That’s What She Said Last Night


I’m pretty sure Lizzi hinted something to the effect of naked people and a cake?! Well, that’s what I heard so that’s what I’m goin’ with. I had better see some nudity, preferably in the form of a hot man. I call licking the spoon!

Ten Things of Thankful

Uhhh, I see cupcakes, but no hottie. WTF? I guess I have to take matters into my own hands, AS USUAL. Please take the time to peruse the at least 15 extra special cakey new additions to my *special* Pinterest board. It was tough research, but I think you’ll appreciate the outcome. Enjoy. I know Lizzi will.

ANYway, I have plenty to be thankful for, but am also a bit panicked because as I’m typing it’ll be just *looks at watch* four hours before my two boys will be home from school for the next nine days. NINE DAYS. This is something to be grateful for. Probably. And I am. A little. But part of me is also squinching (that’s a word, autocorrect!) because of all the writing still on my plate that I’m clearly not going to finish this month as I’d hoped. I sort of forgot about that whole nine days I’m home with the kids right after five days with my family. So I’m taking the pressure off myself *lifts off and throws*. I’ll finish when I finish. *sticks tongue out at no one in particular*

Now on to some fun stuff, you know, since I have no more pressure on me. Yippeeee!

I’m thankful the pressure to finish all my editing this month is gone. Thank you, Beth! Oh, no problem! You’re so welcome! You’re the best! No, you are. No YOU are. Stop! You stop!

I’m thankful for birthdays, namely my good friend, Kathy’s, because she always chooses our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba, to have her birthday meal, and it’s always the best day ever. The aromas…the tastes….the whole experience is transcendent. Happy Birthday, Kathy! I had SO much fun. See you in a few weeks for mine. Guess where we’re goin? My mouth is watering already. yebeg

I’m thankful that my almost-fiancé-sextape-partner Adam Levine was chosen sexiest man alive by People magazine! Wooop! Good job, sugar-buns! Way to work it!

adam levine photo: adam-levine- adam-levine--1.jpg

….and thankful/tickled that people went out of their way to text and call me, alerting me of the above news. The fact that others associate me with him is the most fun thing EVAH. My work is done. Now if I can just get him to do it….*taps finger on chin deviously*

I’m am infinitely thankful for maid services. I don’t use them on a regular basis, but every so often I have a full cleaning done…and ermergahrd…I have two boys who keep me picking up after them constantly….to come home to this e-n-t-I-r-e house immaculate….all at once…I have three words for you: better than sex.

I’m so very grateful for Movember, because beards. BEARDS. Facial hair is sexy as hell. Doesn’t have to be full beards, in fact, I prefer goatees, scruff, shadows…ohemgee…hot. This is my favorite time of year. The hubs is looking scrumptious.

I’m grateful for the weather, and this will count for two thankfuls:

a) for bringing cold weather so I can live in beanie hats for the next three months.

b) for bringing “fronts” and “pressure systems” and “drama weather” so I can finally win the weatherman argument with my husband! Our one biggest, never ending disagreement is over meteorology. He thinks weatherman are as full of shit as palm readers (hey – I love me a palm reader!) and I happen to respect the profession. I mean, it’s based on science, people. SCIENCE. I digress…


Watching the weather at our house is down right comical because I staunchly defend them while he’s busting out an exaggerated forecaster impersonation, which is actually funny so I try desperately not to laugh. Jim knows, he KNOWS, they are right more often than not, he just won’t admit it. This Winter I’m making a graph…I’ll show him….muwahahah. Last night they predicted a strong front bringing cold and rain. IT HAPPENED.

Weatherman – 1, Jim – bigfatzero.   SUCKIT

I’m thankful for last minute babysitters! We’re going to the movies – WOOP! I think we’re seeing…..oh, who am I kidding. I don’t even know. I’m in it for the popcorn….


Yes. That’s a stein of wine.

