Oh, Look…A Squirrel…

That title pretty much sums up how my brain works when I blog. I start off with one simple task, and before I know it, it’s been nine hours. I realized the other day I’ve gotten way off course from what should be my main job right now, but in the process, you know what I’ve discovered?

I Freaking Love Blogging!

I started blogging a few months ago, and to be honest, I thought it was going to be a writer’s blog about the process of editing/publishing my novel with some other random stuff thrown in to mix it up. But I guess that’s not what organically birthed out my blog hole. (That was hands-down the grossest metaphor I’ve ever used. It’s so bad I feel compelled to leave it.) The blog has ended up the other way around, really. I like to write like I talk. I like to laugh. That’s what feels honest.

This is my voice.

The problem is I have a manuscript here. It’s waiting patiently to have its revising finished, or better yet, to be effing published. I have editors that don’t even know they’re on my list to be called upon for pricing and samples. This novel is my everything.

So why am I spending all my time blogging? Because I’m in overload. I’ve read so much information about editing, blurbs, the first 5 pages, what you should do, what you should never do, genres and sub-genres, do a prologue, never do a prologue, AHHHHHH!

I’m kind of a study-junkie. A perfectionist. I take advice very literal and to heart. I’m thirsty to learn from the people who’ve done it before me. But it’s all been too much, and has literally paralyzed me from moving forward.

So I’ve been falling back on my new love, blogging, which conveniently takes up all my time, and has become a great excuse to avoid something else, something far too overwhelming.

 Enter the *Writer Whisperer*

This is what I’ve dubbed a friend of mine, unbeknownst to her (until now), who I had lunch with her the other day. She basically said, what the fuck have you been doing and why isn’t this brilliant book published yet? (She actually used the word brilliant, just so you know. Ironically, this is the same woman who told me to start a blog.) But you know what? She was right. After talking to her, the weight lifted off my shoulders.

I have 5 beta readers who already told me any integral changes I needed to make. I have to STOP obsessing over it. My novel is written. And it’s good. I just need to clean it up and get it to a pro editor. Let them figure out the rest.

That’s precisely what I’ll be spending more time doing for the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck. I’ll need it.

*Oh, and the last post I wrote about the Fall premiers? Come talk to me in comments as you watch during the week. Let me know what you’re liking/not liking!  (On The Voice…did you see my ex-almost-fiancé’s sexy beard? Me Likey! #TeamAdam)* —that “Oh, Look…A Squirrel…” moment was brought to you by Beth Teliho, the most easily distracted writer on Earth. Maybe don’t write her about TV. Yes, do!

Did you always know your blog’s voice? Does blogging take up more time than you expected? Is it your first love or do you write other things, too? I love hearing from you!


  1. Yessssss. It really is! It’s not going to be easy to stay on task. You see where I am right now? bloooooogggggiinnnngg. *hides face in hands*
    Thank you for the well -wishes! You’re very sweet. 🙂


  2. Well, this is a good start. But I think it’s time to quit talking/writing about it, and DO it! And you’re welcome. Share the brilliance. I’ll entertain Adam and his beard.


    1. Meet the Writer Whisperer everyone. She’s a little bossy, but I need it. And she’s always right.

      Who says I can’t keep Adam busy AND finish editing??? Alright. Shut up. Don’t mess him up or anything. He likes….never mind. You’ll figure it out.


  3. And? You are building an audience with your blog, which is what a publisher is going to want to hear. This is what I tell myself when I have been spending too much time blogging….Good luck with your novel!


  4. Totally agree with wcdameron. Our mentor informed us that a platform could make or break an author, so keep up the good work. Like you, Mathair and I are perfectionists, though I’ve found editing to be a kryptonite of mine. I think it’s the monotony of it and the sitting for nine or ten hours that drives me nuts, but Mathair loves it. As for things that distract us, mine and Mathair’s got Facebook problems and can become quite engrossed in our friends’ blogs. Like, we’re doing right now, when we should be editing our second novel. Well… shit! BTW giving some love to Adam and his sexy ass beard. Praying he doesn’t shave it. 😉


  5. For the record, I never said I wanted you to stop blogging. I personally love your blog, but I also love your book, and I merely wanted to spark a little fire because I thought you might be getting bogged down in information, which was/is keeping you from moving forward. I will stand by my saying that it is brilliant because it is. And I’m not bossy. Not that bossy, anyway.


