TOASTERS! It’s The Little Things…


**I think I was once a woman who lived in the pioneer days. I say this because I find myself thankful for modern conveniences, but in a weird way, like I know what it was like without them, even though, of course, I do not. So in honor of her, I’m also going to throw in there dishwasher, car, electric stove, wash machine/dryer, dentistry, trash pick-up, and plane transportation. I’m sure there are more, but my past-life pioneer lady is busy scrubbing pantaloons in the river. I’ll ask her later.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, TEN THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR:

1. This week some people in my life have given me completely unexpected little gifts that swelled my heart. These were not gifts in a literal sense, but intangible ones. A spontaneous act of kindness. Something genuine and sweet. Something that made my day. I appreciate those gestures more than they could ever know.

2. Rainy days. They’re the absolute best. For some reason, rainy days give permission to be curled on the couch at 2:00PM. In sweats. Eating ice cream. LIKE A BOSS.

3. My In-Laws. Yes, you read that right. I have the best in-laws in the world. Not only do I suspect they’re actually Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, but they also find time in their busy schedules to give me and the hubs some date nights, and that’s just the shizzle dizzle.

4. Pinterest. (<press it!) Because I get to spend time making boards about things that interest me. How self-indulgent is that? It’s so fun! BTW, is it wrong to have a board dedicated to hotties? I’m asking for a friend.

5. Time. I’m so grateful for the place my life is in right now, and the time it allows me to spend oodles of time doing what I love: writing. I will never take it for granted. Ever.

6. Take out. Because I suck at wifery (some aspects, anyway) and never seem to be able to manage an entire week of dinners. Hell, sometimes two days of dinners is a big week for me. If it weren’t for take out, we would exist on soup and frozen pizza.

7. The Universe. For putting me in touch with just the right people…at just the right time. And always leading me in the right direction. Thank you. You rock.

8. Halloween! Not just because it’s the most fun, coolest day of the year where we get to dress up, and decorate, and eat candy corn…but it’s also the night I met my husband. 🙂

9. Milo. My dog. For running in the field with me every morning. For not requiring a leash even if I’m on a bike. For being the best trail running dog EVAH. For being patient with me. For not being a barker. For allowing the kids to pester the shit outta you. And for being the best rescue dog success story one could hope for.

10. Funny. This week I noticed how funny, how really witty, my boys are. They crack me up. I realized this comes from being around people who look at life with a sense of humor. It started with my family when I was young. They were the first people to make me laugh, and to teach me to look at life through silly, googly eyed glasses. It’s a gift, really, and it’s so damn cool to see it continue to my children.

Thank you to the hosts for letting me play and be a part of TToT. This was a pleasure!

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. An absolutely beautiful list, Beth, and what a debut! I’m so happy you’ve joined in with so many gorgeous things to be thankful for. It sounds as though you have some really awesome family and friends around you, and that’s quite enough to fill several lists alone!

    I like how you started this – very innovative to think of the things you’d be missing out on if you were in a different era. Not something I’ve often considered.

    Glad you’re feeling ‘right place, right time’ about events in your life – it’s lovely when these things seem to fall into place. Long may they continue to do so for you.


    1. Aw, thank you, Lizzie. You’re so sweet. I LOVE being a part of TToT, and did it because I was so inspired by your lists! I’m on my way to visit some other blogs now cuz when I finished my post yesterday it was time to hang with the Fam.


  2. I have to say that nos. 5-10 are very similar for me if you substitute 4 cats for one dog. I am thankful that I NEVER have to run through a field or get off my ass at all to enjoy them. And Halloween is the best holiday ever!


    1. haha! Hi Jill! I had to read your reply to my husband. That was funny! I’ve had cats before, too, and I have to agree with you. I love them! We joke that my dog is a cat-dog cuz his personality is so non-needy and independent like a feline. Other than his daily exercise, he really just sleeps. Now, if only he’d purr…..


  3. Welcome to the TToT!
    Enjoyed your List and, you may gather (from the dates and times of these Comments and Posts) the bloghop runs through the weekend, which is very cool as some days are more free for Commentationing that others….
    Dogs always happy to see people mention they dogs in a 10 Grat List glad to see you and will stop back later before the end of the day (a lot of ‘cross-commenting’ to keep up on in other Posts…part of the fun).