(We saw “The Armstrong Lie”. It was pretty interesting. But I drank a freakin’ gallon of wine. The Smurfs would’ve been interesting.)

And that’s ten! No no no, don’t go back and count….it’s ten. Shhh. shhhh *pets your hair* Now go on to comments and tell me what you’re thankful for, or join up with the TToT group yourself! Do you trust weatherman? Come on, pick a side! Are you on Team Beth or Team Loser Jim? I heart your comments BIG!


  1. Hi Beth, fantastic post, with an extra 10 points from the Irish judge for the eye-candy scoring 4 important Inion N. Mathair stud-muffin-picks. Of course you know my discontent over my daughters choice in scrawny tattooed rockers, (she clears her throat) that you just so happen to be ex-wifey too! Yes, okay People magazines sexiest man alive is the first man I’m talking about! & yes, he’s gorgeous, Mrs. Levine!! 😛 Shhh…don’t tell Inion! I’ll never hear the end of it.
    You get that plug, only because of the other 3 I’m talking about. First and foremost, our dream-boy to play the arrogant Kevin Yager, (Aaron Johnson) Luv him & can’t tell you how happy I was to see him in your pics. 2. Joe Mag….. okay the really big Italian from True Blood, Big Dick Richard from Magic Mike (she blushes) did I really just say that?! & the nasty lil shit bully from Spiderman! Boy did our boy grow up nicely. See what stalking super hero’s will do for ya? Does the body better than milk!
    As for the 3rd, of course it goes to the gorgeous Magic Mike himself, the only white boy I’ve ever seen move his ass like that. Good Lord, thank you for that southern hunk!! Now that I’ve got that out of my system, Inion N. Mathair has to be team Jim: Hold up….let me tell you why before you spaz & think we’ve betrayed you. We’ve been discussing this, recently at our writers group party, where we use the artistic ploy to eat at a nice restaurant owned by our dear friend, Richard & get buzzed on wine. You came up in the table-talk. We were telling the mayor of our town (whose my grandfather’s old golfing buddy) & our writer friends, about OUR crazy Bethie! What bought you up, was our group leader who I quote said: Whose the pretty blonde on your blog when you first pull it up? We said & I quote: “Oh…that’s our Bethie!” You held the conversation quite nicely for twenty minutes without even being present, when Inion made the statement: Her husband has to be awesome, to have nabbed a girl that frigging great!! Taaaadaa See that? Compliment you by way of your husband! Two birds with one stone & that’s all we have to say! 🙂


    1. *smiling huge* omgosh, so much fun!!! I love that you appreciate the vast array of hotties on my board. haha! I do love me some Aaron Johnson *drool*, and I’m clearly drawn to the scrawny tatted boys as well. *sigh* What was I talking about?

      Oh…I had to read your comment to Jim and he just smiled so big! So sweet! He does consider himself very lucky, but for real, I’m the lucky one! He’s the best. 🙂
      I mean, he read this whole post and even looked over my pinterest board and just shook his head grinning….who does that? He’s a man confident in himself and that’s just HOT.

      I also have to thank you again for the spotlight share on your blog. I’ve had so many visitors (and followers!) from it and I appreciate you two so very much! I wish I could take a photo of the whole thing – even comments – cuz I don’t think that many nice things will be said about me again until my eulogy! LOL. Seriously, though, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. XOXO


  2. *eyes glaze over* *finds self in happy place*

    *maybe drools a little*

    Sorry…there was a TToT post here?

    Sooooo I *think* this is our first multi-coloured text rainbow-post, which is AWESOME for the big partayyy – totally love it.

    I have no idea what Ethiopian food is like, but it sounds great, and looks amazing, all on that big plate at once.

    Nine days should be FUN FUN FUN! Get the maid round afterwards and you’ll never know it happened.

