-togethers with my Beanie that are the air I breathe. Mandi, my book whisperer and fellow-perv, who I get to see next week. Vanessa, who I’ll undoubtedly see Saturday night. (and hopefully Kathy soon. Momma needs her Ethiopian food fix!) These people fill my soul.

11. I have to add this right now, because HELMETS. The hubs just came home from a bike ride. He wrecked really bad. His handlebars caught a tree and he flew over the bars and landed on his head hard enough to crack his helmet. His face and shoulder are pretty banged up. BUT, he’d be in the hospital if it wasn’t for his helmet!


Ten Things of Thankful


  1. A great list. LOVE #5. And #11 (cos I’d probably be dead if not for helmets). Hope he feels better soon.

    Love that you get to laugh and have no routine and see your people 🙂 Enjoy. Some pretty epic Thankfuls here 🙂


    1. Awww, thanks BlogWife-O-mine. You know, I thought it was a pretty underwhelming TToT post, but then when I’m reading it through the eyes of others, I see that’s it IS pretty epic after all. 🙂

      and yes, I’d very thankful YOU wear a helmet too! It most certainly saved you severe damage if not worse.

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      1. They don’t have to be things which change the whole world due to their sheer incredibleness – that was never the point of the hop, now was it? Just to focus on the big and small and middle-sized things which bring us moments of happiness or make us thankful for them, in the week, and to just…for the duration of writing a blog post (and, I guess, engaging with it in the comments and what have you)…paying them heed. Acknowledging that they happened, that they’re good, and that they were there.

        And yes – some of these things you have going on, really ARE completely awesome. I guess we get immune to our own sources of happiness, just through familiarity.

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  2. Yes, self doubt, it’s like carrying the injury from the fall your hubby took without the helmet…or actually riding anywhere…because, self doubt.

    Oh yeah, and yaayy for helmets! I still have one that bears the scars where my cheek and jaw would’ve been ground away to nothing were it not between me and the high speed bitumen.

    For what it’s worth Bethie, I’m proud of you…also I’m in love with your mind. LLH&R REDdog


    1. Oh yes, Rd, if there’s any place a helmet is most important, it’s on a motorcycle! I shudder when I see riders on the highway without them. I’ve see a terrible accident before, but thankfully the lady was wearing a helmet and although I was CERTAIN she was killed, she walked away with bumps and bruises only. I’ll never forget that.

      In love with my mind??? ME LIKEY. That’s kind of hot. 🙂


  3. Beth, you are very worthy of being Freshly Pressed. Don’t ever doubt your abilities. I’m glad that post was selected. I remember reading it when you first published it and it impressed me then, as it no doubt did thousands of others this week.


      1. I can bask in the Baldwin comparison, his mother Carol living here in the Syracuse area and all. I have met two Baldwin brothers but not Alec. Alas, I did not have that line in mind when I wrote it, Wish I had. Great movie line. You’re welcome, Beth!

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  4. BETH!!!!!! oh favorite dancer of the virgins!!!! (well wait a minute now, does that infer virginity to you??? Cuz …not what I meant)…I always love to see you at the top because yours are some of my favorite list and this one is no exception! Congrats on fp…living hub….and conquering mysterious challenges of life as we know it!!!!


  5. I am with Lizzi on the rain issue. Yes, I know we need it at times, but still love my sunny days more. And we have 8 days left of school here and just can’t believe how quick this past year went!


    1. OMG I know, this year went by SO FAST! It freaks my freak. I can’t believe my youngest has finished Kindergarten. It seems like yesterday that he began it. WOW.


  6. Great list! I love lists. 😉 I especially loved #2 & 3, but #7 is one I need utilize big time in my life right now. I’ve felt so paralyzed by self-doubt lately and I need to replace those negative thoughts. And so glad you’re husband is ok! MUAH, SW!


  7. What an amazing thankful post! I could comment on each item, but I will contain myself to saying that I have a tremendous amount or faith in you, and I am so glad your husband was wearing his helmet! Here’s to beer!

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  8. Congrats on your post being freshly pressed! (Is that what you say? I’m not sure.) It was definitely worthy. And glad your man wore his helmet, but I have to tell you, when I first read that, I read “helmet” as “Hemelt” which is my last name, and was so happy you were thankful for me!


    1. I’m thankful for you. I was thinking of you today and thinking I want to send you another glitterbomb but I just need to figure out what to put in it…


  9. Hi Bethie!

    I’m sweating my lady balls off in a packed non-air conditioned gym, because…karate tournament!

    I don’t think I need back up here.

    But I saw your cake on the book of face and I had to pop by and tell you that I’m grateful for so many of the same things- particularly that you were Freshly Pressed.

    Love you, sister wife. You keep me hopeful.


