Fangs, Tattoos, And A Secret? Come To Momma.

Okay, I get this a lot, where I have so much going on in my head at once that I don’t know where to start. THANK GOD it’s too early for any of my friends to call, they wouldn’t get a word in edgewise.

My friends are reading this right now and wincing nodding cuz they know it’s true. You never know what you get when you call me. A normal conversation – OR – you say hi and then there is this pop like when you open a tube of biscuit dough and that’s it: I don’t stop for a solid twenty.

Consider the biscuit dough popped.

This post is interactive! A lot of the info I am putting forth is so much more fun if it’s conversational! Respond and it’ll be like we’re talking about this stuff over the phone with coffee…but not.

And to my FRIENDS (you know who you are!) who say, “I’m scared to comment cuz I don’t know how to say stuff all eloquent like your writer friends.” First of all, have you read the comments before? No one is trying to be eloquent. (BTW, the comment section is hysterical, so do yourself a favor, seriously) Secondly, I’m talking about fun stuff. Fucking comment. See the bubble, up by the title, near the date that has a number and the word comment? Press it. Then say stuff. I’ll give you a sucker.

Anyway, for your part, I will put the text in this color. Pay attention and play along! This will be fun. DO IT. (I do not under any circumstance have a shiv in my hand right now)

I’M FREAKING EXCITED! The premiers start this week and I’m coming unglued about it! I know I shouldn’t be this excited about TV, but damnit I am and I’m not going to hide it! Here’s what I plan to watch:

Monday: The Voice. Of course I’m Team Adam! (It’s a link. Hit it. You back yet? You’re welcome.) As you know from This Post (click that link to read it later), Adam and I were almost engaged once. Fer reals. He was very hurt when I chose my hubs over him. He wrote songs about it. And got a tattoo. Probably.

Do you watch the voice? If so, are you going to miss Shakira and Usher? I am. Very much. I liked them better. I don’t hate the original cast-o-judges, I just preferred S. & U. Also, if you were on the voice and had a 4 chair turn-a-round, who would you pick? Off the subject: Sleepy Hollow. Never seen it. Should I?

I’m also very curious about the premier of a new show that night, Hostages. I’m intrigued, but it has the potential to not deliver. We’ll see. Love Toni Collette, and Dylan McDermott is nothing to sneeze at either.

Tuesday: The Voice is on again, but other than that I don’t know what to be watching Tuesdays. What’s The Originals about? Should I watch it?

Wednesday: Survivor. I know, you might be thinking, Survivor? You still watch that? YES. Yes I do. It’s still awesome. And wanna know a little secret? There’s always a little eye candy. Always at least one cute guy, and then he gets even cuter when he turns all scruffy, skinny, and strung out looking by day 20. HOT. Watch it. Do you watch Survivor? If so, what do you think of the line-up this season? Are you rooting for anyone yet? Who annoys you already? If you don’t watch it, what do you watch Wednesdays? Anything I should be taping?

 Thursday: NBC’s entire line-up, of course. What else? I’ll tape The Crazy Ones over on CBS that night, too. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a new show with Sarah Michelle Gellar and ROBIN WILLIAMS, that looks freaking hysterical. Keep your eye on it – this could be a good one. What are your Thursday night faves? BTW, what’s going on over at Bravo? What do I need to be watching/taping? OMG – how am I going to have time for all this??

Friday: And what could possible be on Friday night, Beth? I’LL TELL YOU. Friday’s are special cuz I get to hang with my favorite things in the world, paranormals! GRIMM is replaying last season so everyone can get caught up and refreshed for their season 3 premier 10/25 – YAY! I might have a huge, unhealthy little crush on the lead character, Nick Burkhart (click and see how cute he is. I mean…right?).

Are you seeing a theme with my “boyfriends”? They’re either bad boys, or are good guys tormented by dark secrets (like, oops, I turn into a monster sometimes). YUM. And if he has fangs, tattoos, looks all tortured, AND has a secret….I just slid outta my chair. It’s okay, the hubs tolerates gets me and has no choice lets me have my little crushes. Hell, I still sleep in a Cullen #17 baseball T-shirt. (that was a Twilight reference for those of you that didn’t read the series) I might have a problem am totally stable.

ANYway, If you’ve never watched this show, do yourself a favor. It’s so well done and just good fun. Immediately following GRIMM is a new show, Dracula. Don’t know much about it, but it had me at Dracula. I hope it’s good, and I hope the vampires are sexy compelling. Do you watch GRIMM? If you were a wesen, what kind would you be? A werewolf like Monroe? An entirely new type of creature? A recognizable creature from a fable?

I’m sure there are other great shows I’m forgetting, but these are the ones premiering right now on local channels that I’m most excited about. Soon, DOWNTOWN ABBEY will be starting back with their season 4  – YAY! And VEEP on HBO is pee in your pants funny!

Tell me your favorite shows! Are there any I absolutely MUST be watching? Thank you for tolerating my thought vomit today!