    WINE? At the movies? Wow! I’m not sure you can even do that here! That must make it a million times better…does wine really go with popcorn? Might have to try it once I’m back on wine again…

    Talking (or arguing) about the weather is pretty much a national pass-time here. Like queuing, or drinking tea. We LOVE to be all up in what the warm fronts and areas of high pressure are doing, just so we can have a conversation starter. But we do like to bitch about the weathermen, HOWEVER, we seem to take them on trust but glory in their downfall when they’re wrong…not sure which team that leaves me on…


    1. Lizzzzziiiiiiii~! I’m very happy I made you happy today. 🙂

      Nine days will be fun now that I’m not stressed. We actually have a lot of fun things planned. WOOP! My kids are a hoot and I’m sure they’ll make me laugh a lot.

      The theater we went to was an independent one (The Angelika) so they have wine/beer/pizza etc. — it’s the shizz! That was a “double wine” and I was quite lit by the time I finished it. What’s that word you taught me….the English word for making out? That almost happened in the theater…that’s what happens when you have a double wine at the movies.

      I don’t know what team that puts you on either? maybe you’re double teaming us? har har har


      1. You certainly did! Tatted guys with sexy arms – you do find some goooooood eye candy 🙂 I daren’t ask how long it took you to seek them out, make the board and (what was that phrase you used?) …finish up.

        But I’m pleased to hear you’re not stressed any more 😉

        Indie movie theatres sound AWESOME. I’m gonna have to try to find one of them. I’m not sure it’s something we go in for a lot over here – seems most of them are big chains, which cost the earth and have a horrible atmosphere. And most definitely no booze.

        Snogging. You mean snogging. And it only NEARLY happened? Was the film that good? THAT’S WHAT GOING TO THE MOVIES IS FOR! *facepalm*

        (unless you were just too sloshed…)

        *snort* maybe that’s what I’m doing 😀 At least we all know where we stand now :p


        1. Well, we went into the movies with the actual intention of WATCHING it, so we didn’t choose prime snogging realty, if you know what I mean. So when the idea occurred to me, I realized we’d become the show if I acted on it because we were 2/3 down in the theater where everyone could see us!

          although I spend a luxurious amount of time *working* on my board, in actuality it doesn’t take me long to find those delicious photos because Pinterest is a freakin’ machine! You just plug in “hot guys” and they are all over you instantly! (that’s what she said last night)


          1. Ahhh okay yeah I getcha. You’d need more than a double of wine to feel inclined to ‘be the show’.

            I’m rolling my eyes and shaking my head affectionately all at once. I know that you can tell that, so I barely need to write it 😉


  3. Lord, girl! I couldn’t even finish reading this until I trolled your Pinterest board and stole a whole buncha pics for my own Hot Flashes board. I’m going back after I’ve had coffee!
    I totally thought of you when I saw Mr. Levine was the new SMA….congrats almos Mrs. Levine! He is a purty one 🙂
    I just bought a Groupon to have my house cleaned. I don’t usually ever let anyone clean my house because I’m a little anal about it (just don’t do it, Beth!) and I’m never happy but I’m at the end of my rope and must have someone do it…or it’s just not getting done!
    I’m loving you more than usual today because of your spunk and the fact that you brought me half naked hotness before 7 a.m.
    Have a lovely weekend, darling!


    1. oooohh yeah, I’ve trolled your hot flashes board and pinned from it, too, ME LIKEY. I’m so glad we share men. Well, you know what I mean….

      YES, just do it, have your house cleaned for the love of all things holy!!! Seriously. To have it done all at once is heaven. HEAVEN.

      You have a great weekend, too, Sandy! XOXOXO


  4. Hahahahaha!!! Jumped here from Home On Deranged and I’m laughing! I love the graph about the weather and telling your hubs to “suck it!” hilarious. Also, the pic of Adam drew me in – of course. Drinking wine at the movies? Yes please!!


    1. Hi There! Yeah, we were at an independent film house and they were quite generous with the wine. I was half drunk 1/3 through the movie. lol.