    1. Yes, I know, and I hope I didn’t imply that, nor did I mean to imply I intended to stop. I’m just going to stop hiding behind blogging, and let editing into the spotlight of my day until it’s done.

      Thank you, again, oh-great-NOT-bossy Whisperer, for helping me UN-bog. 🙂
      Sometimes a writer just needs a little perspective. I can always count on your for that.


    1. Yes, drawing would add major time-suckage! But your drawings are way-cool and I love them. And I agree, any time spent on blogging (or blogging activities) is so fun and totally worth it. 🙂


  6. The thing I love most about my blog is that it’s mine. That means my blog voice can change from day to day as my mood changes and my life changes. I thing a good blog will grow and evolve. I learn from my mistakes and play to my strengths and gain the confidence to take risks. That’s what keeps it fun and interesting.

    I have a friend who may be able to help with getting your book published. She’s a blogger who started her own company to get her book published and she mentors others as well. Email me if you want to be put in touch with her.


  7. Maybe blogging keeps the writing juices flowing, even if in a different direction than your novel. Best of luck with the editing process!


    1. Yes, it does actually! It keeps my mind in the creative, which is much safer than the alternative, trust me! Stagnant + noodle = bad news! Thanks for reading and for the well wishes! 🙂


  8. First of all, I laughed my blog hole off at your metaphor! Blogging takes up a huge chunk of my life and I love it. It can be all consuming. But I hope you get your book out there too. I’ll bet it’s great!


    1. Well, if I made you laugh than my day is complete. As George Constanza would say, “Alright, that’s it for me! See you all tomorrow!”

      Thanks for reading, Linda, and for the encouragement! Means a lot!


  9. Ive been writing queries for a month. I got the editing done but have been blogging to distraction to avoid the inevitable… I feel your pain.. good luck!


  10. I just started blogging a few months ago and I LOVE it! It takes up so much time but I really enjoy doing it. Good luck with your book – how exciting!
    Oh, and I watched Hostages last night per your recommendation and I really liked it!


    1. Well, hello fellow newbie! I know your blog well. *love it!* I had no idea it was new…guess that’s a good sign! Thank you for reading mine and for the good luck wishes. 🙂

      If you could have heard the squeal of excitement last night when I read your comment and learned that you watched Hostages per my recommendation, you would have laughed so hard! I LOVE THAT THAT HAPPENED! And I’m glad you liked it, too! Believe it or not, I had to run my son to the after-hours doc for a rash (turned out to be nothing) and missed it! I have it taped and will watch it soon, though.


  11. I am a blogger who isn’t in any way, shape, or form writing a book or even thinking about writing a book. I applaud your efforts. Now get off the blog (temporarily, of course, as I find you quite enjoyable) and get that brilliance published!


  12. I write non-fiction, but trust me, if you keep re-reading and revising and editing your book you will never stop. Ever. There comes a time when you just turn it over to an editor, and stop reading the damn thing. You know every word by heart anyway!

    I was really pleased with my editor, Barbara Ardinger. She was very thorough and her rate was reasonable. http://www.barbaraardinger.com/

    Advance the ball!!


    1. Hi Jill! You are SO right, I will never, ever, ever stop if I don’t make myself! Thank you SO much for reading and sharing your words of wisdom! And I’m so grateful for the recommendation – seriously – omg! Jotting it down this instant. That’s HUGE. Thank you thank you! How sweet. 🙂


  13. I cracked up at the “blog hole” metaphor.

    I started blogging about a year-and-a-half ago as a way to chronicle my journey into boxing and weight loss. It’s still about that journey, but it’s become a lot more.

    Good luck with your book. I look forward to reading it.


  14. Blogging takes up so much time but I love the interaction with everyone. That part is addicting. Good luck with editing!!! This was my first visit and I will be back because of the “blog hole” metaphor!!!


  15. haha! I’m glad my effed-up metaphor enticed you to hang around! It really is addicting. I never expected the interaction part. It’s quite lovely.

    thanks for the good luck wishes and for reading!