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  1. Well, you have the imitation of a hyperactive puppy let loose in a squeaky ball factory down pat! I have no doubt your friends sometimes have a hard time getting a word in. (I say that as a person who rarely lets anyone else get a word in.)
    I cannot believe you still watch survivor. I mean, I knew someone had to be, in order for it to still be on, but not someone I’ve “met”!
    I was cracking up when you were giving your friends hell for not commenting. It annoys me, too, when I hear, out of the blue, that so and so read every single day. I do, though, like your friends for saying we commenters are all eloquent. No one ever calls me eloquent. (And yes, I realize I just recently started reading your blog, and have only commented once or twice, but I’m claiming the adjective anyway.)
    See, no one gets a word in edgewise when I talk. 🙂
    Enjoy the premieres. I don’t have any shows I must watch. We don’t even have a DVR or any other such thing to record shows.


    1. Hi Christine! Thanks for reading! I’ve never been compared to a hyperactive puppy in a squeaky ball factory before, but I’m almost certain that’s what my friends are inferring when they say, “for the love of God, Beth, shut the fuck up a minute!”

      ANYway, I’m very excited that you commented even though you didn’t really have TV stuff to reply to, cuz that’s okay! I was about to pour another cup of coffee to commemorate the occasion when I glanced at the clock. It’s effing noon?!? No wonder I’m worked up today! I’m having lunch instead (leftover baked ziti in case you were wondering), but enjoying our “chat” just the same. 🙂


  2. Huge Voice fanatics here. And, though Mathair loves Blake and Ceelo, I’m a total Adam Levine junkie. Of course, I have a problem with men that talk too much, especially pretty ones, and Adam just never shuts up. Unless he’s singing, I don’t care what he has to say. I don’t think I’d pick him for a coach, though. Only because singing would be the last thing on my mind. LOL We’re not much for cable shows, apart from the new Agents of Shield which I’m excited about because I’m a huge comic book dork, but both Mathair and I are looking forward to Dracula. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers? Yes, please! We show hop in between seasons of Game of Thrones and True Blood, which are really our two faves. Love this post, Beth. Sharing right now!


    1. JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS is in Dracula? I seriously had no idea. DONE AND DONE. Thank you, Santa, Jesus, Buddha, and Mary. And that guy from Baskin Robins who I suspect is a Shaman. THANK YOU.

      Oh no, I could never pick Adam as my coach. We would get nothing done. You know, our torrid love affair and all. And I happen to know how to shut him up. 🙂

      Original season’s coaches, I would pick Ceelo. Why? because I know I wouldn’t sing country enough for Blake’s team and I don’t think Christina and I would click. Our personalities, that is. I think her singing is awesome. Ceelo is just funky enough for me. He and I would get along juuuust fine. Last season’s coaches, I would pick Shakira. Because she’s freakin’ Shakira, and because she could teach me to belly dance.

      Thanks again, ladies, for reading and sharing! Mwa!


  3. I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for over eight months already and only found your blog TODAY! I’ve spent the last 20 minutes going through some of your posts and laughing my ass off! You’re hysterical! You’ve got a new stalker here lady (oops, I meant follower). 🙂

    I’ll be back to check out the rest of your blog later today. I gotta try and stay focused today!


    1. Cool, I love blalkers (blog stalkers. Yeah. I made it up.) You haven’t found me yet because I’ve only been blogging for barely two months. I’m a freakin’ fetus blog. A bletus. But I’m thrilled that you found me and you like me – YAY! I love new bloggy friends! 🙂
      Thanks for reading!


  4. Hello dear friend. You know I am ready for a season of Survivor! I’m really hoping Rupert does not go home this week. He’s one of my favorites. And Colton is a psycho! will be like watching a train wreck.
    I do want to watch the Voice, but I don’t think i’ll have time for it. Might catch pieces of it.
    Please let me know how “the Crazy Ones” is. I really can’t squeeze another show in, but if I must, I must. I love Robin Williams. But he seems to be hit or miss these last few years.
    Caught the first episode of Brooklyn 99. It wasn’t too bad. Lyle and I love Andy Samberg… we are going to give it a couple of more tries, since it’s new.

    Love Modern Family, although I don’t think i’m even caught up on last season. I need to work on that.

    Castle is another one of my faves. If you ever see a rerun on, catch it. it’s great.

    Oh, Lyle and I started to watch Sleepy Hollow last week, got 3o minutes through, and turned it off. The acting is blah and they just don’t create any sense of plausibility. I know its a headless horsemen and all, but still, we aren’t 8 year olds watching it (well some of us aren’t anyway).

    Let’s talk Survivor in next couple of weeks, over wine, coffee, or lunch. You pick!

    Love your blog. I’m a big fan!