      I will win the weatherman war. I WILL WIN.


    1. PHIL! I never married him so he can’t be my future ex-hubby! That’s the beauty of it. See how smart I am?

      I thought of you when I took photos of the Ethiopian food! I was telling my friend how you review restaurants in NY for your blog, and how you once did Ethiopian food and I’m came unglued in your comments telling you how much I loved it. Lol. So this one’s for you, Phil!


  5. It’s easy for weather folk to be right in Tx 6 months of 100 or hotter and 6 month of their pick of cold rain and wind or just 50’s and wind. So I guess I’m on your team Beth. In NY the weather folks are way wrong more than they are right so here I’m with Jim. To break the tie all I will say is I have always loved you so screw Jim….LOL you win!


  6. Your weatherman comments remind me of the movie “LA Story” from years ago. Steve Martin plays a weatherman in Los Angeles, and he ends up taping some forecasts ahead of time so he can take a vacation. I do think weather prediction is science-based, but I also think that some regions are harder to accurately predict than others.


    1. I remember that movie! I liked it. I heart Steve Martin – he’s awesome!

      YES, the weather is extremely hard to predict! It’s basing the future on past weather behavior, so it’s impossible for it to be 100% accurate! That’s what my husband doesn’t understand. Don’t get me started…..<<>>


    1. She had me at naked….then what was I expected to do when there was no hot naked man with icing on his fingers for me to lick off? That Lizzi. She’s a tease I tell ya. So I made my own man-cake-partay! You gotta celebrate #25 TToT in Style baby! Woot woot!


      1. I hope you can hear me rolling my eyes and giggling again 😀

        You truly rose to the occasion! I shall remember that you’re the go-to gal for all things naked from now on 😉


        1. I have a spidey sense when it comes to you rolling your eyes. I always know.

          and as to your second part: excellent. Always happy to bring the ‘P’ in partay. wait..that came out wrong….ew….


          1. You might be in luck, but it’s the ANTI-naked help I need! Jak suggested an orgy for the 100th! *shakes head* You might need to point him in the direction of an equivalent to your ‘who left this here’ board so that he can get good and distracted and forget all about it.

            It was tough enough getting naked cake out of these guys…I think anything more and there’d be mutiny.


            1. Lizzi, he’s a man. He knows where to find hotties on the internet. He’s probably been doin it WAY longer than me. Lol. We’ll have to find another way to throw him off the orgy idea, cuz…. No. I stop at the number 3.
              We’ll have to find his weakness….muwhahaha. Food? Cars? Koala bears? *puts pinky to mouth like Dr. Evil* we will foil his plan!


  7. I had no doubt you would bring the naked to this here naked cake party. It goes well with my cake. 🙂
    Glad you are feeling more relaxed about the writing. Nine days off this time of year??? Never heard of such a thing outside of colleges. Hope you all have a good time.
    After our 4th baby was born, I insisted on a cleaning service to come in every other week. It was a happy time in my life. It lasted for several months. I’m thinking it’s about time to get back on that bandwagon.
    Wine at a movie theater? I love quirky little local places like that.
    I don’t care if they are right or not. I just like making fun of the “ohmywordtheworldisending behavior weathermen/women have when there is even a hint of a big storm.


    1. Well, it’s the week off from school for Thanksgiving (5 days) plus the weekend before and after, so nine days home in total.

      YAY TO MAIDS!!!!

      Not only was the quirky local theater awesome, but the area is lined with trees that are wrapped in X-mas lights, so it’s utterly magical! I’ve never seen something so pretty ‘cept in NY, really. I meant to get a photo but it was so cold and rainy when we left, we ran to the car and forgot! It’ll be like that for another two months, and it’s just 2 miles from our house, so I’ll definitely get a photo before the season is over.

      Drama weathermen! So entertaining! LOL.