  10. Oh my word, biking can be dangerous. Yay for helmets and husbands who actually wear them. My brother in law was in a bike accident recently. He broke his collar bone and six ribs. But no head injury, which is most important!
    You are talented. You are funny. You are a great writer. Don’t doubt yourself. And congrats on the wpfpwifi whatever it is. It was a fantastic post.
    So glad to see you at our birthday TToT!


    1. hahaha thanks. Being wqpfpwifi whateverthehell was pretty exciting. 🙂 As far as the self-doubt thing….working on it. In the meantime, thank you for your kind words. Coming from you, it means a lot. (and glad your bro-in-law is okay! scary!)


  11. Another yay for helmets here! My younger brother bikes avidly and was hit by a car a few years ago, hit the cement with his face/head. Destroyed the helmet, but it saved his life.

    Omigosh–I love that quote too, so much! And I love that you’re ten feet tall…I’m gonna need some of that mojo this week for some stuff I know is coming up in my life, so, wish me luck.

    And–Congrats on a YEAR! woot! *clink!*


    1. *sending mojo to Stef* You stand tall, whatever it is you’re heading into. You can do it, chica.

      OHMY I’m so glad your bro was okay! Yes, helmets are the shiz!


    1. Hi Lisa! Ah, yes, that effer, self-doubt. It seems to be something I perpetually work on. I hate it. I wish I had the blind faith others have. Imagine what I could do? *sigh*


  12. I love this whole entire list so much! And not just because it was much like mine 🙂 I am truly proud that you were FP’d. That was one powerful piece of writing and it needs to be read by many, many, MANY people.
    I’m really glad hubby is okay. That’s a scary thing to happen.


    1. I know, we did have similar lists! They were damn good lists, tho! Awesome stuff for both of us to be thankful for. And thx for the sweet words about the FP post. I can’t even tell you the amazing people I’ve met through that post, not to mention the sense of community regarding that subject.


  13. Glad to hear your husband is okay, that is scary. That is a really good-lookin dog there! Congratulations on your success, whatever it is, and confidence is priceless!!! I’m always surprised when someone so awesome has to work on their confidence, but we’re all just humans at our meaty core, aren’t we? Glad you’re realizing your awesomeness, like a boss. And yes, GAME OF THRONES!! I always tease my husband that the SHOW is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, because of the show we learned about the books, and now we’re such dorks we play Game of Thrones card game, when we can get the chance. I’m sure he thinks I’m hilarious. (not). LOVE THE SHOW and books SO MUCH. Only 3 more episodes this season 😦


    1. JOY! Did you read the books first? I didn’t, but now I wish I had! I don’t know if I can go back and read them now that I’ve seen the show…..do you think I can? Does the show depart much? And I totally know what you mean…it’s definitely the best series I’ve ever watched!


  14. I am so excited about seeing you on Wednesday, and I can’t believe you actually included that in your post. OMG I love you to the moon and back, and I might hug you so tight that I squeeze your boobs a little, but that’s just because I miss your friggin beautiful face. (Actually, you don’t have to worry about the hug because I’m really bad at hugging. I hug well when other people are good huggers, but other than that, I kind of hug fail every time and end up just offering a side hug.)

    Milo – love him and hopefully I’ll get to scratch his ears some time this summer…yes, I’m inviting us over to your house.

    So glad J wears a helmet and that he didn’t hurt himself too badly. My J’s cousin was terribly injured last year when she was chased by three dogs while doing a routine ride one morning. She broke her hip and her collar bone, but because of the helmet, she didn’t suffer any major brain trauma. From someone who has suffered a serious head injury, (I’m sure it’s obvious sometimes) it’s a huge bonus that Jim did not. What a headache…see what I did there?

    That quote doesn’t even begin to measure up to your talent/beauty/intelligence/allofyou. What if you fly? Darling BBB, you’re going to soar.


    1. I’m just reading this? I guess I read it a while back and replying got away from me. It’s funny to read it now cuz you and I did an AWESOME hug without any hesitation or awkwardness (not that I expected there to be, but we’re both self-confessed bad huggers).

      The other day I was at this meeting and Robyn introduced me to this lady and she comes in for a hug. In my head I was literally panicking! I’m all, “she’s going to hug me. OMG I don’t even know her. Who hugs on first meets? No one. That’s who. This is happening. We’re hugging”


  15. Congratulations on being freshly pressed! That is awesome.

    I’m glad your husband was wearing his helmet. How scary. Hope he feels better quickly.

    Can hardly wait for a new Game of Thrones tonight. Even though I’ve already read the books (and have a good idea what will happen), I love that show.


    1. I didn’t read the books either. I was sort of intimidated/turned off by the size of the series, and I had NO idea of its genius at the time. Now I wish I read them first, ya know? But the TV series….omg….brillz.