  5. You just won comments. I can go home now. Oh, I am home. THANK YOU for commenting! Cherry you will get! Now if only Vanessa would get the big, hairy balls to do it…and maybe Robyn someday, too. I’m so excited you did. I thought the subject of Survivor might get you on here. 🙂
    Yeah, Rupert is a classic. There’s no tellin’ what’ll happen this early in the game, but I can tell you I’m annoyed with the ex NFL player already. He’s a bit dominant for my taste. And Colten….omg…trainwreck is an understatement. I miss Malcolm. 😦
    I forgot about the Samberg show! I’ll have to check it out. Huge fan as well. There are so many…’s like Christmas! *twirls around room*
    We will have to recap on some of these in a week or two, and of course, have that chat about Survivor over *lunch/coffee/drink* soon. 🙂


    1. I miss Malcom too! and I agree about Culpepper. He is annoying! OMG, he thinks he is smart (lawyer mentality- you know he’s a lawyer, right?), but wow he is so NOT.


  6. Stopping by to return the comment love you left on my blog. I’m excited to get back in to The Voice. I missed the last season because I was busy being pregnant and pooping out a kid. Which, if you think it about it, I totally had the time but who knows.

    I’m also excited for the return of Chicago Fire (I wrote a post about it a few months back) I work as a Fire dispatcher. I love the show because it is the closest to reality of life in the firehouse that I have seen. Granted you don’t get 5 major incidents in one day at any fire station even in Chicago.

    Tuesday’s we’re also recording Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. We are huge Marvel fans so I’m looking forward to geeking out over this.

    Also set to record is Dads, Brooklyn 99, The New Girl, and I’m in the middle of Covert Affairs and The Bridge. My TV watching habits are really ADHD.


    1. Hey there! Thanks for reading! Wow, a fire dispatcher, that must be wild! I’ve just started hearing about Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. I agree, gotta watch it. I hope they do a good job! Hmm, what’s Covert Affairs? Must.Check.Out. I love The New Girl! I always catch that when I can, too. Great cast. So much TV….so little time….


    1. I know, I can’t wait to see where they’re gonna go after last season’s cliff hanger! I think it starts up again before too long, yes? I hope so! The seasons are WAY too far apart…no fair!
      *fingers crossed that Hostages is good*
      Thanks for reading, Sarah!!!


  7. Survivor Shmervivor#%^*+! You should be watching prior seasons of the Amazing Race & studying them cause we are DESTINED to win that damn race!!! It’s either that or Naked & Afraid & I’m pretty sure you nor I are prepared to get anywhere near naked on TV : /
    Anyhoo – I’m sitting on my couch oozing over the bearded Adam!!! So freakin CUTE! No idea what else I’ll watch this season. I’ll follow your lead.
    As for the instructional “Comments 101” literally never would have attempted it if you hadn’t called me out – thx… Hope I didn’t disappoint – XOXO Ur Thelma


  8. Holy SHIT! SHE DID IT! And look how fucking eloquent you wrote!!! YOU.MADE.MY.DAY. (you are the bestest Thelma a Louise could evah have!)

    Personally, I’d rather be on Naked & Afraid. I’m terrified of The Amazing Race. I’d probably end up naked either way, but at least with N&A I wouldn’t have to fucking bungee jump. YOU KNOW THEY’D MAKE ME BUNGEE JUMP.

    Don’t be a survivor hater until you’ve watched a season with Malcolm, umkay? Am I ever wrong about hotties? No. No I’m not. Trust your hottie guide, Grasshopper. Trust.

    Ooze over the bearded Adam, but do not touch. That luscious, tattooed skin belongs to moi. #Adamlove #almostfiancé #teamadam 🙂
    Luv, Ur Louise


  9. What do you think about Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, and Agents of Shield? I work nights and don’t have cable (cut it 10 months ago) so I am relegated to hulu plus, Netflix, and over the air but who can argue with saving 100 bucks a month?


  10. I certainly can’t argue with saving money!! Okay, let’s talk TV. Agents of Shield is keeping my interest so far. They’ve done a good job with casting and the acting doesn’t suck. I’ll keep watching. The Blacklist: very interesting. It’s kind of Silence of the Lambs-ish. Great casting. Hope it continues to deliver. I have to admit I haven’t seen Sleep Hollow yet! I heard reviews in both directions so I guess it’s a love it or hate it type of show.


    1. Agree with all of the above. Sleepy Hollow I think is exactly what you said. I liked the first episode and the third, the second was so so. I have a feeling it won’t last though. I do want to check out Once upon a time in wonderland. I like season one of once upon a time but never finished season 2, it just wasnt doing it for me. Glad to find another TV nut.


      1. Have you ever watched Grimm? I like it a lot better than Once Upon a Time. The new season starts 10/25 — same night Dracula starts, which seriously looks good! You can catch past seasons of Grimm on Friday nights maybe? not sure. Fun show.


  11. I saw a couple grimms. Maybe I can catch it on Netflix or amazon. I am waiting patiently for the last 8 episodes of breaking bad to show up on Netflix and avoiding the spoilers on the web.


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