    1. Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes, I informed Milo of his debut doggie mention. He swooned. 🙂
      I appreciate you visiting me, Clark. I took your personality test a few weeks ago. I’m a Clark, too. *shocker*


  4. I love a good rescue story… have you written about it? Would love to read it.

    Toasters are on my overall gratitude in life list… it is over dishwasher (of which I have never had one) and stove… although I am not certain a toaster could ever beat out the washing machine!

    I also am being nosey but I want to know if you met your hub at a Halloween party and what were you guys dressed as? If its too nosey just ignore it and move on! LOL.


    1. Hi Zoe! I’ve never written Milo’s rescue story, but that’s gives me a great future post idea, so thank you!

      Not nosey at all! We were neither at a party nor in costume. Just at a bar with friends. Boring, eh? haha! I knew the bartender. He asked the bartender about the girl with the pretty smile. Bartender introduced us. We talked all evening. The end of the night he asked for my number. We still have the cocktail napkin I wrote it down on…17 YEARS LATER.
      The friend I was with that night said she got chills and new he was the man I’d marry. Wild, eh?


  5. Love the list. Regarding the modern conveniences, I’m actually trying to get rid of some. Our toaster broke last year and we haven’t replaced it. The day after I said I didn’t want to use a microwave anymore it broke (sometime last year). My family looked at me and wondered how in the world I made that happen. I am determined to get rid of cable and maybe even the cell phone. Too many electronics. I am inspired to write a gratitude list myself after reading yours. Always a pleasure reading your posts. Hope you have a great week!


    1. Oh, you’re brave. I don’t think I could function without a microwave. I KNOW I couldn’t. And Cable….I needs me some cable! And forget about takin’ my cell phone. I think it’s a permanent attachment at this point.
      Now I do like going “off the grid” every once and a while. Camping, or just on a little vacay with the fam, and I don’t take any electronics. But it can’t last too long! After about two days I start to get an eye tick.


  6. Welcome to TToT! So glad you have joined us! We sometimes have way too much fun on here; you’ll be glad you came!

    I love rainy days, as long as I don’t have to go anywhere. Add some rumbles of thunder to make it even better.

    Love your expression of thankfulness for modern conveniences. I wrote a TToT earlier this week completely devoted to that, then changed my mind at the last minute and wrote something completely different. I don’t have a toaster, but I have a toaster oven. I can do all kinds of wonderful in there and not have to heat up the house in the summer.

    Isn’t it fun to see the funny in our kids? Mine both have wicked senses of humor, and they come by it pretty honestly. We’re just a yuck a minute ’round here!

    Have a delightful week, and I hope you join us again next weekend!


  7. We lost power for 5 hours today, so I am with you on being thankful for toasters and electricity and modern conveniences. Grateful for the universe – I love it! And this is so funny! Touching, and it made me laugh – great first TToT post!


    1. I just saw this comment – don’t know how I missed it before! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Sarah! Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

      Five hours with no power!? No. Just no.


  8. Thanks so much, Dyanne! Oh yes, rumbles of thunder make it 10x better, I agree!

    You have a great week, too. Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m already having fun and enjoying everyones’ posts so much. 🙂


  9. Yay! Welcome to the hop!! And a great list to introduce yourself!
    Living in an old house, I completely get what you’re throwing down about being an ex-pioneer. I am a pioneer at heart, but don’t be taking away my dishwasher and washing machine and air conditioner.
    I really wish those folks in charge of soccer games and cross country meets would get the memo on rainy days being for sitting on your couch under a blanket in your jammies. They don’t cancel for anything but lightening. Today was a good example of misery during a downpour.
    Sounds like you are blessed with some wonderful people in your life. Most certainly something to be thankful for.


    1. Thanks for the warm welcome Christine!

      So funny, I was talking to another mom yesterday who said their soccer game got cancelled for ANTS. Swear. How crazy is that?! It had rained earlier in the day. I guess the water forced a bunch of ants out onto the field. Never heard of that one before!


  10. Wonderful list of things to be thankful for. I need to do this, because it is so easy to list things that make us unhappy. It should be just as easy to do the things we are thankful for!


  11. Awesome list!
    Rainy days? Check! There’s nothing like lying in bed or sitting on the couch with a bowl of Froot Loops and a good book.
    Take-out? Double-check! I suck at the cooking thing too, mainly because I don’t like doing it. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Thank God for Pizza Pizza!


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