  16. Great list! Love the amount of Coronas you will be consuming, the laughing fit you had (nothing better) and Milo! Oh, and being fp’d of course! I’ve been crazy with daughter’s prom and graduation planning that I am beaucoup behind on reading posts! I’ll go check out that post of yours. 🙂


    1. hahaha yeah, Corona is my love. I hope the graduation and prom go GREAT! That’s exciting stuff! (and don’t even worry….I’m in a constant state of being behind on blog reading….)


  17. Oh my gosh, I hope the husband is okay :-/ That’s hella scary.
    And! Triumphant week indeed. I was so absent from facebook but– *bossnod* Kick Ass.
    That is all.


    1. Seriously scary! He always wears a helmet, and he won’t let our kids ride anything without one, so I’m very thankful for that. I can’t imagine how many head injuries our helmets have prevented! We have a house of crazy boys!


  18. Wait, self doubt? No. No. no no no. Oh. Right. yeah to that.
    Here’s to being thankful and a like YEAR or whatever and DUDE awesome for the FP thing!!!

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  19. So glad you have so much to be thankful for, Beth! #7 is a great quote! I should definitely try to live by that one. 🙂

    By the way, this may sound odd, but I had a dream about you last night! I got to meet you in person, and you were the sweetest, funniest person ever! I think my subconscious was trying to tell me that I should find time to visit your blog more often. 😉


    1. WHAT? You dreamed about me? That’s so exciting! I love infiltrating people’s heads….mwahahaha.

      I’m super excited to see you here, J.C. 🙂 I am perpetually behind on reading, so I totally understand getting behind on blogs! I need to get to yours too!


  20. Helmets!! YES to HELMETS!! I love that quote, so gentle and a** kicking all at the same time. I love so many things about your list. If it was real I would give it a big hug! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.


    1. Warm and Fuzzy is the best compliment EVAH! Thanks! glad you liked the quote; you describe it perfectly. That’s why I felt the need to share it – everyone needs to read it!


  21. I love rainy days if I don’t have to go outside in them. Then it can rain, storm, thunder, hail (no tornadoes) all it wants.
    Helmets have always been mandatory for bike riding at our house. Because an adult we knew was killed when he was riding with his grandchildren, fell off his bike, struck his head and died. And was not riding fast at all. Helmets save lives. And my daughter, who didn’t want helmet hair, chose not to be a bike rider, which was fine. She had her choice and she chose to have pretty hair.
    Milo is definitely smiling.


    1. Oh that’s such a sad story about the grandfather! Terrible. yes, helmets really do save lives. And I totally respect choosing pretty hair over biking. helmet head is no bueno.


  22. Wait. You were FP? What?? That’s fabulous Writer B!! I’m going to have to go and find the post now – forgive me, I live under a rock, after all 😉 Game of Thrones – yes! Milo IS smiling! And I hope hubby is ok – that sounds hellishly painful.


  23. AUGGHHH! I almost missed this post. Love your gratitude, your infectiously glorious spirit…and YOU!

    “I’m systematically replacing every self-doubt-filled cell in my body with these words until I believe in myself as much as others do.”

    Beautiful, Beth. So glad I stumbled over here this morning…the universe tends to lead me your direction when I need a smile, a laugh and a happy heart. Thank you!
    (Somehow the picture of decomposing kitchen waste I wanted to send you last night just doesn’t feel light and happy….it did smell wonderful, though. Even hubby thought so :-))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha you can ALWAYS send me pics of decomposing kitchen waste! And I love that the Universe sent you here! You’re so freakin’ kick-ass, Michelle. I hope you know how much you make me smile. 🙂 (<<way bigger than that. WAY bigger!)


  24. Yes, 50 is sexy. I turned 50 last August. You rock it blond; I, brunette. All in all, two sexy mamas and wives. Lucky hubbies, our men. Thank God for helmets. My husband and son regularly take insane risks downhill mountain biking. Both of their heads have been saved by helmets. My son was once so concussed that the ER did a CT scan. Scary.


    1. 50 is absolutely sexy! Although, I didn’t turn 50, the blog hop did. But I’m nearing up on it. I turn 44 the end of this year, so it’s just around the corner for me. 🙂 (p.s. glad your son is okay!)


  25. Beth, I realised today that you are one of my no.1 promoters and I hadn’t even visited your blog. Shame on me. So now I will read and comment on ALL THE THINGS like some kind of crazy stalker. *sings* Every breath you taaaake, every move you maaaaake…etc etc.

    I love your Ten Things. Makes me wish I was a girl so I could be a sisterwife too (only not really). And I’m totally with you on the rainy days. Especially when you’re sitting in the car listening to it. Mmmm 🙂


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