  16. Oh Beth, you are definitely a girl after my own heart! I am a rookie blogger too and when it comes to actual blogging I get severe ADD! I usually end up starting 6 posts and then wandering off to check on something that catches my eye across the room; I generally don’t make it back to my laptop for a few hours after that. Rinse and repeat! I’m glad to have found you and just so you know, you had me at “blog hole”!


  17. hahaha! You’re not the first person I had at blog hole. Actually, that sounded weird. I mean, you’re not the only one to have responded to that! Yes. Yes. Much better. ANYway, so glad I left my crazy metaphor in the final draft! lol

    Thank you SO much for reading, relating, and taking the time to comment. Made my day, Laura. You’re so sweet. 🙂


  18. So glad I decided to swing by and read your latest post! No I have not always known my voice, especially on my blog. Still not sure I have it. I hold so much in even when it seems I lay it all on the line. Love the blog hole comment and I also let blogging keep me away from finishing my works in progress. Leaving now to go work on mine. 😀


    1. P.S. I too have to read everything there is about something before doing it. Recovering perfectionist here. I think part of my not being able to keep my readers problem is because I keep “improving” my blog to fit me when really I feel a bit lost as usual about what it really is accept my crazy life through words. See there I go again. Every other day it seems I come up with a new tag line to the point that I have left it blank. I think I need to blog about this. Hah! There goes a squirrel! ;P


      1. Hi Morgan! So glad you popped over as well! I kind of love “my crazy life through words”! That might be a keeper! Just keep writing with your heart, like you do, and I don’t think you’ll have any reader problems. You’re SO talented, and I happen to think your blog is brilliant!


  19. Love your writing! I started blogging because we started a blog, actually for my daughter, who draws hysterically funny cartoon stuff, and then I guest posted, and then it seemed out of place with her stuff, so I figured why not start your own, and once in awhile, you know, WRITE a post. Now I spend WAY too much time reading blogs and writing blog posts and second guessing why I’m doing it, because I’m not as funny as HALF the stuff I read, but still, it’s fun to put it out there and make myself laugh (and you, today, thank you!!!)

    Rambling. Again.

    I also blog when I should be working on a Cookbook project that I promise pinkie swear for real will be done by MAY. THIS YEAR. Seriously.

    Bookmarking your site– so I can catch up on my reading. 😀 But right now I’m going to fight my way to the gym and stare angrily at people until they get out of MY POOL so I can use it.


    1. I totally hear on you on spending too much time reading other blogs!! No one ever told me blogging could be a part-time job! Lol. I love it, though. But I do have to be really discipline or I never have time for my novel! YEESH. (that I promise, pinky swear will be ready to publish by summer! Maybe)

      What type of food is your cookbook?? That’s so cool! I’m vegan, but I can typically do exchanges on any recipe. Good luck with it!


      1. Thanks! Actually it’s a collection of every great thing our family loves to eat. Because I have too many cookbooks, and I’ve always cooked and entertained (a lot), and I had a custom cake bakery for awhile, so I thought it’d be great to get everything in ONE BOOK as a gift for my girls when they graduate. So they don’t have to keep calling me and being like, “MOM, which recipe is the one for the reallyreally good *fill in the blank*?” I’ll probably use it a lot, too…it will save me a lot of peering through books asking myself the same question…

        The fact that we also all just decided to go more of a whole-foods plant based diet is not helping–but that is still more of a (ahem) CONCEPT at our house, rather than the law.


        1. Aw, that’s such a brilliant idea! your children will cherish that, I’m sure.

          Iffin you’re ever in the need of a vegetarian/vegan dish to try, I have a page (tab up top, Vegan Grub) of recipes. I add to it all the time:)


          1. Ooh, I will have to check that out! I did just find two vegan/vegetarian cookbooks (now I REALLY don’t have shelf space), and we’re making changes in slow steps, but I love new recipes!

            The book project is fun. The way publishing programs work now, it’s not hard (knock wood) to put together a gorgeous hard-back, full-color cookbook, with pictures. Not at ALL like the old way: “all-the-moms-in-the-first-grade-class-sent-recipes-in-and-here’s-a-binder for you” 🙂

            Thanks for the link!


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