  8. Facial hair! I love it! I have an ongoing battle with my daughter over it. She doesn’t like it, but I do, so my husband is stuck trying to please us both and pleasing neither.

    Oh, and maid services. Before we moved to MD and I started staying home, we could afford to do it from time to time. No more, sadly. I am the maid.


    1. Your poor husband! That’s a tough spot to be in!
      Yeah, there’s just something about a guy with some scruff on his face. More rugged looking I guess. Yum.

      No fun that you’re the full-time maid now! You could ask for a maid service on your birthday or mother’s day? Just an idea…I’ve done both! It really is one of my all time favorite luxuries. I don’t get mani pedis, or fancy hair color, expensive shoes or any of that jazz. Momma wants the house cleaned!


    1. Yes! Another Team Beth member! You rock! I told you on your blog that I hearted you BIG so I’m very happy that the feeling is mutual. 🙂 I aim to be fun over here so I hope you come back.


  9. Haha! Very funny post! I really enjoyed reading it a lot!

    I am so with you on Adam Levine. He is such a hottie!

    Love going to the cinema, too, but I’m in for the movies (okay, and the popcorn…)

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks so much, so happy you enjoyed it. 🙂

      If I went to the movies and they said the popcorn machine was broken, I’d be like…see ya! don’t get me wrong, I love me a sweet flick, but I gotsta have that popcorn whilst watching!!

      You have a great weekend, too! Thanks for reading!


  10. I’m with Christine on feeling disdain for the ‘storm of the epoch’ approach that seems to be the prevailing model for weather shows, (I know my moment of disillusionment: watching live storm coverage on the Today show. attractive weatherini in a boat in the middle of the street of a hard hit neighborhood. Halfway through the report (I swear this is true), a couple of guys walked into frame on the shot. 6 feet to her left on the sidewalk, up over their ankles in water. lol)
    So as to Teams? lover weather forecasters and nudity v disdain for the clearly discredited weather industry…. sees clear
    Put me down for Team Beth!
    hey! logic is logic

    ‘cept for your choice of dream guy… I never have thought of Eugene Levy as all that attractive.. but it must be a girl thing.

    hey, thanks for joining us at the TToT…


    1. hahahaha! Eugene Levy….now THAT was funny! And YAY Team Beth! Woop!
      I can’t believe you saw that on the Today show! LOL! and yet I can cuz they do try so hard to drama-it-up! It’s quite entertaining. I know people who watch TWC religiously (I don’t use that word loosely)



  11. sigh… I don’t know any of the men mentioned by name in the blog… I am such a media weenie… but I still no how to appreciate a generic set of pectorals!


  12. Mmmm , I love Ethiopian food! That’s where everyone goes to dance and party and eat after all the clubs shut down… I wouldn’t know about this because I don’t know about clubs and the only thing I know about 3AM is that Netflix still works.

    Weather… ahhh! Okay, I don’t have a TV so I never get to actually watch the forecasts but I have like 7 different weather apps and they never agree with each other so I just wander around in ignorance, letting the weather happen to me… It keeps a certain level of mystery in my life.


    1. omg…Aussa…they seriously PARTAY! I haven’t partied with the E-folk in years cuz I don’t know anything about 2Am anymore either (except that I want to be asleep at that hour) but back in the day (been eating that food since I was 18) we used to hang out at this one particular E restaurant all night! At 10:00 they’d bust out a DJ and there was a dance floor….we did shots….I think we may have rocked the casbah, I’m not sure, but there was a lot of alcohol, amazing food, hotties doing that cool African shoulder move when they danced….wow. Good times.

      You let weather “happen” to you….hahahaha! Wait….why? Why don’t you have a TV? Are you punishing yourself? Amish? What is it? I MUST KNOW.


      1. Hahahaha well, it’s just one of those things that happened and then kept happening… like a grandfathered pattern of behavior. I used to watch a ton of TV when I was a senior in high school– depression and all that. Then when I moved out I just sort of decreed that I would no longer be someone who watched TV…. I was afraid of wasting my life in front of a TV. I worry less about that now and just use my brother’s netflix password (shhh don’t tell him) to periodically binge when the mood hits. Now I think it is more of a resistance to paying for it because I never have.
        I wish I were Amish…. Churning my own butter and growing tulips and all that.


        1. Growing tulips….haha! That’s actually cute that you’d romanticize it to churning butter (would probably suck if you had to do it more than 1X) and tulips. I think being Amish would be a novelty for exactly 24 hours and then I’d be all, get me the eff outta here! I want a car…..and a friigin lamp….and a microwave….oh jeezus a dishwasher… Just no.

          Ok, you have netflix. I can handle that.


          1. Hahaha that’s so true. I would fail at being Amish in every way possible. We had a patient at the psych ward who was obsessed with the idea of being Amish and she may have rubbed off on me a wee bit.


  13. OK, new around here, but I love your blog already!

    The maid service thing? I am so with you. Every now and then we call them to come dig us out of whatever hole we fell into that kept us from keeping the house spotless. So amazing. They even fold the toilet paper all nice like in a hotel.


    1. Lisa! Yes, that’s exactly why I use the maids, too, and they save me. SAVE ME. The best is that if I put fresh sheets out she’ll change the linens on all the beds. OMG. I die.

      So glad you stopped by! Love LOVE love your blog, too!


  14. I’m loving your sense of humor on your blog! A maid service sounds awesome. I see why you go back to them every now and again. 🙂 I’ve never had Ethiopian food but you have me extremely curious right now! xo


    1. Hi Brittnei! Yeah, honestly, the maid service restores peace and sanity to my life just when I’m about to lose it. they are the bomb!

      I don’t know where you live, but if you have an Ethiopian restaurant I would definitely suggest trying it! It’s not spicy (some dishes are, but it’s not as a rule). You don’t use silverware, you eat it with the thin, crepe-like bread. The flavors are amazing…can’t describe it. Lots of meat and vegetarian dishes alike. I’ve been introducing people to it for over 20 years and only had 2 people that didn’t get hooked!


  15. ACK! The Naked was a Trap!

    I barreled in before coming across Lizzi’s warning. It’s all good, though, it is a pleasure “meeting” the person who is “almost” behind the success of one Adam Levine. I’m sure that torrid love affair, were it to come to fruition, would shame all 50 shades of grey (and then some).

    Maids? Well hello Mrs. Fancy Pants. Pffft. Maids.

    I hope those kids raise some hell, so your maids can be all “Time to get paid.”

    I’m afraid I’m going with Team Jim, because those mystical meteorologistic false prophets keep feeding us their weather knowledge in hushed whispered sweet nothings in our ears, but they are mostly lies!

    Thanks for adding some Naked to the party, and I supposed their was Cake if you consider Beefcakes…

    The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


    1. Well hello there! haha…you’re fun! Sorry I’m just getting back to you and to visiting your blog….did all this nudity/cake research and then got busy with family over the weekend.

      Team Jim?!? Oh, alright. I guess the poor sap needs a few team members. Those poor weatherman, they’re just trying to do their best – guessing the future based on past weather patterns – that’s not hard to anything…….what? I wasn’t trying to sway you! *bats eyelashes innocently*

      “time to get paid” lololol (that’s what she said last night) (sorry couldn’t resist. I have the humor of a 12 year old)

      Had a blast at this partay. Always happy to bring some fun….and nekid.


    2. Pffffft? It’s the socially responsible thing to do! Once ya got a bit of money, cascade it down to those who’re unemployed, and get a bit of a clean house into the bargain. We’re in negotiations. But our ‘maid’ is going to be a houseboy (cos that’s SO much cooler)


  16. I think I am love with your list! Maybe mostly the popcorn, wine and your beautiful nails, but still crushing on this list pretty hard! Love me some popcorn.
    And MOVEMBER! YEESSS! I did a whole Wordless Wednesday post on Movember and it’s been all over my Facebook page, to the chagrin of a couple people who keep telling me I’m grossing them out. Do you know about Mr. Incredibeard? Google him. He’s AMAZING! Love.
    Great list, I promise I will not count!


    1. NO – I do not know Mr. Incredibeard?! I will Google him immediately, and am I stupid enough to not follow you on FB? Why have I not seen any of this beard action? I must not….will remedy immediately. Are you on Pinterest? Oh my, we would have so much fun together….must check out your wordless Wednesday…


    1. Oh, yeah, stashes are gross. I’ve never kissed a guy with a full beard…I feel like it would gross me out. Sometimes it looks hot, though. Love the stubble, goatees, etc. Yum.
      Saw your latest post but was on my phone….can’t wait to see it on my computer so I can ogle the beautiful photos and comment! Welcome back!


  17. Well, I had to come over and see what all the fuss is about….

    Good thing I did!! Yer pretty cool. 😉

    LOVED this post!

    Hilarious and um, I tried to hire a cleaning company- actually THREE different ones (yes- they were groupons or eversaves or something totally cheap- but I felt guilty even doing it- but thought dammit I need this and deserve this! Got them for my bday- gift for ME!) anyway- every last one of them COMPLETELY bailed on me! Yep. Never showed. Each FREAKING time! Totally different companies too.

    I take that as a possible sign to get off my blogging butt and do something- really anything myself.

    Arg. Ugh. Sigh. Moan. Grumble. Pff.


    1. uh…mah…gah! I would be FAH-rious if they no showed on me 3 times! Those bigger companies suck balls! They’ve no showed on me before, too, or showed up hours late and stuff. Makes me SO mad! Plus, I prefer to know who’s coming to my house. I have that whole trust issue. The lady I use now came from someone I know who’s used her for like 15 years, and it’s always HER who comes to my house…never strangers. Very trustworthy. I could never do it any other way now. And she’s reasonably priced.


  18. My husband has always had facial hair… the ONLY time he didn’t is for our wedding (he had to shave it off for a job that he acquired about a month before the wedding). It always bugs me that our wedding pics go down in history with him all baby-faced (or as he puts it “pencil-neck geek”) and that just isn’t him. But…what can ya do?

    I would LOVE a housemaid…. can you share yours? 😉

    Back when we were dating, Chris and I went to a Ethiopian restaurant…which I thought ironic because I always grew up (you know in the 80’s) thinking that in Ethiopia, you know, all they had was a plate with one pea on it or something. But, yeah, it was a really fun experience eating at that restaurant…that picture is just exactly as I remember it. A big “tortilla” type bread thing with all the dollops of food and you tore off some of the bread and scooped up the stuff. We finally asked for silverware and the waitress gave us dirty looks. 😉 ha!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your boys!!


    1. Kari, I’ve missed you! Yes, I would happily share my gal….but I bet she couldn’t commute to you unless she had a private jet, and I don’t pay her that much. 🙂

      That’s sucks about your wedding photos….haha! I mean, it doesn’t suck-suck, like it’s not the worst thing ever, but it’s a little bummer for your hubby.

      So cool that you’ve had Ethiopian food! Yes, the bread – enjera. Yummmm. Oh, and I know, totally ironic. Whenever I say I’m going to eat Ethiopian food, people always used to say, I thought they didn’t have food, or, my favorite, you’re going to eat rice? GAH.

      You have great Thanksgiving, too!!! XOXO


  19. HOLY CRAP to your Pinterest board!!! LOVES> much loves. We do the cleaning service thing, too, and yes. Better than sex. Also, how much do I adore that you bring wine to the movies? So much. So so much. Still drooling over the Pins…xo


    1. The wine thing was cuz we were at an Independent theater that served alcohol, and it’s totally fun and cool, but they charge you reDICulous to have it! That solo cup of wine was like $18!! And it was cheap shit that gave me a headache. Next time we’re sneaking flasks of it in instead FO SHO. F#ck that shit.

      Uh….yeah…Mr. Skarsgard can take me to the red room any day and twice on Tuesday. jeezuz.


      1. Sneaking a flask sounds MUCH better. And hahah to the red room. I’d even let him take me in a crappy gas station restroom. He’s that hot.


        1. LMAO nasty gas station bathroom…..but you’re so right! Oh god that’s how I feel about Aaron T. Johnson…..anywhere, anytime. Especially how he looked in Savages. That might be my total dream man. *sigh*


  20. I am grateful for this post, for everything on this post (Except Adam Levine. You can have him. My husband is way hotter) and your pinterest board, and your sense of humor, and the fact that you get maid services.

    And tolerating my rambling on this comment.


    1. Thanks, Katie! For letting me have Adam. Truth be told *lowers voice to a whisper* Mr.Levine is not even in my top 3. If he didn’t sing and have all those tattoos, he’d be pretty average. And I don’t like a guy I’m pretty sure I could bench. That being said, he does sing, and he is covered in tats, and I wouldn’t turn his scrawny ass down, either.
      But I’d take quite a few on my Pinterest board first, thankyouverymuch. 🙂
      And I love when you ramble.


    1. Thanks, funny lady! It’s the little things, right? Wine….clean toilets I didn’t have to scrub….popcorn….shirtless hotties….it doesn’t take much to make me happy. 🙂


  21. Now if only Adam Levine could show up to perform your maid service that would definitely be better than sex! Even with just hubby and me, I still have thought about getting the house cleaned by the pros. I love how your posts are so out-there and yet down-to-earth at the same time. That’s no easy feat, so keep ’em coming.


    1. Oh jeezuz, I didn’t even think of that…’re a genius! I got lost for about 20 minutes picturing him vacuuming…..shirtless. Woo! *wipes brow* is it hot in here to you?

      Thank you for the compliment! That actually means a tremendous amount to me coming from you, Jeri. 🙂


  22. Do you know, I’m so relieved to read that somebody is happy about Adam Levine making sexiest man – I don’t really know who he is or much about him, but there’s been so much negative outcry I’ve been feeling sorry for him!!


  23. I’m so late to this party that I might as well have stayed home, but may I add that our husbands have the very same weather man/woman philosophy. IT’S EFFING SCIENCE! HOW CAN THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THAT?! I LOVE when the local guys get all excited about impending doom brought on by the weather gods. BRING ON “STORM WATCH – 2013”!

    Adam Levine – ahhhh!


    1. I heart you so hard right now I could cry. YES. IT’S SCIENCE. omg. They can’t be expected to predict the future, they’re not frickin’ Seers, amirite?

      Loving that you get me, Dyanne. Gotta say.


  24. I missed seeing this when you posted this (must have been when I was out sick). I have always respected and appreciated weathermen/women. And I’m actually a weather freak in the winter always checking NOAA for any potential storms. Like the suck ass one that just hit Reno. And speaking of my fine city, it’s one of the most difficult cities in the U.S. to correctly predict the weather because of the shadowing effect from the Sierra Nevada mountains. The weather here changes constantly…during EACH DAY! I do side with the weathermen and I find that the National Weather Service (NOAA) to be amazingly accurate! I fell for the cupcake part like a mouse after cheese in a trap and clicked on the link. LOL! 🙂


  25. YAY another Team Beth! And I love ya for it! I’m so glad you agree with me. It IS tough to predict the weather, and I also totally respect their job! GO NOAA!!! Yes, weather around mountain regions is crazy-hard sporadic and unpredictable! Sorry you guys have had bad storms! We just got a hard arctic blast today….supposed to have some significant ice tonight and tomorrow! Yikes! I love snow but hate ice.


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